Newman Primary School

Newsletter: Term 2 Issue 4

Principal's Message

Well done to Rooms 4 and 6 who have both recently presented amazing assembly items, showcasing Bowerbird Blues and Don't read like a Robot. I have been extremely impressed with the public speaking skills of these young students. You are certainly setting a very high standard for everyone to follow. Congratulations to everyone who has been receiving a merit award. You all continue to work hard each and every day. I would also like to send out a massive thank you to our P&C who continue to provide and serve the morning tea for your celebration!

All reports K-6 will be emailed using the email address we have on file. If you wish to have a hard copy, please email so I can ensure these are downloaded for you. Remember, the link you will be emailed is only ‘live’ for four weeks, so download your child's reports for future reference.

Student reports will include an attendance comment which clearly states the WA Education Department’s view on the impact of student attendance on learning. This percentage is based upon student attendance at the end of Week 8, Term 2. The following wording has been adapted from the Department documents and all teachers will be using this in student reports. 

96 - 100%

<N> should be commended on <p> exemplary attendance. This has provided <o> with optimum learning opportunities this semester.

90 -95%

<N> has had satisfactory attendance this semester.  This has given <o> the best opportunity to be a successful student. 

80 -89%

<N's> attendance of less than 90% has placed <o> at risk of not accessing optimal learning opportunities and meeting <p> educational potential.

0– 79%

<N's> attendance of less than 80% has placed <o> at high risk of not accessing the optimal learning opportunities and meeting <p> educational potential.

We know many families have been helping to promote reading through the Premiers Reading Challenge. As a school we are using this medium to focus on the importance of reading. If you have not done so, I encourage you to sign up and share the joy or reading with your family. If you need assistance or would like the classroom teacher to help sign in, please contact them. Reading is one of the biggest predictors of success for our students and we are proud of what our readers have achieved already with the challenge.

As a school, we still have some upcoming whole school events. Two of these events include open invitations to our parents/carers and wider school community. The first event on 20 June being our whole school learning journey. All classrooms will be open from 5:00pm - 6:30pm. I encourage you to come along and look at the fantastic work that has been happening in your child's classroom. Please note this is not a time for parent interviews. A separate time will need to be negotiated with the classroom teacher.

On Thursday 27 June, NPS will be celebrating NAIDOC. Keep an eye out for additional information coming home soon about these 2 events!

We still have 3 very busy weeks to go until the end of term. The teachers will be keeping our students working hard right up until the very end. You will then get your 2 weeks holiday. Time to relax and unwind.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe, upcoming term 2 holiday break. Enjoy the time with your family and keep them busy!

See you all back at school on Tuesday 16 July 2024.

Robyn Hudson                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Principal

Room 6

Award Winners Term 2 Week 6

ArtDom'nique HaamiRoom 6

Rakshan Nair 

Blossom Cocodis

Room 1Birdie TiraaRoom 10

Nebiyu Mamo

Zachariah Pelikani

Room 2

Mia Gower

Siyabonga Sibanda

Room 16

Charles Fornice

Ava Matkovich

Room 4

Elijah Marimba

Curtis Bishop

Room 20

Dominic Simukonda

Aubree Hopely

Room 5

Elijah Kinsella

Room 22

Shenique Baragwanath

Grace Caruana

Award Winner Week 6

Award Winners Term 2 Week 8


Harmoney Tipene

Patrick Davies

ChineseBrent Leano
Room 1Myah Van der HelmHASSBlair Cottrell
Room 2

Aine McDowell

Bodhi Hutchinson

Room 10Drew Surtees
Room 4

Ava Moore

Baftir Imeroski

Room 11Amias Imeroski
Room 5

Dakota Bull

Havana Hutchinson

Room 16

Johari Juma

Jordan Makap

Room 6Kayden ElliotRoom 22

Karthik Gaonkar

Brent Leano

Award Winners Term 2 Week 8

School Board

I’d like to introduce myself as chair of the Newman Primary School Board in 2024. The Board plays an important role in contributing to good school governance so that school resources are used efficiently, and community expectations and the school’s priorities reflect the needs of students. It’s a great opportunity to become more involved in the school through learning about the strategic objectives of Newman Primary so we can become more transparent with the wider school community and promote the great work that Newman Primary is doing. We meet about 6 times per year and would like to invite all interested Parents and Community members to an open board meeting next term on the 20 August in the library at 6:30pm.


