TIDINGS - Term 2 Week 5 . 2023

My God is so Big!

For those who went to Sunday school, I am sure you remember the song: My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do? 

For those who missed out: 

This term, in our staff devotions (where we meet each morning to share and pray for our students, families and staff) we are focussing on how remembering and praising God for great grace, mercy, justice, faithfulness and love gives us the right perspective to then navigate our lives in hope and faith.   

For example, there are always lots of things happening in a school community and today is no different. 

Today we are very excited to announce to our community that we have decided to open up Year 7, 2024 to two classes. The organic growth of our school is not something we intentionally seek, instead our success is measured in our faithfulness to what God is calling us to; provide a Christ-centred, biblically based, academically rigorous and culturally relevant education. Growth will not compromise our ability to develop our unique culture that focuses on establishing identity, purpose and hope in our students as foundations for renewal and positive contribution.   

Having said this, it is a privilege to be in a position to extend the capacity of our Middle School to provide opportunity for more people in our community who want to be a part of our culture of learning and living the RCC way. 

Further to this, we are also excited to have 13 students representing our College at the State CSSA Cross Country. Run on! 

Today is also the last day for Ms Emma Noakes, a valued member of our staff who God has called to serve elsewhere. We pray the very best for Emma, and are thankful for the way she has shown God’s love to every child in her class. 

This past week we also launched news of our 30th Year Celebration. We are excited to celebrate God’s faithfulness to our community over this time. What a journey it has been. We are so thankful to stand on the shoulders of the faithful servants who have gone before us. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more information on upcoming events.   

So much going on! So much potential! 

I am reminded of the way Abraham, the father of our faith, travelled and navigated the opportunities and uncertainties of his early calling to follow God into the Promised Land. He was faced with great uncertainty and challenge. Abraham’s response to his son, Isaac, when Isaac is unsure of what will happen next, is “The Lord will Provide” (Genesis 22). Abraham’s calm conclusion powerfully and simply surmises His secret to a successful journey. 

In Tauren Wells’ recent song, Joy in the Morning, he reframes and reinforces Abraham’s concept of faith, challenging us to understand that:

…it ain't even faith till your plan falls apart

But you still choose to follow,

If it doesn't make sense right now, it will when it's over

There will be joy in the morning…


This week, as we continue to grow and change, facing challenges and opportunities, I encourage you to give yourself time to sit and reflect on the role of faith in your journey; where your journey is taking you and how you are getting there.

It is our prayer that you join us, in faith, as we navigate God’s plans and our plans for RCC’s future and trust God to provide for them. 

God’s blessings on your week to come.



Please read on this week for some insightful articles from our school chaplain and some links to interesting articles that shed some light on understanding and parenting in this technological age...

From our School Chaplain

Hey Richmond Christian College Community, 

On the 15th of April, I underwent professional development, targeted at Cyberbullying, and learnt how as a school community we can implement preventions and interventions targeted at cyberbullying. Outlined below is a summary of what I learnt. 

  • A statistic I saw stated that 1 in 4 kids are bullied, whilst 1 in 5 kids are cyberbullied which is shocking as it reveals that a kid can experience bullying whilst at school but also once they get home. This represents the ruthless cycle of bullying that can be 24/7 for these kids. 

  • Students face a significant amount of online risks which take different shapes and forms such as: harassment/stalking, exposure to pornography, grooming and catfishing, and even identity theft. Whilst the concept of sending intimate and explicit images is common amongst the teenage year group (14-18). Statistics reveal that only 5% of students partake in the sending of explicit and intimate images. 

  • Youth can be extremely vulnerable whilst dealing with cyberbullying. As it is far easier to retaliate, the role between a victim and antagoniser can switch very easily which can make an investigation into cyberbullying quite difficult. It is important to encourage your kids that if they are experiencing cyberbullying to not retaliate but instead tell somebody, and take a screen shot of it. More challenges that are faced whilst dealing with cyberbullying include; the social impact it has in the classroom, gender differences (it is easier for a male to bully a female and vice versa), the fast pace of technology, the number of different platforms and exposure points an adolescent can be cyberbullied on (social media platforms, gaming rooms, messengers, shameful posts). 

  • Cyberbullying can have a range of different effects on a child or young adolescent. It can involve long-term effects that can progress into mental health issues requiring professional help. 

  • The E-safety Commissioner does not define cyberbullying as a once off incident but instead a reoccurring incident. 


A key tip to approach cyberbullying is the concept of spreading awareness among all stakeholders at the school. 

Teaching students how to report cyberbullying:

  • Do not retaliate, this will only switch the role of the antagoniser to the victim. 

  • Tell a person that you trust: friend, teacher, school counsellor or chaplain.

  • Collect evidence: screenshots, webpage address, explicit comments, etc.

  • Report the incident to the social media platform, and if that does not work report it the E-saftey Commissioner after 48 hours.

