Blaxland Public School

Term 3 Week 8

Thought for the Week

"Joy is the simplest form of gratitude"

Important Dates

Week 9

Tuesday 12 September

  • Kindergarten Transition
  • NRL League Stars After School Program
  • P&C Meeting 7pm - Zoom

Thursday 14 September

  • Stage 2 Zoo Snooze Camp - Leaving at 3:30pm

Friday 15 September 

  • Stage 2  Zoo Snooze Camp- Arriving back to school at 3:00pm-3:30pm

Week 10

Monday 18 September

  • Term 3 Principal's Morning Tea

Tuesday 19 September

  • NRL League Stars After School Program

Friday 22 September

  • Last Day of Term 3 for Students


Week 1

Monday 9 October

  • First Day of Term 4 for Students

Tuesday 10 October

  • Kindergarten Transition

Saturday 14 October

  • P&C Community Fun Day

Week 2

Tuesday 17 October

  • Kindergarten Transition

Wednesday 18 October

  • Stage 3 Canberra Camp

Thursday 19 October

  • Stage 3 Canberra Camp

Friday 20 October

  • Stage 3 Canberra Camp

Permission Notes and Payments

The School’s preferred method of payment is online via the School Website.

For all notes sent home please see either the School Website or SkoolBag.

The school has a $50 voluntary contribution. Any payments made are greatly appreciated and go towards resources for the students and the school.

Message from Mrs Ellis

The last fortnight has been an extremely busy and enjoyable time with our students shining both in the classroom and outside the school. Congratulations and thank you to the students, staff, and community for making these last few weeks so special at Blaxland Public School.

Blue Mountains Dance Festival

This year, Mrs Lowcock and Mr Hancock choreographed and trained three dance groups to perform in the Blue Mountains Dance Festival. All three groups performed at a matinee and evening performance this week and they certainly shone on stage. All three dance groups were amazing, and their performances were certainly a highlight of the show. These students and staff have been working on these performances since February this year, giving up a lunch time for rehearsal each week and your hard work and commitment shone on stage. A special thank you to Mrs Lowcock and Mr Hancock for expertise and dedication in providing this opportunity possible for our students.  The dances will also showcase their talents at the Community Fun Day on Saturday 14th October 2023.

Zone Athletics

Congratulations to all students who represented our school at the Zone Athletics Carnival last Thursday 31st August 2023. We are proud of your efforts on the day and the support that you provided to each other. Thank you to the parents who transported our students to the International Athletics Centre, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Soccer Gala Day

This year, we entered a senior girls’ team in a Soccer Gala Day on Tuesday 5th September 2023 at Jamison Park. They played six games on the day and had a wonderful time. Mr De Mattia commented on the terrific attitude and sportsmanship of all members of the team. A great day for everyone.

Father’s Day Breakfast and Stall

Thank you to the many families who attended the Father’s Day breakfast last Friday morning, the sun was shining, and it was a beautiful way to start the day. The P&C Father’s Day stall was a huge success and thank you to the team working behind the scenes and on the day to ensure that our students had a opportunity to buy a gift for a family member on Father’s Day.

SASS Recognition Week 2023

This week is SASS Recognition week where we take the opportunity to show our appreciation to Blaxland Public School’s School Administrative and Support Staff. Thank you to:

Ms Erin Tumeth Clarke for her coordination and management of the school administration office, we are so lucky to have you at BPS.

Miss Isabelle Fogg for her hard work and assistance in the administration office.

Mrs Lisa Willet for her role as School Learning Support Officer supporting and working with the students in 5/6PS.

Ms Isabelle Imperiali for her role as School Learning Support Officer supporting and working with the students in 4/5D.

Mrs Maha Zieschang for her role as School Learning Support Officer supporting and working with the students in 3/4H.

Mr Brooks for his role as the General Assistant in maintaining our grounds and creating beautiful gardens for our school.

Panthers and Warriors On Field Opportunity for Blaxland PS

Blaxland Public School has been extremely fortunate to receive 30 tickets to the NRL match involving the Penrith Panthers and the New Zealand Warriors due to our partnership with the NRL. The match will take place at Bluebet Stadium, Penrith this Saturday 9th September. Students will participate in some on-field activities prior to the match and will then watch the match. All students who were interested were asked to put their name forward and their names were pulled out of a draw to make it equal and fair for all. The recipients will be accompanied by Mr De Mattia when they are on the field. Parents will then be responsible for their own child at the ground once the activities on the field have finished. Each student and one parent will receive a free ticket to the game.

Share Our Space Program

Blaxland Public School will be part of the Share Our Space program from Monday 25th September to Sunday 8th October. This program is run by the Department of Education and if you require further information, please click on the link below. 

