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Tuesday May 7th 2024

Letter from the Principal, Kelli Johnston

This Sunday 12th May we take the opportunity to celebrate and give thanks to our wonderful Mums, Nannas, Grandmas, Special People and all that they bring to our lives.  Wishing all Mothers a wonderful Mother’s Day. May your day be surrounded by those they hold dearest to their hearts.

Prep Level Mass

We warmly welcome our Prep families to join our Preps as they gather with the St John’s parish for mass this Thursday 9th May. Families are welcome to sit with our Prep classes as we come together for mass.

School Uniform

As we now move into cooler weather all students are required to transition to their winter uniform.  A friendly reminder that students are to wear sports uniform on their designated days and regular school uniform on other days, this includes school shoes and not runners.

St John the Baptist Open Day for 2025 Prep Children

Throughout the term a number of school tours have been conducted for families seeking to enrol their children for the 2025 school year. The school open days have been well attended, our final Open Day is outlined below:

Open Day: Thursday 9th May - tours @ 9am, 10am, 4pm & 5pm

We ask families wishing to take a tour to please book at the office.

Families with siblings commencing school in 2025 are asked to submit enrolments as soon as possible to assist with confirmation of student numbers for 2025.

Mother's Day Stall

Thank you to our amazing Parents and Friends team for all of their work and organisation of today’s Mother’s Day Stall. The students were most excited to be able to purchase a  gift/surprise for the special women in their lives. 

We thank Fleur Dow, Andrew Davies, Lionel Croning, Bec Bennett, Michelle Cann, Felicity Browne and Joanna Kirrane for their work in preparing and setting up this year’s Mother’s Day Stall.

A wonderful effort from Dads this morning  helping students pick out the perfect present at the Stall! The Dads were - Lionel Croning, Nelson Serrao, Chris Price, Tim Grimshaw, Dirk Pinder, Simon Mahady, Andrew Davies, Michael Attia and Pete Tserbis.

Any students that were away, can come to the office to choose their gifts.

Afterpay for gifts taken - please send cash to the office in a marked envelope or contact

Bunnings Cake Stall

Please deliver cakes/slices etc. to Lower Parish Hall from 8.45am

The Parents and Friends Committee have been busy preparing this year’s Cake Stall at Bunnings Scoresby.  This year’s Cake Stall will be held this Saturday 11th May.  Families may donate baked cookies, slices or cakes to be sold at the stall on Saturday 11th May.  All baked goods are asked to have an outline of ingredients used.

There are a number of tasks to be completed in preparation for the Cake Stall. Families can place their name on any of the lists attached through this link:

We still need volunteers to fill spots for Friday or Saturday.  Don't be shy, come along, it's lots of fun!

Please deliver items whole (not cut/portioned) in labelled containers. We will portion and individually label to comply with Food Safety regulations

These forms have been sent home (more at the office)


SCAN THE QR CODE for some easy recipe inspiration or bring along a family favourite!  

It doesn't have to be just cakes, slices, biscuits etc., you might have a wonderful recipe for jams/preserves!

Qustodio Digital Monitoring - Information Evening

We thank all families who joined us online last Thursday for the Qustodio Digital Monitoring online session. Mr Wayne Daniell presented a most informative session outlining how families can further support their children in the safe use of technology.  We thank Wayne for all of his work and preparation in creating an informative session.

Prep Parent Information Evening

We warmly welcome our Prep families to join us for a Prep Information evening on Wednesday 8th May at 6:30pm in the Prep classrooms.  The session will run from 6:30-7:30pm.

Laura, Melissa and Shari will provide families with an understanding of a typical day in Prep, Learning and Teaching in Prep, how families can support their children at home and what being a parent helper looks like in a Prep classroom.

We hope our families are able to join us for an informative evening.

Second Hand Uniform

The Second Hand Uniform Shop will be open on Tuesday afternoons from 2:45pm.  Families may purchase second hand items for $5 per item. 

Families donating items are asked to ensure that items are delivered washed and good condition.

Inquiries in regards to second hand items may be sent to -

Mother's Day - Afternoon Tea & Classroom Activity

We look forward to our SJB Mums, Nannas & special people coming together this Friday for afternoon tea followed by a special Mother’s Day family activity in classrooms.  Mums/special friends are welcome to arrive for afternoon tea in the hall from 2pm.  We ask our Mums to move to allocated classrooms for 2:45pm to complete a family Mother’s Day activity.

Inform & Empower Term 2 Sessions

Over the next two weeks students from Years 1-6 will participate in this term's cyber safety with Inform and Empower.  Families will be able to see the focus for each level in the outline provided below.

Prep Excursion - Exciting Times

In the weeks ahead our Prep students will be venturing outside of St John’s for their first excursion.  As part of their History Unit for this term the Preps will be heading to Puffing Billy for an excursion on the train followed by a lesson on the history of Puffing Billy.  We look forward to hearing all about the adventures of their day.

Wishing everyone a fabulous week ahead.

