June 22nd 2023 (Term 2 - Week 8)

Parent Calendar

*New Dates


  • Mon 3rd Jul, Community Prayer - Year 4 Unit
  • Thurs, 6th Jul - School Concert
  • Fri, 7 Jul - Pupil Free Day - OSHC available 


  • Mon, 24 Jul - First Day of School
  • Fri, 4th Aug - Year 3 Sleepover
  • Mon, 7th Aug 1.45pm-2.45pm Action Hour
  • Tues, 8th Aug Feast Day of Mary MacKillop - Whole School Mass Time TBA and Andrew Chinn Concert
  • Wed, 9th Aug- School Board Meeting 
  • Sat, 12th Aug, QUIZ NIGHT - SAVE THE DATE
  • Fri, 18th Aug, SAPOL - Disco
  • Thurs, 31st Aug 2.10pm Assembly - Approach to Learning Certificates
  • Fri, 8 Sep - Pupil Free Day - OHSC is available 
  • Wed, 13th Sept- School Board Meeting 
  • Fri, 29 Sep - Last Day of School 12:30pm dismissal


  • Mon, 16 Oct - First Day of School
  • Wed, 1st Nov, School Board Meeting
  • Wed, 29th Nov, School Board Meeting
  • Thurs, 14 Dec - Last Day of School 3:05pm dismissal

Catia Frasca

Acting Principal

Dear Parents and Community Members,

"I have found that in every need and in every trial, the loving hand of God has always been there to support me, and I am confident that He will continue to be with me. Trust in His presence and His guidance, for it is through Him that we find the strength and support we need to face life's challenges." - Mary MacKillop

I feel incredibly privileged to have assumed the position of Principal, and I am genuinely grateful to be a member of this extraordinary community.

SEQTA Reports

We would like to notify you about an updated academic report format that will be implemented this year as part of a system-wide initiative in Catholic Education of South Australia. As a part of this initiative, we have adopted a platform called SEQTA, which offers a comprehensive overview of your child's academic progress.

This report will serve as a progress update on what has been covered in the year so far. For each subject, you will find grades assigned to various learning strands. These strands represent different areas of the curriculum that your child has been working on.

Please note that, given the timing of the report, some subjects may not have covered all strands. This is a normal occurrence, as the report represents progress made up to this stage of the academic year. It is essential to bear in mind that these grades may differ in the end-of-year reports as they build upon the foundation laid in this mid-year assessment. The purpose of this new format is to offer you a transparent comprehension of your child's growth, strengths, and areas for improvement. As well as ensure system wide consistency.

Effort has now been replaced with "Approach to Learning" in our assessment system. This reflects a shift in focus towards evaluating how students approach and engage in the learning process.

We believe that this new format will offer a more detailed and insightful assessment of your child's academic journey. It will enable you to have a comprehensive understanding of their progress in each subject.

If you have any questions or need further clarification regarding the report or any other academic matter, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to support you and your child throughout their educational journey.

Thank you for your ongoing support and collaboration.

School Crossings

Ensuring safety around school crossings and when flags are raised is of utmost importance. We prioritize the well-being of our students, could I please remind the community to the following:

1. When approaching a school crossing, reduce your speed and be prepared to stop if necessary. Follow any instructions given by crossing guards or school personnel.

2. Pay close attention to the presence of school crossing flags. When the flags are up, it indicates that pedestrians, including students, may be crossing the road. Exercise extra caution and be prepared to stop to pedestrians.

3. Always come to a complete stop when directed to do so by a crossing guard. Proceed only when it is safe, and all pedestrians have cleared the crossing, and flags have been lowered.

4. Avoid any distractions while driving, such as using mobile devices or engaging in other activities that take your focus away from the road.

5. Encourage your children to use designated crosswalks and follow the instructions of crossing guards. Teach them about road safety, including the importance of looking both ways before crossing.

By following these safety measures, we can work together to create a secure environment for everyone around school crossings and when flags are raised.

Kind Regards

Catia Frasca

NCCD Letter to the Community


Josie Minorchio

Acting APRIM Wk 5 - Wk 10

Sharing the Load

Do you know there are so many ways we can use our gifts to be of service to the Church? Each week we celebrate year level Masses on Friday at 9:15am in the Mater Dei Church with parishioners. All are welcome.

These experiences open up the idea to children that there are many volunteer roles they can put their hand up for.