Stage 2 Zoo Snooze

Years 3 and 4 will be travelling to the zoo for an overnight stay at Taronga Zoo on Thursday 14th September at 3:30pm. If parents have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr De Mattia or Ms Hinde.

Learn to Swim Program

The Department of Education School Swimming and Water Safety Program is an intensive learn to swim program, which develops water confidence and provides students with basic skills in water safety and survival. The program is conducted over five days. Each daily lesson is 60 minutes.

The program is open to students in Years 2 to 6. Swimming sessions will commence on Monday 24th October and will run for 5 days. The final day will be Friday 3rd November. Our session time is 1pm – 2pm.

There are a few places left, so if you are interested in your child attending this program, please contact the school by Monday 11th September. 

Bushfire Information

Decodable Texts

Last newsletter, we looked at what phonemes and graphemes are and how important blending and segmenting these phonemes were to assist in learning to read. We are going to take a step further and look at the important role that decodable texts play in supporting early reading instruction.

Decodable texts are small texts that can be decoded by the students, using the phonemes that they have been taught in class. They also contain simple high frequency sight words (For example: ‘the’, ‘and’) to assist them in making sense of the text.

Decodable readers start with simple, single letter sounds and follow a teaching sequence, which is taught in clusters of letter sounds. For example, the first cluster of sounds taught in kindergarten is s,a,t,p,i,n. The decodables start with simple words (tap, pit, Pat) and sentences (‘A pan spits’) , using the phonemes taught. They become more complex as additional phoneme clusters are taught.

Students should be able to read a large percentage of the decodable on their own (though still might be working on fluency). The primary purpose of decodable texts is to provide students with the opportunity to practise what has been taught during explicit, systematic phonics instruction while reading continuous meaningful texts.

This is only one component of the reading instruction provided daily in class. Students are exposed to a wide variety of texts in the classroom. Teachers read to students each day to build vocabulary, word knowledge and allow them opportunities to hear more sophisticated word structures being presented to them in more complex texts. The teacher reads a wide variety of different texts shifting the focus to other components of effective reading instruction.

If you would like more information on how Blaxland Public School is using decodables in the classroom or how you can assist your child using them for home reading, please feel free to see me.

Mrs Wacker

Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Instruction

P&C News

Throughout the year the P&C organise fundraising events. This year, the profits raised from our events will go back into the school to help fund updating and adding to the playground markings.

Thank you to the BPS families, students, and staff for supporting our fundraising events.

BPS Community Fun Day

Have you locked in the 14th October into your calendar yet?

Have you shared the date with your family and friends?

Have you bought raffle tickets for your chance to win prizes valued over $7000?

Please share the link to purchase raffle tickets.

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day for last Sunday!

Thank you to the BPS staff for putting on a delicious breakfast for our families. The Father’s Day stall was buzzing with excitement. Did you get joke toilet paper, a pen, or a game? We hope you enjoyed the gifts that the kids picked for you.

Thank you to the parents who volunteered to organise and run the stall. 

 Coffee & Play

Enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate by Trev from Brewed Awakening. Every Friday afternoon from 2:30. Then stay and play on the top oval until 4pm.

Contact The P&C

Message the P&C through the Blaxland Public School Families Facebook page.


Our next P&C meeting will be held on Tuesday 12th September (Term 3, Week 9) at 7pm via zoom. Everyone is welcome !!

Meeting ID: 617 9445 7371

Passcode: 406750

In The Garden

I wish to thank the new families for coming along to our garden club, many hands make light work and there is always a lot of work to do in the garden. The school garden is looking beautiful at the moment. We encourage everyone to wander around the garden and check out what is growing.

Come and join us on Monday afternoon 2:30 - 3pm for GARDEN CLUB with the amazing Theresa.

A Calendar of School Excursions and Events

We have two calendars available to view our School Excursions and Events that are happening through out the year.


To find the Events Calendar in SkoolBag:

  • Click our School Emblem - found under My Schools & Services.
  • In the blue bar at the bottom of the screen click Events.

School Website

For upcoming excursions and events on the School Website, they can be found either at the bottom of the Home page or on the Events page

Student Awards - Term 3 Week 8

Silver Awards

  • Lucas
  • Mia
  • Patrick
  • Dave

Assistant Principal Awards

  • Jack
  • Ava
  • Cooper
  • Annabelle
  • Thorin
  • Carly

Awards for Attitude, Commitment and Effort Awards (ACE)

  • Olivia
  • Arion
  • Sophia
  • Michael
  • Adelaide

Merit Awards


  • Audrey
  • Lily


  • Hume
  • Mia    


  • Robbie
  • Anderson


  •  Jackson
  • Noah


  • Adalyn    
  • Alice


  • Oliver
  • Dave

Thank you to the generosity of the local Box Divvy organisation for their donations of fruit and vegetables every fortnight. We greatly support your generosity. If interested, click on the website link to find out more information about Box Divvy.

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