  • Prevent further contact with the person. Start by blocking them on social media platforms. 

  • Get the required support that is needed by speaking with someone who can help. 

  • Supporting children and young adolescents to report cyberbullying when they see it prevents further cyberbullying, even when they are not the victim. 

Another crucial tip is to spread awareness of the dangers of the online world at homeland at school. This can include using resources such as: Deadly Online, Rewriting Your Story, and Young and Safe (all found on These resources, share real life stories of children who have been effected by cyberbullying and teach them to safely navigate the web. 


Its important for parents to create a safe environment where discussions on e-safety are able to take place and are normalised. Listening to a child when they have either been the victim of cyberbullying or have been the bully themselves is imprtant. It is also important to support the child by assisting the to process what has happened by letting them understand the impact of the events and/or what they have done wrong. The most crucial step for a parent though is to support their child by focusing on the behaviour rather than the technology. 

If you have any questions or would like to say hello, please just contact the school office or catch me out the front in Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings from 8.30 - 8.50am

Matthias Stickl
(School Chaplain)



RCC Student Pickup

We have noticed some families parking outside of the school on Gallans Road and walking across through the bus entry lane to access school or return to their cars. 

The bus entry lane is a very dangerous place to walk through and is not designed for pedestrian access. Please do not use this lane for pedestrian access.  

Furthermore, please also only use the pedestrian crossing to access the middle parking bays on school premises to ensure the safety of all our community members at this time. 

Additionally, please be aware Gallans Road in front of the school is a No Stopping Zone and it is illegal to park on the side of the road. Please use the spaces inside the school should you wish to leave your car and collect your children. 

A staff member will be present during pickup for the next few weeks to remind our community of the importance of adhering to these expectations.  

RCC Early Morning Supervision 

RCC morning supervision does not commence until 8.05am. Prior to this time there is no supervision nor care provided for students on premises. Please do not drop your children off before this time.

At 8.05am supervision is limited to the Junior School COLA. Students who arrive between 8.05am and 8.30am are expected to stay seated in this area only. 

Should you have any questions regarding this, please contact the school office.



Friday 16 June 2023 at Cavanbah Centre, Byron Bay



Mondays at 2pm. 


Thursday 1 June  2.30pm – 3.00pm

Coffee (or tea!) and Chat in the Garden(Parents and Guardians Welcome)



Friday 30 June


Monday 24 July

RCC Prayer Group

Too Busy Not To Pray:

Martin Luther was one busy fellow. He wrote many catechisms, thesis, started a reformation, wrote hymns, and translated Scriptures. Amidst all this, he proclaimed "I have so much to do today that I'm going to need to spend three hours in prayer in order to be able to get it all done".  

Parents and friends of RCC are invited to gather for prayer each Monday at 2pm.  This will be an opportunity to intercede for our children, teachers, staff, and wider school community together as followers of Jesus.  All welcome!

"Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need."  Hebrews 4:16


Thursday 1 June 2023 2.30pm

Members of the RCC Community are invited to gather together in our community garden each fortnight for coffee (or tea!) and a chat – we provide the coffee, you provide the chat. All Welcome!!

30 Year Anniversary

This year marks 30 years since Ballina Christian School started classes in the Ballina Presbyterian Church Hall with founding Principal, Stuart Taylor. From those small beginnings, we are excited to be honouring God's faithfulness to our school over the last three decades. Planning has commenced for a community celebration on Friday 15 September 2023 so save the date and spread the word. We look forward to you joining us in the celebrations!


Students had the opportunity to turn their hand to creating pottery figures at our second Year 7 Experience Day last week with some amazing results!

Our student leaders were challenged and encouraged in their roles last week as they learnt skills to equip them at the GRIP (Generosity, Responsibility, Integrity, People) Leadership Conference held at Southern Cross University.

National Simultaneous Storytime

Our Junior School students had the privilege of joining children all around Australia for National Simultaneous Storytime this week, reading and learning important life lessons from The Speedy Sloth by Rebecca Young.

CSSA State Primary and Secondary Cross Country Carnival in Sydney

Congratulations to all our runners as they compete at this state event and a special thanks to the parents who have travelled with our students.

Primary Peer Support Weeks 1 and 2



Racecourse Café provides a lunch canteen Monday to Friday.

Bring your orders into the School Office before school or by 10.30am.

Please write the name and order on a bag or envelope and enclose the exact money. 

Note: No Change will be given as orders go straight to the Racecourse Café. 


Holiday Camps

Dinner is Served

Dinner is Served would like to help support our school community. As parents ourselves we know how busy it is with work, after-school activities, and everything else and our take-home meals are perfect for easing the load during the week (or having a night off at the weekend!). We’ve created a discount code for the Richmond Christian College community which is RCC15. This will give anyone who uses it a 15% discount and free delivery on their first order placed online

Shilpi Karner

Director & Event Manager

0431 436 138