Kelli Johnston

Student Awards

Prep BA

Zoe M - for showing remarkable independence throughout the school day. You are beginning your days by putting your bag away by yourself and entering the classroom all on your own. You have been doing a tremendous job at organising your own belongings and are a great example and help for your peers. Well done Zoe!

Prep LC

Harry P - for always coming to class with a cheerful attitude and being a wonderful model of whole body listening in our classroom. 

Year 1/2B

Adrianna R - for working so hard on your Weekend Retell writing and sharing great detail about your trip to a Deer Farm. Keep up the great work!

John H - for a fabulous detailed holiday writing retell about your visit to the Zoo.  Keep up the great work!

Year 1/2D

Madden T - for showing an increasing amount of resilience in the classroom and during break times and reacting to situations appropriately. You have used some excellent positive coping strategies, Madden! Keep it up!

Liora M - for bringing a positive and determined attitude to our classroom community. You try your hardest with all of your learning tasks and have made impressive growth already this year. Well done Liora!

Year 1/2JM

Vittoria A - for working hard to do your very best every day. We love your positive attitude towards learning Vittoria.

Hudson K - for your enthusiasm towards learning in Mathematics. You have made impressive gains Hudson.

Year 1/2KC

Isaac W - for following directions, counting backwards expertly, and working hard to complete writing tasks. You are a star!

Valentina N - for consistently listening to the speaker, working hard to learn to spell the sight words and for being a caring member of our school community.  You are a star!

Georgia H - for working hard in Maths lessons, improving her spelling skills and showing respect for others. You are a star!

Year 3/4HM

Archie L - for writing a series of excellent haiku poems using descriptive vocabulary.

Bella B -  for accepting challenging tasks in Maths, and for participating enthusiastically in discussions.

Year 3/4J

Carter R - for active participation in classroom discussions, for always trying hard, for asking for help when it is needed and for consistently looking for ways to improve.

Claudia A - for actively seeking to improve her work across the curriculum, for being responsible with her time and her possessions and for being a good friend.

Johan H - for excellence in the writing of poetry. For thinking deeply about words and their meanings. For creating beautiful poems.

Year 3/4SJ

Dusty T - for her calm presence in the classroom and her ability to show initiative when necessary.  You are displaying wonderful leadership qualities Dusty!

Eli C - for his attentive listening skills and enthusiasm to work on any learning task presented to him with care and diligence. You are a star Eli!

Mya C - for her dedication as a learner who chooses to continue her Maths work at home in her own time. You should be very proud of yourself Mya!

Year 5/6D

Thaaruni S - for writing a very impressive persuasive text during our writing lessons.

Ezra McK - for being highly focussed and producing excellent work as a result, particularly in the area of Maths.

Year 5/6RD

Sebastian R - for being extremely focussed when completing all tasks in the classroom, particularly in Writing and Maths. Well done Sebastian you are to be commened for consistently trying your very best and being such a positive role model to other students in our class and in the school. You have also shown greater confidence when speaking in front of the class and groups of people. This has been great to see. Keep up the great work.

Aiden A - for being extremely focussed when completing all tasks in the classroom, particularly in Maths and Writing. Well done Aiden, you are to be commended for consistently working hard and being such a positive role model to other students in our class. Keep up the great work.  Well done for showing such resilience when running in the school cross country, you did a great job.

Term 2 Dates


8th - Prep Information Evening at 6.30pm

9th - Prep Level Mass at 9.15am

9th - Open Day - Tours 9.00am, 10.00am, 4.00pm & 5.00pm

10th - Mother's Day Afternoon Tea & activity at 2.00pm

11th - St John the Baptist Bunnings Cake Stall (Scoresby)

12th - Mother's Day

14th - Inform & Empower session - Year 3/4

15th - School Advisory Council

17th - Assembly 3/4SJ presenting

18th - Term 2 Working Bee

19th - Pentecost Sunday

24th - District Cross Country

27th - Reconciliation Week begins

27th - National Sorry Day Prayer Service at 9am - Year 5/6 (new date)

29th - Year 3/4 Level Mass


3rd - Parents & Friends Meeting

6th - St Joseph's Lighthouse Expo evening

7th - School Closure Day

7th - Feast of the Sacred Heart

10th - King's Birthday School Closure

14th - Assembly Year 5/6D

21st - Reports emailed to families

25th - Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

26th - Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

28th - St John the Baptist Feast Day celebrations

28th - Term 2 concludes @ 2.00pm

Second Hand Uniforms

Any donations of clean, official SJB uniform (without holes, stains or tears) can be left at the office at your convenience. Thank you to the many families who have supported the 2nd Hand Uniform shop so far this year with donations and purchases.

Janice S

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Canteen Roster Term 2, 2024

Friday May 10th

Emma Jenkins

Anna Kristof

Cassie Cronin

Friday, May 17th 

Melinda Price

Katrina Horne

Carrie Canton

Friday May 24th 

Troy Kristof

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