What is the role of the School Board? To promote: • the school in the community.

To participate in: • endorsing the school budget and annual reports; • reviews school performance and progress towards business plan targets; • processes to determine satisfaction levels of parents, staff and students; • the Department of Education Services (DES) independent review; • communicating with the broader school community regarding the Board’s function and activities.

To take part in: • establishing and reviewing school performance, the school’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions; • planning financial arrangements necessary to fund objectives, priorities and directions. To approve: • an annual contribution and charges schedule, inclusive of incursion and excursion costs, and booklist item requirements; • an agreement or arrangement for advertising or sponsorship.


Who is on the School Board? Our School Board is comprised of parent, community, and staff representatives.

The following members represent the School Board for 2024.

Staff Members: Robyn Hudson – Principal Mahalia Odquin-Curtis Emma Cook

Community Member:

Lee-Anne Ugle

Parent Members:

Shevaun Cottrell – Chair

Roger Kyngdon

Shiwani Nair

Jasmine Olsen

Brooke Wilson

Melissa Dorey

If you’d like to reach out, feel free to contact me at If you would like to know more about the Boards activities or contribute to the agenda for the open board meeting, I would love to hear from you.


Kind Regards,

Shevaun Cottrell

Board Training

A massive thank you to the School Board members who attended board training on Tuesday afternoon. This training was run by Keith Svendsen from the Leadership Institute. Everyone found this to be very valuable and we will all continue to keep working together, in the best interests for the students at Newman Primary School.

Cross Country 2024

Simultaneous Story Time

National Reconciliation Breakfast

Family Fun Morning

Commissioner for Children & Young People Forum

The WA Student Assistance Payment

Get ready to claim the WA Student Assistance Payment.

The ServiceWA app is the fastest and most convenient way to claim the payment.   

Download the latest version of the ServiceWA app and log in with your Digital Identity (myGovID) so you're ready to apply for the offer from 15 April 2024.

Apple Store:

Google Play:

For app support, head to

For more information on the payment, including eligibility criteria, visit  

Term 2 Planner


The Resilience Project

Working on gratitude helps us to be thankful and appreciate what we have in our lives, rather than focusing on what we don’t have or what we want. When we practise being grateful, we start to scan the world to look for positives – this only takes 21 days! Practising gratitude every day increases our levels of energy, and helps us to feel happier and more focused, determined and optimistic. It even helps us have better sleep, lowers levels of anxiety and depression and we are less likely to get sick. So many benefits – let’s all try to be grateful for the things and people in our lives every day!

FAMILY HABIT BUILDER: Every night at dinner, have each person talk about their favourite thing about that day. 


2024 Important Dates


Crunch & Sip

Crunch & Sip is a time during the school day for children to re-fuel with vegetables or fruit and rehydrate by drinking water in the classroom.

Please send children to school each day with:

An extra serve of vegetables or fruit to eat in the classroom.

A clean bottle filled with water.


ELP 0-3 Program

We fully understand the importance of early intervention and supporting our young children's entry into a fun and educational environment. I have some very exciting news. It is hoped that early next term, the Early Learning Program should be up and running again. Once I have a confirmed date, we will send out, up to date information on our social media platforms.

Attendance and Absences

Letters have been sent home if your child has an unexplained absence. The letters are on bright paper and need to be returned to the front office. If you have any concerns or questions you can contact the front office by email or phone (08) 9154 3900.

In an effort to streamline our absences process, we would like to request that you advise us of student absences via text message using our school messaging platform.

Our school messaging platform number is 0437 152 405

When you message the school, please include the name of the student, their class, the date they will be absent and the reason for the absence.

                                                                                                 We thank you in advance!

Upcoming Events

20 June - Whole school - Learning Journey. Every classroom will be open from 5:00 - 6:30pm for you to come in and look at your child's classroom and their individual work.

27 June - NAIDOC Celebrations 

Each of the above events will have notes coming home with specific details.......stay tuned!

Parent Handbook

Our Parent handbook has been updated and is available on our website

2024-Information-Booklet.pdf (

Connect for Parents

Please make sure you are able to access your child’s Connect account. Many parent communications will come via this method. If you are having difficulties accessing, please ring the school office on 9154 3900 and we are happy to talk you through it.
Further information can be found on the link below.