Henley Beach Primary School Newsletter

Term 4 week 2 - Wednesday 25 October 2023

From the Leadership Team

Dear families, 

Term 4 has already had a huge start and promises to maintain this pace all the way through!

Mark Le Messurier parent workshop

Last week, we were fortunate enough to host Mark Le Messurier for a parent information session. A big thank you to the families who were able to attend. Mark spoke with us for 90 minutes on a range of topics. He started with information about the development of the brain, family dynamics, navigating social media with our children, anxiety and worries, parenting styles, attachment, and time for our own self reflection. Mark spoke about parenting with soft eyes, and warm hearts and how we support our kids as they develop under construction going through a brain wire up. He set up provocation questions for us all to reflect on, as we navigate this ever changing world-referring to this as the 'new supercharged norma;'. There was a focus on the complexities of the world around us, and how we as adults can support children to recognise and navigate this. We extend our thanks to Mark for presenting to our school community.

Year 6 camp

The annual year 6 camp was held last week at Woodhouse, Picadilly over three days. There was great fun had by students, teachers, and volunteers alike, who all returned exhausted on Friday afternoon!  A heartfelt thank you to the parent volunteers and teachers who rearranged their family lives to attend and provide this opportunity to our senior students. Look out for photos and student reflections in our next newsletter!

Evacuation practice

As part of our Work Health Safety agenda, we conducted a whole school evacuation practice today. Congratulations to all staff and students who calmly followed the procedures in place. 

World Teachers Day 

This Friday, 27 October, provides an opportunity to celebrate teachers on World Teachers Day with the theme 'hats off to teachers'. Parents are invited to wear a hat at drop-off and/or pickup time as an acknowledgement and gesture of support for our teachers who work to provide the best possible schooling experience for your child/ren.


Families are warmly invited to our assembly at 2.20pm on Thursday 2 November, hosted by our Reception classes - the Foundation Flowers.

2024 Class Planning

At this stage, based on predicted enrolments for next year, we expect to have 14 classes (which includes our Junior Primary Special Options class). From the beginning of this term, our school will be starting the process of student placement in classrooms for 2023. Due to grade level cohort numbers it is anticipated that the mainstream classes will be a mixture of single year level and composite year levels. There are a range of factors that inform the placement process including learner achievement, work habits, behaviour, gender and social and emotional needs. The goal is to create classes that have a balanced profile across all of these perspectives. Families of children in a composite class may have queries about how their child’s learning and social needs are met in this structure; a question and answer section has been provided below that provides further information about this area.

If parents/caregivers believe they have information, based on educational needs, which will help in your child’s placement, please put this information in a letter addressed to the Principal, marked ‘Confidential’. All requests need to be received, in writing, by Monday 6 November. Please be aware that this process is not about selecting teachers for your child but rather providing information for the school to consider. We cannot promise that every request will be met, however, all information will be taken into consideration. Alternatively, if your child will not be attending Henley Beach next year, please inform their teacher or the front office.

 Composite Class Frequently Asked Questions

Why do schools have composite classes?

Composite classes are a practical solution to managing the varied enrolment numbers at each year level through balancing the available levels of resourcing to create classes that are within Department for Education’s recommended class sizes. Some schools actually create composite classes, even when they don’t need to, for the educational, social and emotional benefit of children.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages for a child in a composite class?

Research confirms that there is no academic disadvantage for children placed in a composite class. Successful learning is less dependent on organisational strategies (such as composite or single year levels) but rather the quality of the teaching and instructional practices. Older children in a composite class can develop maturity and consolidate their learning by being role models and peer tutors for the younger children in the class. The younger children can develop more rapidly by having these interactions with older children. Schools will strive to organise opportunities for children in a composite class to mix with their same age peers in formal and informal learning and play situations.

How does the teacher of a composite class cater for the needs of children over such a range of ages?

All teachers have to cater for a range of ages and abilities of the children in their class. Within a single year level the academic age range of students can be up to 18 months – 2 years. Planning and programming is based on the Australian Curriculum for the grade levels within the class. Further to this, teachers of the same year levels will collaboratively plan the majority of curriculum areas to ensure consistency across classrooms.

