Beerwah State School

Newsletter 2 February 2024

Principal's Report

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to 2024! I would especially like to welcome our new parents/carers and students to our wonderful school. Welcome to Miss Eastley who will be team teaching with Mrs Horton in 1/2 and also Mrs Marks who will be team teaching with Mrs Craig in 5/6C. Congratulations to everyone for a great start. The atmosphere of our first two weeks has been calm and purposeful and classes have been active in learning from the very start. The refurbishment of A Block and Prep/1 classroom has been completed and students are enjoying their new classrooms. I am very excited to be working with you and your children this year to support them to be the very best they can be.

Day 8 census was completed yesterday and I am pleased to let you know that due to enrolment numbers we are able to maintain our 10th class. There will be no changes to the current class structure.


Just a reminder that full school assemblies will be held in the hall each week on Tuesdays at 9:00am. Parents/carers are welcome to attend every week. If your child is receiving a certificate, you will receive an email from the classroom teacher the week before, inviting you or a nominated family member to remain behind after assembly for 10 minutes and have a piece of gluten free chocolate cake with your child to celebrate their success.


New students were given a label with their surname to be displayed on their car’s sun visor. This label assists us to identify your car quickly at the stop, drop and go area and minimises wait times and congestion. If you need your existing label replaced, please email the school Attach the label with some rubber bands to your sun visor and then flip the sun visor down as you approach the pickup area.


You will receive a classroom newsletter and classroom behaviour management plan from your child’s teacher. Please read the plan carefully as it explains how the teacher will be fostering appropriate classroom behaviour and managing inappropriate classroom behaviour. It is necessary for you to return the attached tear – off slip to your child’s teacher. Please discuss this plan with your child to reinforce their understandings.


We host Parent / Teacher Welcome interviews in Week 4 on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 from 3:00pm in the Hall. All families are encouraged to take this opportunity to talk with your teacher about your child, their likes and dislikes, and what makes them the wonderfully unique human beings that they are, so as a partnership team we can get the best possible year of learning happening for them at Beerwah!! Please refer to information from Mr Deady in this Newsletter for more details around booking interviews.


This year our school photos will be taken by Photoday photography. School photos will be taken on Thursday 29 February (Week 6) with a backup day on Friday 8 March (Week 7) for students who were absent. Student are required to be in full school uniform. No senior shirts are to be worn on the day. Please click on the link for more information and to order photo packs.


This year, one of my focus areas will be school uniform. We have a school uniform policy which can be found on our school website. Please ensure your child is in full school uniform each day. Wearing our school uniform with pride helps to maintain a positive culture within the whole school community. Last year, I was concerned about some of our girls wearing short bike pants instead of the required school culottes, dresses or pants. This does not look good, especially when a long shirt is worn over the top and does not portray a good image of our school to the community. Please ensure your student is also wearing the correct school hat and not a cap along with black shoes. Please make an appointment to see me if you are having difficulty with uniforms.


I have implemented a new process at line-up, at the end of each break to ensure our students are settled and ready for learning in each session. Classes will be awarded points at line-up for being the most settled and best active listeners. The class with the most points at the end of the week will receive 30 minutes reward time on a Friday afternoon and the class with the most points at the end of the term will be invited to a pizza party.


On Monday 5 February, we will hold our annual Student Induction Ceremony, where our 2024 student leaders receive their badge of office. You will already have received an invitation if your Year 6 child is receiving a badge. All other parents are welcome to attend the Induction Assembly.


Can I encourage all parents/carers to download the Skoolbag/Audiri app which is our preferred way to communicate important messages and also the QKR! app to order and pay for uniforms, tuckshop, excursions, etc.


The Department of Education has implemented a new mobile phone and smart watch policy across all schools in QLD.

Queensland state school students are required to keep mobile phones switched off and 'away for the day' while on school grounds and while attending school activities, such as representative school sport, excursions and camps. Students may hand their devices to the Office upon arriving to school for safe keeping and collect upon leaving.

Wearable devices, such as smartwatches, can be worn to school but notifications must be switched off so that phone calls, messages and other notifications cannot be sent or received.

Your child can continue to bring their phone to school to communicate with you, once outside the school grounds.

'Away for the day' supports schools to maintain a strong focus on educational achievement, and student wellbeing and engagement by:

· providing optimal learning and teaching environments

· encouraging increased face-to-face social interactions between students

· promoting the health and wellbeing of students through increased social interaction and physical activity

· reducing the potential for students to be exposed to the negative impacts of the digital world, resulting from unsafe or inappropriate technology use.

As a parent or carer, you play an important role in supporting your child to engage with technology in safe and respectful ways. Parents can support schools to implement the 'away for the day' approach by:

· talking with your child about the requirement to have their phone switched off and away for the day, and/or notifications disabled on wearable devices

· using the school's preferred communication method to contact your child during the day, such as phoning the school office

· establishing routines at home to help your child balance their use of devices and screen time.

Please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy.

Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Scott Bowden



A Block Classroom

HODC Report

It’s great to be back at Beerwah State School for a new school year. I feel so fortunate to have spent the last six months of 2023 travelling around. I want to add my thanks to Ms Hansen for stepping into the HoD role while I was away.

Each fortnight this year I will be sharing some examples of learning from different classrooms. These may be stories, photos or videos. I look forward to showcasing the amazing teaching and learning occurring across our school every fortnight.

This week, one of our core curriculum goals was that children in Years 1-6 know what they’re learning in their English unit this term. This is a summary of a conversation I has with a child in Year 6:

1. What are you learning about in English this term?

We are writing a fantasy chapter that must have a good character, evil character and setting.

2. What make a story a fantasy?

It’s made-up and imaginary.

3. What is a setting?

It’s where the story happens (and when it happens)

This first question can be asked at home as well as a good alternative to ‘how was school?’ because it encourages more conversation. The second and third questions I asked to check that children understand what these words mean.


As Mr Bowden mentioned, parent-teacher interviews are an excellent opportunity to build our partnerships that will help children have a really successful year at Beerwah State School.

Our parent—student-teacher interviews will be held in the school hall on Tuesday 14 February at 3pm until 6pm.

Each interview is 10 minutes long, with a 2 minute change over time.

We will be using the School Interviews booking system again. This will allow caregivers to book meeting times online.

Bookings will open on Tuesday 30 January at 8:30am.

Bookings will close on Friday 9 February at 3pm.

There will be a link and QR code with instructions sent via Skoolbag and direct email on Monday 29 January.

Fantasy Chapter


Events Calendar

Check out our calendar of events throughout the year, via the school's website at

Beerwah State School

You can sync any event to your personal calendar by clicking to  open the event and click on the  'Add to Calendar' button.  


Check out our Facebook page for more Celebrations and what's happening at our School.

Beerwah State School Facebook page

Admin Information


We have received reports of some users not being able to log into the SkoolBag Admin Console. We believe some users may be trying to access the old link. Please ensure that you update your bookmarks and shortcuts to the following login page:  Skoolbag Console

Our school will be using a new Departmental process for sending reminder notices to parents/carers with overdue invoices. Reminder notices will generate periodically once your invoice becomes overdue.

How you will receive the reminder notice:
  • If you have provided us with an email address and you have overdue invoices, you will start to receive reminder notices directly to your email address
  • If you have not provided us with an email address, reminder notices for any overdue invoices will be posted to you.


If you are unable to pay your invoices before the due date or have a query about an invoice you have received, it is important that you contact us before the invoice is due for payment.


Beerwah State School is excited to offer all parents the ability to order and pay for your child’s school items using your smartphone, tablet or computer. The new Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’) by MasterCard application is a secure and easy way to make school payments at your convenience. We encourage all parents to use Qkr! as it reduces the need to send cash to school or attend in person, and receipts are automatically generated that can be easily retrieved on the app or sent to your email. It is easier for families and it also significantly streamlines operations with the school.  QKR! How to Guide
QKR! is our preferred method for payment via the secure QKR! App.
  • You Can also pay via the secure BPoint  payment portal in QParents.
  • You can also pay via the BPoint link on the invoice you receive via email
  • Cashless payments can be made at the Payment Window by EFTPOS on Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning between 8:30am-10:30am
  • Students may hand permission & payment to the office in a sealed envelope or snaplock bag.


Please refer to the Communication Placemat that is available on our website to determine the appropriate method and avenue of communication for any information you require. If you are unsure, please email the school via and your query will be passed on to the appropriate staff member.

We welcome parents and other members of our diverse community into our school. Working together with the school community, school staff support the learning and wellbeing of every student, and are entitled to a safe work environment. Parents and other visitors to our school support safety by ensuring their communications and conduct at the school and school activities is respectful. Please read our Parent and Community Code of Conduct for more information.


We realise sometimes Parents need to get a message to student/s to change how they are going home, with whom, or need to collect student/s early. We ask Parents, where possible, to please contact the school at their earliest convenience prior to 1:00pm; to advise so messages can go out in rolls and minimise interruptions to class learning time.

Please call prior to arriving to collect student/s so we can have them in the office ready for your arrival. Our break times are 11:00am-11:30am & 1:00pm-1:40pm. We thank you for your support.


Up to date information helps us look after each of our students. Contact details can be updated through the BSS Skoolbag, QParents app or SZ app. For a hard copy to complete and return, please download from the sidepanel of our school newsletter or website.

Student Resource Scheme


Library News

"Everyone is a reader, some just haven't found their favourite book yet"


If you require a Library bag they are available through the Uniform Shop for $18.00.

Other Reports


Beerwah State School Early Childhood Development Program (ECDP)

Beerwah State School has an ECDP that provides support to children aged 0–5 years who are diagnosed or are suspected of having disability from the Beerwah, Landsborough, Glass House Mountains, Maleny, Peachester and hinterland areas.

Beerwah ECDP supports children’s early learning and help develop valuable skills children need through:

ü   Engaging children in a wide range of learning experiences to maximise their skills and individual potential

ü   Supporting children to participate in their current educational environment so they can learn in both current and future educational environments

ü   Assessing and investigating educational support needs prior to prep

ü   Supporting transition to prep

ü   Establishing partnerships with families, and other key stakeholders, to ensure quality educational outcomes in the critical early years of schooling

Centre-based programs include:

Playgroup: A weekly program for children 0-3 years and their parents/carers. Playgroup aims to promote the child’s acquisition of functional skills by supporting families to understand and enhance their child’s development and learning.

ü   Prior to Prep: Children aged 3-5 years attend a centre based program for 2 sessions per week. The program provides intensive, planned and explicit teaching of skills needed to access and participate in educational settings. Successful transition to school is a key focus.

Call Beerwah SS - Head of Special Education Services – Pam McPherson for more information / enquiries 5436 5555

ECDP parent fact sheet attached.

 Pam McPherson



Student Services

At Beerwah, the Student Services team meets every second week to discuss how best to support our students’ learning and support needs.  Sometimes students’ needs are identified on enrolment or through our moderation process and other times individual student needs are identified by teachers.

Classroom teachers may discuss student needs with parents and carers and if necessary a referral will be made to the Student Services team.  If this is necessary, a green permission form will be sent home, explaining the process and we encourage you to complete the questionnaire on the rear of the form to help us to understand the needs of your student more clearly.

Our team are currently running an intervention program focussing on supporting students requiring additional support in the areas of phonemic awareness and phonics.

Sports Report

If you have any questions with regards to sport, please phone Ms Murphy at the school on 5436 5555 or email

Janelle Murphy (HPE Teacher)

Weekly Focus & Student of the Week/Month

School Community

P&C Report

A warm welcome to new families to Beerwah State School for 2024! Welcome back to returning families I'm sure it's going to be another fun filled year. 


Our first P&C meeting is going to be held on Monday the 12th February in the School Library at 3pm. Our meetings roughly run for 1 hour. It's a great way to know what's happening in the school and help plan for future events.  Please come along and meet new faces and be a part of our school community.


Tuckshop is up and running please keep your eyes on the weekly specials and place orders before cut off times to be sure your child doesn't miss out! Also if you were able to come in and help out on a Friday the Tuckshop volunteers would really appreciate it.


Breakfast Club is running on a Monday morning and this is a free of charge YMCA funded Breakfast for students to enjoy. Please note again this is managed by volunteers so if you have spare time on a Monday morning and able to help the ladies would be grateful for the extra help.

Find our Facebook page BSS P&C Facebook page and like us to start following. 


Tuckshop is open each Friday in term 1. Check the menu on the Audiri notices that were sent out. Each week our volunteers will prepare a healthy weekly special with other items available to order to create lunch for your child/ren. We may add further specials so keep an eye on the Qkr! app for these. If you can spare some time to volunteer, and you would like to meet some other parents who are passionate about fresh, homemade meals, come along to the tuckshop any Friday morning. Even 20 minutes to chop some fruit will be a great help.

If you are able to assist in the Tuckshop please contact Megan Zakis (P&C President) by email on or leave a message at the office on 54365555.


Great news! This year we are hosting our annual Easter egg hunt and community event on Easter Saturday. Save the date of Saturday 30th March, 8-11am. It's the first weekend of the school holidays so if you are not heading away, come along and join our wonderful local community for a fun filled morning. Keep an eye on the school newsletter each fortnight for further details. This is our major fundraiser for the year and we ask local businesses to support our event through sponsorships and donations. If you have a business or know of one who would like to be involved, please contact Carolyn on 0404 581058 to chat about options. If you are available to help out either with organising the event, or volunteering on the day, please contact Carolyn.


