Issue 7 Thursday 10 August 2023

We learn on the lands of the Ngadjuri Nation


TERM 3Monday 24 July  -  Friday 29 September
TERM 4Monday 16 October  -  Friday 15 December

Some Important Dates ..............

Book WeekMonday 21  -  Friday 28 Ausgust
**Book Week Parade**** Note date change to Thursday 24 August **
School Closure DayMonday 4 September
Pupil Free Day Tuesday 5 September
Premier's Reading Challenge ClosesFriday 8 September
Swimming Lessons R-5Monday 25  -  Friday 29 September
Sports DayFriday 27 October
Pupil Free Day Friday 24 November
School ConcertThursday 30 November
Year 6 GraduationThursday 7 December

From The Principal



And what an adventure we had!

The students learnt many new skills and discovered strengths they never knew they had. They learnt the true meaning of resilience when they had to walk up hills and down hills and then up again ... and then go back ... and then do it all again! They persevered when they had to climb high walls and swinging ropes and try bouldering and scramble over tyre walls. They overcame fears when they were lost inside the labyrinth. They took it in their stride when they got covered in mud or fell in the icy creek. They screamed with delight when they came rushing down the side of the hill on the tube slide or the block of ice. They showed team work and mateship in helping one another with both physical and emotional challenges.

The staff have come back very tired, having faced all the same challenges, plus the added pressures of looking after 71 energetic children. However, they have all said what a great time they have had with ‘our’ lovely kids, who never gave us any trouble and who were willing to give everything a go. To have gone on our first school camp in four years was a pleasure with such a dedicated group of staff, who all went ‘above and beyond’ to care for the students and to ensure that they had the best possible time. Of course, the students and their happy (grubby) faces made everything worthwhile.

Gail Holland



PS: The staff have taken hundreds of photos! We are currently exploring the best way of sharing them with you.

School Activities & Events

High Achievers Morning Tea

Last week, I had the great pleasure of celebrating the high achievers in our school with a morning tea and certificate presentation. The students invited to the High Achiever’s Morning Tea included the following:

·         Years 1-6: any student with an ‘A’ grade in any subject

·         Students on Learning Plans: any student who ‘achieved’ their personal goals

·         Reception students: any student who received ‘outstanding effort’ for every subject


Congratulations to all our high achievers from Semester 1: Sophie R, Fletcher, Ruby B, Ted K, Alexis, Amelia, Owen, Dylan, Darcy, Harley, Anika, Caitlyn, Skyelaih, Harper, Mason and Andrew.

Grounds & Environment Committee Report - Working Bee

As many of you may have noticed, over the school holidays the junior primary play area underwent some much deserved updates. The Grounds and Environment Committee worked closely with some of the junior primary students to close-in on the areas which they felt needed the most attention. The projects that they chose were:

·         painting the cubby,

·         updating the teepee,

·         introducing some musical items

·         and adding some colour to the area in general. 

As well as these updates looking great, the painting and patch-ups have also prolonged the life of the cubby and the teepee - which were starting to show signs of wear and tear and decay. A perspex roof panel was also added to the cubby and all the children are enjoying a brighter play space.

Although this area is not quite complete, the response to the work done has been really positive. It has been wonderful to see the kids enjoying these updates this term and surely they will enjoy them for many more years. 

From the Principal:

Thank you to all the parents who came along to the Working Bee and helped with the upgrades:

·         Rebecca and Jarrad Koch

·         Courtney and Bede Mackie

·         Jess and Simon Klingbiel

·         Tom Halfpenny

·         Troy McMartin (and Hunter)


Special thanks go to Rebecca for all of her hard work in managing the Grounds & Environment Committee for a number of years. Rebecca has undertaken various projects around the school, including the major upgrade of the Wellbeing Room. With the help of Courtney and a reliable group of volunteers, Rebecca has managed to raise funds, gain donations and organise working bees – and now she needs a bit of a rest! While Rebecca will no longer be leading the Grounds & Environment Committee, her efforts will be appreciated by children for years to come.

Bus SAfe Visit

School Routines and Procedures – Term 3

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Updating Student & Family Information

So that we can best support your children at school, we ask parents & caregivers to keep staff informed throughout the year whenever there are changes to your family circumstances including:

*  home address (residential and/or postal)

*  contact phone number

* employment &/or place of employment

* email address

* emergency contacts

* student's medical condition

* shared living arrangements

* custody information

You can let the school know by completing the 'Change of Details' eform on the Audiri App or by email/written notification.

Emergency Contacts:

***Please make sure you provide the school with a list of at least 2 emergency contacts OTHER THAN YOURSELVES that can be contacted if you are unavailable to collect your child due to illness or injury.***

*** Emergency contacts will need to present ID at the Front Office eg Driver's Licence before collecting students ***

Library News

Premier's Reading Challenge - last days!

Reminder:  Premier's Reading Challenge ends on Friday 8 September.  Please return your reading record forms to school.

School Card 2023

PCW News


Welcome to term 3. This term is full of exciting events, we have camp, science week, book week, pancake breakfasts and morning teas as well as all of the other every day activities that go on at a school. Hang on and enjoy the ride!

At the end of this term, I will clock over a year of service at this school. This time has gone so quickly.  I have already shared a number of highs and lows over my time here. It has made me feel very honoured to be here in your community, to be able to ride these waves with you. It has also got me thinking what is community and what is the purpose of a community? When I consulted my dictionary, the meaning is this: A community is a familiar thread used to bring people together to advocate and support each other. As human beings, we need a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging is what connects us to the many relationships we develop”.

You can very grateful that you are blessed with this beautiful caring community. When I spend time with the playgroup on Tuesdays, they all have the common thread of parenting babies, toddlers and preschoolers. They are a great group who support one another. I see community when we have fun cooking pancakes or sharing a cuppa at our FOG morning teas. At school pickups there are many of you who sit and chat as you are connected and have relationships with each other. Everyone I speak with has a sense of belonging here at this school, whether it be parents, staff or children. We all have the common thread and that is our children. We are all part of this community because of them. Everything we do here is for them and with their best intentions in mind. The new playground is a great example of a team of people coming together to create a space that our children will love to spend time in.

I was speaking to someone recently who is new to the area and like me is getting to know our community. We both agreed that you get to know a community when the tough stuff happens.  You meet people, team work evolves, people band together for the good of others and the best traits of a community are shown during these times. I have seen the best of your community in action recently with the care, love and support that you have all been showing to the Menzel family. You can all be proud of the way that you have banded together as a community is many ways.

When I look back over my friendships, the most meaningful and closest are those that I made when my children were at school. We were all navigating the school years, routines, sport pickups together. We were connected and had a sense of belonging. We car pooled, babysat and helped out each other when parenting became overwhelming. To this day, those friends are still my closest and we are still navigating parenthood together just with bigger children! Being part of a community and having a sense of belonging is so important, we weren’t created to be alone.

All the best for the next couple of weeks.  Don’t take our beautiful community for granted.  Be grateful for it and say thanks to those who are part of it.              

Cheers Jo 

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