How are composite classes formed?

Some parents/carers may have the view that their child has been placed in a composite class due to concerns around their learning – this is not the case. The school strives to ensure all classes, whether they are a single year level or composite, have a balanced profile that reflects an equal distribution of academic achievement, social and emotional needs and gender.

Kindy Transition Visits

On Fridays of weeks 4, 6 and 8 of this term the 2024 intake of reception of students will have the opportunity to participate in transition visits at Henley Beach. The purpose of the transition visits is to familiarise the children with our school environment and for teachers to understand their needs. We look forward to meeting these children, and their families, many of whom are siblings of current HBPS students.

Materials and Services Information for 2024

Last week, correspondence was sent home to families regarding the proposed materials and services fees for next year. As a part of this process there is an opportunity for parents/carers to attend a meeting where school leadership and Governing Council representation will be present to discuss this proposal. Please note that the date for this meeting is Tuesday 7 November, at 6.30pm. In lieu of attendance at the meeting, parents/carers may express their views in writing to the chairperson of the school council prior to the meeting.

Please email: hbpschair600@schools.sa.edu.au

Motions to be put to the regular Governing Council meeting following general discussions are as follows:

Motion 1: “That the Henley Beach Primary School Governing Council approve the Materials and Services (M&S) Charge for 2021 being set at $380.00”.

Motion 2: “That the Henley Beach Primary School Governing Council determine to conduct a poll of parents and carers seeking endorsement that the ‘prescribed sum’ (Total M&S fees) be legally recoverable”

Following this meeting, a polling process will be undertaken with the school community.


Jo, Aileen & Alecia

House Cup Day - Renee Hanna PE Teacher

House Cup Day is this Thursday we aim to promote teamwork and school values. Students are to wear school uniform and are encouraged to accessorise in house colours, wearing shoes that allow hem to be active in.  Students will take part in a class activity during the day- relays or Frisbee golf - and will be awarded points towards the House Cup.  The canteen will be serving food in house colours, available at lunch and recess. It will be a really exciting day so students need to come dressed to join in the fun and earn points for their house team!


Colour Fun Run Fundraiser - Friday 10 November

Put the date in your diary... Colour Fun Run is coming to Henley Beach Primary on Friday 10 November from 12.30pm!

Students will need to wear a white t-shirt and house colour accessories. Please be mindful that the colour may not come out of clothing and other items worn on the day.

School Signup packs were sent home and we need every child to register at schoolfunrun.com.au to participate on the day.

  • For every child that has raised $100 you will go in the draw on Friday 3 November to win 1 of 10 canteen vouchers.
  • The class that raises the most money will be in the VIP tent on the Colour Run ( food/ drinks/ sweets etc. )
  • Some staff will be lucky enough to be slimed on the day! Who will be the lucky staff??????

Year 6 Senior Jumpers and polos 2024

Westside Schoolwear has now opened orders for the Year 6 Senior jumper and Polos for 2024. Orders will be opened until 27 November for the Jumper.


Playgroup - Trudy Tunbridge (Fridays 9am - 10.20am)

Entertainment Book

Looking at doing some activities in the holidays?

Want a discount on activities and meals?

Why not purchase an Entertainment Book full of lots of fun things to do at a discount.

Money raised goes back into the school for resources for students.

Important Dates - more info can be found in Audiri app under events

3 November - Pupil Free Day

7 November - Governing Council Meeting

10 November - Kindy Transition

                           - Colour Run  from 12.30pm

13 November - Remembrance Day Assembly 10.15am

17 November - Reception Parent Morning

23 November - Assembly hosted by Year 2 classes

24 November - Kindy Transition

27 November - 01 December - Swim week REC to Year 5 

5 December - School Concert evening

6 December - Christian Option Program (Optional during lunch in Gym)

8 December - Kindy Transition

12 December - Year 6 Graduation

13 December - Year 6 Splash Day

15 December - Awards Assembly 1.20pm/ Early dismissal @ 2pm


OSHC - Andrew OSHC Director 0401 121 087

Another Vacation Care Period over and done with. It went down as our busiest two weeks. It is great reassurance for us that the program is exciting and engaging.

Community Notices: