TIDINGS - Term 2 Week 9 . 2023

Happy Friday RCC Community,

As we draw near to the conclusion of Semester 1 2023, I would like to share with you my thoughts presented to our Association at our AGM a few weeks ago. It is important that even though we are busy and always doing hard things that we take a moment to look up and out, to look forward with hope at what God is doing for us. 

I am aware I do not usually move in this arena, nor argue this way, I am also aware there is a time for everything, and we must continue a conversation that seeks to protect what we believe to be essential for our kids. I trust you will enjoy and consider.


I would like to take a moment, if I may, to suggest that 2022 and its surrounding experiences and subsequent ‘grey spaces’ (where we are not sure how to act or react, or what rules to live by) form the experiential foundations for truths that I believe we will need to have to stand firm as we continue. Going forward not only as providers of Christian education to a community and a nation that is ever-secularising but also as Christian educators who believe foundations of faith are critical to our students’ success in life. 

Therefore, whole-of-life Christian Education and the right to employ whole-of-life Christians, is worth fighting for. One of RCC's most precious resources is its Christian staff and we don’t want to risk losing this distinctive. We believe that full-faith living impacts all that we believe and all that we do. 

The CEN principal network was informed that the new Minister for Education, Prue Carr, refuses to meet with Christian schools. The Governor General, Margaret Beasley, also withdrew from the Christian Schools Australia conference for reasons not given. Whilst I am aware her reasons could be personal, in conjunction with other state’s education and employment reforms it is appearing like government investment in the right for Christian education and Christian schools is waning.   

As a result we were told to begin to future proof our schools, as whilst they do not believe that NSW will got the way of NT, that is no legal right whatsoever to discriminate in employment according to faith, there is the feeling that we will proceed in Victoria’s footsteps. Daniel Anderson’s government has implemented law that states to be able to discriminate on grounds of faith a school must prove that the faith is inherent to practice. 

The precedent in Victoria as outlined in the NSW Law Reform Commission’s proposal is essentially that the right to discriminate on the grounds of faith (of any religion) in employment and in school practice be removed and replaced by an employee’s nominal dedication to adherence to faith or a test developed by lawyers and politicians, not faith-based educators, to determine the validity of the need for whole-of-life faith-based employees. 

It is my opinion that the impending law reform will forfeit the opportunity for Christian schools (or any faith-based schools for that matter) to employ authentic, committed Christian staff. Subsequently, it will undermine the authenticity and integrity that is foundational to RCC’s caring and safe environment and the relationships between RCC students and parents and RCC staff. Furthermore, it will have a critical impact on our ability to authentically teach rigorously from a biblical perspective. 

I tell you this not to scare you, but to build on the truth articulated in my report. None of this should be unexpected, in fact, a fight for the right to have and live by faith is guaranteed. In John 16, Jesus outlines a promise and lays down a responsive command for us to live according to. He says, “In this world we will have trouble (promise). But take heart! He has overcome the world (command).” And Jesus always keeps his promises. 

How we respond to the difficulty is not different to how we navigated covid or floods or trauma and loss. We must first take heart in the greatness and victory of not just our great God, but our good and great God. We must live, work, play in this knowledge. And we must pray that God grants our leaders and advocates the wisdom on how to live in this ‘Babylon’ moment. 

To finish I want to encourage you with these thoughts from Tim Keller. Before his recent passing, Tim Keller left this message for the pastors of Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New York City ( He challenged them to: 

  • “Live on the razor’s edge,” quoting Jeremiah 29:7, “seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile.” “Engage, but at the same time, be different,” said Keller. “Don’t assimilate and just pick up all the views of the culture; but don’t stay out, keep your shoes clean, or denounce everyone.”
  • “Invest, don’t just consume,” reading from Jeremiah 32, in which Jeremiah bought a field, even though the invasion of the Babylonians and subsequent exile of the Jews was imminent. “Don’t just come here to consume,” … “Invest here. Jesus Christ said, ‘I will build my church.’ He doesn’t just say ‘I will build my church, except in big cities.’ ‘I will build my church .’ So, invest in the church (or school). Invest your time, invest, yes, your money, invest your life.”
  • For people to “forget about your reputation,” quoting Jeremiah 45:5, which reads, “seekest thou great things for thyself? Seek them not.” “Don’t worry about your reputation, don’t worry about your credentials,” Keller said. “Don’t make your ministry success your identity, so if things don’t go well you just feel like an utter failure.” “Don’t make getting a big name in New York City your main thing. Lift up Jesus’ Name. ‘Halloweth be Thy Name.’ Forget yourself, forget your reputation. Do what you can to lift up God’s Name.”
  • -------