These include:

· Reader

· Altar Server (Year 6 students are trained)

· Choirs

· Projectionist

· Welcomer

· Procession for the Gospel and Offertory

· Cleaning/Packing Up

In the short time I have been in the community there has been an overwhelming desire from children to nominate themselves for reading opportunities and supporting with the slideshow during Masses.

These acts of service are to be commended. Special mention goes to the children who volunteered their time to read at our Family Mass on the 10th June.

  • Mila
  • Rafaela
  • Patrich
  • Ivana
  • Ethan

Both Millie and Bailey have used their initiative to support with setting up Masses . These students who have practiced confidence, bravery and thoughtfulness have received the St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Spirit Award for doing small things with great love.

Have you ever considered that there are different ways you too can contribute? Volunteering in the Parish doesn’t have to be liturgical involvement only, you may have an interest in being part of the Parish Community Council, Counting Team, maintenance, cleaning, upkeep of the grounds, washing of Church linen or support Parish Feast Days or celebrations. Every little task is a big help.

Get in touch with the Parish on 8346 0944 or go to the Croydon Park Parish website to fill out an online form.

Hayley Fieldhouse

Year 3 Teacher

Year 3 Excursion to the Zoo

On Thursday of Week 6 the Year 3's headed to the Adelaide Zoo! What better place to learn more about animals, their habitats and what they need to survive.

During our visit, students had the opportunity to observe many different animals, including visiting the animal enclosures native to Australia's neighbouring countries. Students also worked with the Zoo Learning team focussing on life cycles.

Thank you to the parent helpers who joined us on the day! What fun we had!

Elise – My favourite part was learning about the life cycle of a stick insect.

Reshma – My favourite part was looking at the tiger cubs.

Declan – I learnt that Komodo Dragons have bumpy skin.

Estella – My favourite part was learning about the life cycle of a frog.

Dion – My favourite part was the penguins squealing at each other. They were noisy.

Lilah – My favourite part was going to the big playground.

Performing Arts Teacher

Melanie Harrald

School Concert Raffle - Donations required

We are currently collecting items for the School Concert Raffle.

If you would like to donate to this,  please feel welcome to drop your item into the Front Office.

We appreciate your generosity and support with this.

Sports Teacher

Aidan Brigden

From the Sports Desk

Catholic Schools Lacrosse Football Carnival

On Thursday 1st of June the entire Year 6 student group went to Don Klaebe Reserve, Findon for the annual Lacrosse Carnival where we play against other Catholic Schools from Adelaide.

Most students have had very limited experience in Lacrosse except for our lead in lessons in PE but the day is about experiencing a team environment and trying out a new sport. Students played a total of 5 games throughout the day and it would be fair to say they were exhausted by the end.

Teams won some games and lost some games but importantly the students had a lot of fun with each other. It was great to see our school leaders represent Whitefriars so well.

Congratulations to all of the Year 6 students and a massive thank you to Angela Di Brino, Vanessa Marsh and Jade Lehmann for volunteering their coaching and motivational skills, the students certainly appreciated it.


Good luck to Ivory Girdham, Edel Lehmann and Fleur Kennewell this week as they represent Whitefriars Catholic School as part of the Western Districts Netball team. The girls will play games over 3 days at the SA Netball Stadium at Mile End.

Semester 2 Basketball and Netball nominations

The nominations for After School Basketball and Netball Semester 2 are now open and will close in Week 10. These nominations are open to all students from Year 2 – Year 6 for 2023. Games are played at the St Clair Recreation Centre. Games days are below and training is done here at school at a time suitable for the volunteer coach.

Basketball - Year 2/3 - Monday, Year 4/5/6 – Tuesday

Netball - Year 2/3 - Wednesday, Year 4/5/6 - Thursday

Nominations can be made through the QKR App from today. We usually are able to maintain the current teams even with some players withdrawing and new players nominating, however occasionally we have a large number of new players keen to join and we need to change teams completely. These teams will be sorted by the start of next term.

We are very lucky to have such a wonderful community of volunteers. Our After School Sports program would not be so successful without them. Most current coaches are keen to continue however if anyone wants to assist at some stage please indicate on the QKR form and we can sort out clearances as soon as possible.

No coaching or sport experience is needed just a current Catholic Clearance or willingness to apply for one through our Front Office.

