Havenlee School Newsletter

Issue 18 - Term 4, Week 6 ----- Friday 12th November 2023

Principals Report

Spare Havenlee School Uniforms 

If anyone has Havenlee School uniforms that are too small for their child, the school will value any 2nd hand uniforms. We often need extra clothes to use when students have used up their spares. 



Thank you to everyone who calls in or writes in the communication diary when their child is going to be away or why they have been away. It greatly helps us keep accurate attendance records at the school. Also, If you know that your child will be finishing up for the year early, can you please let the office know. 


Remembrance Day 

On Monday 13th November, the school had a short Remembrance Day service during our normal assembly time. There was a slide show simply explaining what Remembrance Day is all about and a number of students laid wreaths in the hall. 


2024 Budget 

In week 4 our school received our proposed budget allocation for 2024.  

We have received $3,759,237 which is approximately the same as last year. This includes money for staffing costs (approx 80%) and operational costs (approx. 20%). I also try and employ as many extra staff out of operational costs as possible as well. I would like to thank the P&C who have agreed to commit money for the school for 2024. This money will go towards the Hydrotherapy Program, the Playskills program and the Sensory program. More details regarding these programs will be communicated early next year when the budget is finalised. 

Katrina Eyland


Havenlee School


Up and Coming Events

Term 4 Week 6

Monday - Hydrotherapy 
Tuesday - Hydrotherapy
Wednesday - Hydrotherapy
Thursday - Hydrotherapy - Gymnastics
Friday - 

Term 4 Week 7

Monday - Hydrotherapy 
Tuesday - Hydrotherapy
Wednesday - Hydrotherapy
Thursday - Hydrotherapy - Gymnastics
Friday - 

Wellbeing Chat

Havenlee students remembered  those who fought for our freedom on November 11 with a lovely display of Poppy wreaths.

Every week students create fresh floral arrangements. Both of these brighten up the school entrance hallway which looks great.

Keep cool as the weather warms up.


Havenlee School Presentation Day Assembly 2023

The annual Havenlee School Presentation Day Assembly will be held at 12 noon on Monday December 4th, 2023.  

We would love for you to come and be a part of the celebration by sharing in light refreshments from 11.45am at the Havenlee School Hall Cola.

The day would be brighter if you could join with us and together we can celebrate the amazing accomplishments we have made this year.

With Warmest Regards,

The Students and Staff of Havenlee School.

New South Wales School Sport

Alex attended the School Sport Boccia Tournament in Sydney last week and absolutely loved it.

Free Autism Workshop

Weeks 7-10- Safe ‘Responsible for my body’

In weeks 7-10 of this term the PBL focus is safe and students being responsible for their bodies. Explicit lessons are being taught in classrooms including following a 1,2,3 and complex instruction, waiting for a cue and purposefully acting with the intention of a specific result. This can be demonstrated in classroom activities, sport, work crews, following instructions and using equipment safely e.g. in the playground or using scissors in the classroom. PBL tickets are given out to students being responsible for their bodies. 



Havenlee will be running the Havenlee Café every Friday for lunch.

Please send your child's order and money in their communication book.

3 x chicken nuggets                                                        $2.00

6 x chicken nuggets                                                        $4.00

1 x serve chips (with chicken salt)                                $1.50

Tomato sauce                                                                      .50

BBQ sauce                                                                            .50

Chocolate milkshake                                   small  $1.00   large $1.50

Strawberry milkshake                                 small  $1.00   large $1.50