    So, my encouragement this year is to have faith and not fear. Take heart. Bless. Invest. Lift up. Kneel Down. His Kingdom come. His will be done. Let’s join together, not just as staff, but as members of His body for our kids. Keep working hard, and it is hard, but we do hard things to build lasting, faithful foundations of identity, purpose and hope for our community. 

    Good Tidings



    NAIDOC ASSEMBLY - Friday 30 June

    Please note that the Naidoc Assembly commencement time has changed to 9.50am. Please sign in at the school office before going to Assembly.

    We look forward to seeing you.



    Thursday 29 June @ 11.50am in the MPC


    Friday 30 June @ 9.50am in the MPC



    Mondays at 2pm. 


    Thursday 29 June  2.30pm – 3.00pm

    Coffee (or tea!) and Chat in the Garden (Parents and Guardians Welcome)


    LAST DAY OF TERM 2 2023

    Friday 30 June

    FIRST DAY OF TERM 3 2023

    Monday 24 July

    RCC Prayer Group

    Too Busy To Pray?

    Martin Luther was one busy fellow. He wrote many catechisms, thesis, started a reformation, wrote hymns, and translated Scriptures. Amidst all this, he proclaimed "I have so much to do today that I'm going to need to spend three hours in prayer in order to be able to get it all done".  

    Parents and friends of RCC are invited to gather for prayer each Monday at 2pm.  This will be an opportunity to intercede for our children, teachers, staff, and wider school community together as followers of Jesus.  All welcome!

    "Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need."  Hebrews 4:16


    Thursday 29 June 2023 2.30pm

    Members of the RCC Community are invited to gather together in our community garden each fortnight for coffee (or tea!) and a chat – we provide the coffee, you provide the chat. All Welcome!!


    Future Leaders workshop at SCU

    Our Senior Leaders were inspired and challenged at the Future Leaders workshop at SCU yesterday as they learnt valuable leadership skills from inspiring speakers including Lachie Smart, the 2016 World Record Youngest Pilot to Fly Solo Around the World.

    Far North NSW Touch Football All Schools competition

    Congratulations to our four Touch Football teams who, in the past two days, competed in the Far North NSW Touch Football All Schools competition.

    On Wednesday, our Yr 7/8 teams enjoyed some tough games, with our girls progressing to the semi-finals and, although putting in a competitive effort, they missed out on progressing further on the day.

    A special congratulations to our Yr 9/10 teams who competed today! Our boys were awarded runner-up on the day, and our girls, undefeated all day, came home with the Championship! Both Yr 9/10 teams now have the opportunity to compete at the State Titles in Penrith early next term! Well done to all our students who competed and to the staff who coached and managed the teams.

    Inter-school Chess Competition

    Our students headed off to their second inter-school chess competition last week and they all played some great games. A big congratulations to our A team who have made a significant improvement since the last competition and were awarded second place overall. An outstanding effort!

    Stage 6 PDHPE

    As Stage 6 PDHPE are currently analysing a marathon training program for their Core 2 assessment, who better to chat to our students than our very own marathon runner at RCC. Thank you Mrs Donohoe for providing us with authentic examples and information of your experiences when training for a marathon and we can’t wait to hear how you go at the Gold Coast Marathon in a couple of weeks time!

    Athletics Carnival - What a Great Day!!

    Primary Basketball



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    Dinner is Served

    Dinner is Served would like to help support our school community. As parents ourselves we know how busy it is with work, after-school activities, and everything else and our take-home meals are perfect for easing the load during the week (or having a night off at the weekend!). We’ve created a discount code for the Richmond Christian College community which is RCC15. This will give anyone who uses it a 15% discount and free delivery on their first order placed online

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