The uniform shop is open on Wednesday afternoons at from 2.30pm - 3pm.

The best way to order uniforms is ONLINE via Qkr! It’s quick & easy & there are no transaction fees

Alternatively, an order form can be collected from the Office. Items will then be sent home with the student or can be collected from the Office.


Did you know that Qkr! Can be accessed from any web browser? If you prefer to use a computer or tablet or unable to download the app, simply go to and set up your Qkr! account to access school payments, uniform shop, and tuckshop ordering.  

Chappy Chat

Kandoo Joeys' Playgroup

Welcome back to another fun filled year at Kandoo Joeys Playgroup.

Our first session this year will be Week 3 Term 1 Wednesday 7 February.

Each month we have a different theme, February is Creative Play Month. When children engage in creative play, they are given the opportunity to make mistakes and use trial and error to express their ideas. "It's the process not the product!"

At Kandoo Joeys Playgroup we provide an environment rich in learning through play that includes engaging activities, craft, stories, songs and social interactions.

Kandoo Joeys is open to all families with before-school-aged children. We open every Wednesday morning from 9.00am-11.00am in Weeks 2-9 of the school Term. You will find us in J Block, next to the Admin Block. Bring along a hat and some morning tea for your little one and come and join in the fun and social connections as your children learn through play at Kandoo Joeys Playgroup. For more information contact Linda Merwood at

Helping Hands OHSC

Helping Hands provides quality before and after school care. This service forms strong, collaborative ties with the school, children, families, and the local community; to ensure the needs and interests of every child and family are supported. We provide an environment in which children feel safe and have fun. Afternoon tea is included.

We are located in D Block which is next to the Senior oval. For the children’s safety it is a requirement that you park in the allocated staff car park and use the footpaths to walk to and from the Centre. The car park will be open in the morning 6:30 to 7:30 and afternoon 5:00 to 6:00. Outside of these times, you will need to use the normal school carpark located on Old Gympie Rd. Children must be supervised at all times by an adult.

If you have any questions please phone Helping Hands Co-ordinator Sharon on: 0448 083 043, or click on the link below.

Strategies to support anxious children

Given the ongoing COVID issues/ implications and other stressors on families, it seems timely to share this helpful website from Beyond Blue:

The 10 practical ideas are aimed at children aged 6 to 12 years. Please consider the 9th strategy which involves an interactive, online program for the prevention and treatment of childhood and adolescent anxiety. This free program which was developed at the University of Queensland, has programs for a range of ages and parents:

Andrew Graham (Guidance Officer)

Community Information

Positive Partnerships

This initiative is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment through the Helping Children with Autism package. It works together with parents, carers and educators of school-aged children on the autism spectrum to provide current, relevant and evidence informed information through workshops and online resources.

Click here to visit Positive Partnerships website

Management of Young Children Program

Concerns regarding young children with difficult and defiant behaviours? The Management of Young Children Program (MYCP) is available to support you.

The MYCP is supported by Beerwah and Landsborough State Schools (therefore no cost for these families) and is a practical and individualised behaviour support program for parents and carers of young children aged 2½ to 7 years and their families. It is a well-established and evidence based early intervention program targeting children who display defiant or oppositional behaviour with the aim of reducing such problematic behaviours in primary school and beyond.

For more information or interest in participating in the program, please see the school website link or contact the Landsborough State School office 5436 2777.

Other Information

Skoolbag App

Our School has our own Skoolbag iPhone and Android App to help us communicate more effectively with our school Parent/Student community. Download the Skoolbag App to receive short messages, reminders and alerts. Parents will also be able to use eForms for absentee notes and change of details.

Click here to visit Skoolbag website

Skoolbag app instructions


Take advantage of the QParents payments function to pay your invoices by simply logging in and paying online at any time.

If you have not registered for QParents yet, please email or call into the school office to collect the registration information. Over time, QParents will become an integral part of how we communicate with parents. Get on board now to enjoy the ease and convenience that QParents offers. More features will become available in the future.

For more information visit the website at Please email with any queries regarding QParent registration.

Microsoft Office

You can install a complete version of the latest Microsoft Office on up to five compatible PCs and Macs, five tablets and five smartphones. Your Office subscription lasts for as long as your child is a state school student.

Ask your child to follow these simple steps to get Office: For PC and Mac, visit, login using your school email address, click through to install and follow the onscreen process. For tablets and smartphones, download from your app store and sign in with your school email address.

Instructions for Windows

Instructions for Mac

Beerwah Contact Details