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2023 Term 2 Issue #4

From the Principal

Dear families & friends, 


Our term 1 inquiry ‘The diversity of Australia is expressed through traditions’, culminated in a wonderful end of term event with families joining us for a shared afternoon tea. It really was so great to have families back in together with students and to be able to share each others traditions and cultures through sharing of learning and sharing of food.

This term students are excited with the Biological Science focus in this term’s inquiry ‘Australian Animals are Survivors’. Students are learning about the features that help animals survive. As always students are always excited when learning about animals and science!

Aboriginal Learners Network

At the end of last term, Camille and I were asked to present our learning, and work with Carclew, from last year with the Regional Aboriginal Learners Network. Camille did a wonderful job presenting to a large group of leaders in the network and received wonderful feedback. We have now been asked to present this work at the Portfolio Day in week 8 of this term to our local leaders of schools and pre-schools and been approached by one of our large local schools for support about developing their practice. It is always exciting as a small site to be asked to share what we do with a wider network and be acknowledged for the amazing things we do at Felixstow.

School Sports

A big thank you to Emma who has been working tirelessly to get some team school team sports up and running. So far this year we have started a year 4/5 cricket team (combined with Paradise PS), Year 2 Soccer team and a Year 4/5 basketball team. Emma has been working through all the registration processes. Thankyou to all the volunteer parents who have put their hand up to coach, manage and support students to access these opportunities. The students are having a lot of fun and representing our school well in the local competitions.


Thanks to Di’s persistence and organisation we have an increasing number of volunteers including a number of external volunteers who have now completed all the necessary induction and paperwork. We have been pleased to see a number of regular attendees at our morning teas. We have coaches for our new sports teams and have just begun a morning reading program in the hub supported by volunteers. It is great to see families back onsite supporting learners and the school again after our Covid disruptions.


With the winter weather now set in, a reminder to please keep children home if they are unwell or symptomatic. We have had several students attend school when they are unwell recently.

We encourage you to test for Covid and let us know if they test positive. We have had 2 positive Covid cases reported to us this week. Please keep your child home if they display any of the following symptoms:

  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Tiredness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Child
  • Fever
  • Muscle pain

 We have several people in our community that are vulnerable and it is important we continue to work together to protect everyone.

Cheers Skye :) 

Felixstow Notices

Volunteering at Our School

We had our first volunteer morning tea for the term on Thursday 4th May. Thank you to Carmelina (Stella, Tori & Ricky's mum)  and Lucy (Nora, Maggie & Hugo's mum) who volunteered their time to undertake valuable resource preparation. 

We are planning on having volunteer morning teas approximately once per month.

Volunteer Morning Tea dates for term 2 are:

  • Friday 2nd June
  • Wednesday 28th June

We look forward to having you join us on these mornings from 9am in the OSHC kitchen.   

A reminder to those who have completed all their paper work that our morning reading groups will be commencing in week 3, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 8.30 am - 9 am. 

If you think you might be interested in volunteering with us, there are forms available at the front desk, alternatively you can talk to Di or Gillian 😊 

Jai on the Radio

Congratulations to Jai (Primary 2) on winning a competition to present the weather on radio station Fresh 92.7. Please tune in on Friday 2nd June at 7.30am, 8am, 8.30am or 9am to hear Jai report the day's weather.

Breaktime Clubs

Craft Club

Craft Club is back! Di was overwhelmed by the number of students who attended the first session this week, to create a gift for Mother's Day. Craft Club will be held every Wednesday during 2nd break and is voluntary.  Di will be tailoring activities for primary students in odd weeks  and junior students in even weeks.

Environment Club

The Environment Club meets every Thursday during second break and is overseen by Camille and Steve. Student members of the club are Aaima, Estheera, India, Jai, Niamat, Runah, Sara, Tulsi and Zoe.  This term, the club’s goal is to provide and protect garden habitats within the school. So far, members have lifted cut logs from the Forest and used them to lay a trail in the indigenous garden, to help people avoid stepping on the plants. We are trying to ensure that the plants grow so that native bees and butterflies will be attracted to the garden. Camille led a discussion about some of the native plants, such as native daisies and pincushion shrubs, which are attractive to these important creatures. We are planning to obtain these plants and plant them during the winter months. 

By Jai (Primary 2)

Felixstow Highlights


Primary Visit to Felixstow Reserve

As part of this terms inquiry topic 'Australian Animals are Survivors', both primary classes ventured to Felixstow Reserve on Thursday morning. The students task was to observe and record native and non-native species of animal seen in the Reserve. 

News from Primary 2!

‘Uncle Bart,’ said Limpy, ‘why do humans hate us?’ Uncle Bart looked down at Limpy and smiled fondly. ‘Stack me, Limpy,’ he chuckled, ‘you are an idiot.’

Hi from Primary 1!

In Year 3/4, we are getting stuck into learning for Term 2, working hard at re-establishing routines and starting new ones. We are slowly beginning to establish a guided reading routine that includes the Year 5/6 class, with an attempt to integrate our literacy learning from a single source, including guided reading, spelling, novel study and writing tasks. The idea is that we can also integrate the Inquiry theme into our literacy learning, this term being “Australian Animals are Survivors”. To that end we have begun our deep dive into the Inquiry topic, with a trip to Felixstow Reserve to determine just how many animals we could find. In addition we have had some animal experts visit the school, with Annie’s mum Lee coming in and talking about all things Koalas, and a very special guest, Spike the Bearded Dragon, who came in with Ella’s mum Mel to show off his amazing adaptations for the Australian desert.