Volunteers Board

Volunteering at Whitefriars

Each year we have over 100 registered volunteers who help our school in so many different ways, contributing to our school and supporting children and staff.  Registered volunteers contribute to the school community in just some of the following ways:

  • School Board 
  • Parents & Friends events
  • After School Sports (Coaches and Team Managers)
  • Canteen
  • Learning Assistance Program (LAP)
  • Reading with children
  • Assisting at excursions

All volunteers are required to obtain appropriate clearances, including a Department of Human Services (DHS) Clearance and Catholic Clearance.

Once submitted, clearances may take up to 6 weeks to process.

When you receive your clearance or card please bring this into the office for us to update to the Volunteer Register.

If you would like to volunteer, please see staff in the front office for a Volunteer Information Pack and support in registering as a volunteer.

Please see below for current volunteers wanted in our school.

Canteen Volunteers

Thankyou to the following volunteers assisting in Term 2, Week 8, 9 & 10.




Emma Reid



Matilde D'Andrea



Help needed in morning



Tina Bodjo



Wendy Forrest



Emma Reid

Week 10


Emma Reid


Matilde D'Andrea


Matilde D'Andrea


Help needed in the morning


Help needed in the morning


Tina Bodjo


Tina Bodjo

Help needed between recess and lunch


Wendy Forrest



If you would like to contribute to this wonderful school community and spend some of your day making delicious food, chatting and laughing in good company, having fun and of course drinking coffee, whether you are able to assist for both recess and lunch, or just an hour, it makes a huge difference and we would love to have you join us.

  • Monday - Friday
  • Times: all day (9-1:30pm), recess (10:50-11:30am), lunch (12:50-1:30pm) or just an hour wherever you can!
  • Tasks include: Making popcorns, jellies, sandwiches, assembling burgers, serving at the counter, packing lunches and stacking the chip rack.

Tasks are given in very easy, manageable steps so everyone can comfortably learn as you go.  No experience necessary!

If you would like to volunteer some time in the Canteen or would like to ask questions about what is involved, please contact Iris at the Canteen before school.

Iris Mori

Canteen Manager

Community News

2023 Concert Sponsorships - current 19/6/23

Quick-LoansDean & Ashleigh Parisi
Built to Last HomesKujtim & Flora Vukaj
Mason Gray Strange AuctionsJames & Delia Hutchinson
DATA SagacityCameron Wells
Big Difference Home ImprovementsScott & Sarah Palmer
Adami's Sand & Metal DepotMichael Adami
SA Designer HomesPeter & Angela Karagiannis
Archaea ArchitectsSally Wilson & Mark Donk

Spectra Tiling  Dalibor Toholj
ShedsnHomesThao Le & Kel Lockwood
Hayley's Flower ShopNhung Nguyen
Belle Property NorwoodKiet Duong & Ly Vu
Floor It FloorsTodd & Amanda Pilkington
A&D AustralasiaNicole Male & Matthew Warne
South Coast Automotive GroupGeorge & Pascale Nicolitsi
Cluse & CoCarly & Keith Cluse
Mossop Constructions & InteriorsAaron & Trudy Mossop
Success Tax ProfessionalsXing Jing
Crafers BakehouseSarah Hutson & Tristan Cayzer
Hooked on Chicken 'n' grillThi Thanh & Truc Pham
KLUDE Pty LtdBrian Pinto
Larino PropertySelena Brown
Cherry Blossom SushiShane Scrown
Odeon Star CinemaKathryn & Joe Proud
Huba Electrical ServicesManh Hung Phi
National Property BuyersKate Fuller
Tesla Electrical & DataAdis Karabegovic
Rise High Financial SolutionsKristin Tunbridge
Wally Armanios - Harcourts PropertyWally Armanios
Bhushan Anandan Exp Real EstateBhushan Anandan
The Goodside ProjectKaren Hauser

Linh Phung

Parents and Friends

OHSC - Enrolment Instructions


Whitefriars Catholic School

In All Things Kindness

Principal: Frank Congedi

Deputy Principal: Catia Frasca

APRIM: Joshua Page


OSHC & Vacation Care:



YMCA:            8200 2516

OHSC:            459 988 149 (only in opening hours)

Croydon Park Parish Office: 8346 0944

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge and pay our respect to the Kaurna people as the traditional owners of the land of Mikawomma on which Whitefriars Catholic School is located.  We come with open hearts and minds to listen and learn from Elders - past, present and emerging.