Hello from Tuula & Emma's Juniors!

It has been a great start to the beginning of term and everyone has settled back in quickly to learning and playing together positively. We have some exciting new activities available for Investigation: vet surgery, detectives, ocean habitat and city blocks. The detectives have been solving problems like the missing library books and the vets  are caring for sick and injured Australian animals. Investigation helps children to build their oral language, social skills and connects learning across the curriculum in a creative and playful way. We love it!!

Nicole's 2s!

This term as part of our Inquiry central idea of Australian Animals are Survivors, we will be writing information reports on an animal of our choice. So far as a class we have researched the Eastern Brown Snake and written a whole class information report. Next, we will go on a school yard safari to find out what animals live in our school yard, then we will choose our own Australian animal to research and write a report on.

Art and HPE

Health and Physical Education Overview - Term 2

During term 2, the Health and Physical Education program aims to:

· Provide students with opportunities to continue to develop Fundamental Movement Skills in new movement situations (Soccer) and cooperative games, while developing fair play, awareness, and inclusion during competitive games.

· Provide opportunities for students to express and describe emotions that they experience in everyday life and identify how their actions influence different emotional responses (Juniors).

· Engage students in physical activity to investigate how physical education helps one’s health and wellbeing (Primary).


In Visual Art classes, students have been drawing various locally native Australian animals. They have been drawing from observation, using reference images and focusing on detail and accuracy. They have been experimenting with ink and nib pen and watercolour paint. Everyone has been very engaged and have been producing some impressive artworks.

Resource Hub

Being a Resource Hub Student Monitor 

Our student monitors play an important role in the functioning of the Resource Hub. Once a week during break times, they work together in pairs to  assist with tasks, such as scanning books for borrowing and returning, sorting and shelving books, tidying the shelves and other tasks as requested. We would like to thank them for their service and by focusing on 2 student monitors each newsletter. This issue it is Amelia and Stella, both from Primary 1 class.

 Amelia "I enjoy sorting the books on the shelves and in the series boxes." 

Stella "I like scanning the books that have been returned. "  

Premier's Reading Challenge

It's not too late for your child/ren to participate in the Premier's Reading Challenge. Student reading record forms (both the normal and the 20th anniversary) can be downloaded from the Premier's Reading Challenge website: 


or students can see Kelly for a paper copy. Completed forms can be submitted to the school any time up until the final date on Thursday  7th September (Week 7, term 3).

Scholastic Book Club

Students will have received the latest Scholastic Book Club Issue and orders can be made on the Scholastic website   (https://www.scholastic.com.au/LOOP) or by downloading the LOOP app.

Orders must be placed by Monday 22nd May.

All orders earn our school rewards which are then used to purchase more books for the Resource Hub which are much appreciated by our students. 

Below is a link to Scholastic's Parent Guide to Book Club which you may find useful.


Student Borrowing

Students may borrow books for up to 2 weeks. Please return books by the due dates which can be found in the back of picture books and some other books or on a return slip given to the student when borrowing a book(s).

After School Sport


On Wednesday 10th May, the Felixstow Flames basketball team had their first game at the ARC against Paradise Primary. We started in our positions and straight away we had to work hard to get the ball into our area to score. We worked well together to fight back a little and managed to get points on the scoreboard. Daniel managed to get into open spaces, which then helped us to take the ball up court. At half time the points were 2-8 to Paradise. We entered the second half with enthusiasm and energy and managed to score more points thanks to Thomas who made a number of on target shots. The final score was 6-18 to Paradise. A big well done to all the players and thank you to the team manager Chris (Violet  & Beatrice's dad) and all the parent/staff and student supporters.  By Thomas (Aged 10)


Our Year 1/2 soccer team played their first game on Saturday morning at East Torrens Primary School. The team showed perseverance and determination throughout their game, whilst also displaying all of the school values on and off the court/field. We thank Sean (Ethan's dad) for giving his time to coach the team and the staff and families who came along to give their support .

Important Dates

Updated: May 2023


WkTERM 2Event
4Monday 22nd MayPupil Free Day (no school)
6Wednesday 7th JuneWhole School Excursion to Cleland Wildlife Park
7Monday 12th JuneKing's Birthday (PUBLIC HOLIDAY)
7Friday 16th JuneLearning Summary reports sent home
8Wednesday 21st JuneParent Teacher Conferences
8Thursday 22nd JuneParent Teacher Conferences
8Friday 23rd JuneParent Teacher Conferences
10Tuesday 4th JulyLearning Expo
10Thursday 6th JulyMorialta Day
10Friday 7th July

LAST DAY of TERM (early dismissal at 2.10pm): Pyjama Day 

Community Notices

Contact Information

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

A reminder that OSHC is available for families for after school care (ASC).

ASC is open 3:10-6:00pm

Bookings are essential.

Hannah Gustard is our OSHC director and can be contacted on


Felixstow Primary School is truly an extraordinary place of learning. Our talented and dedicated staff provides each student with rigorous care, challenge and support academically, socially and emotionally.

Respect | Responsibility | Compassion