St Luke the Evangelist School Newsletter

3rd November 2023 - Issue #19


Term Dates

Term 4     2nd Oct - 15th Dec

Monday 6th NovemberPupil Free Day
Tuesday 7th NovemberMelbourne Cup Day - Public Holiday
Thursday 9th NovemberHoop Time Final (selected team of Year 4's)
Friday 10th NovemberSenior District Sports Round Robin
Friday 10th NovemberJuniors Excursion
Tuesday 14th NovemberPrep 2024 - Orientation #2
Tuesday 21st NovemberPrep 2024 - Orientation #3
Thursday 23rd NovemberParents and Friends AGM- 7 pm
Mon 27 Nov - Thur 7 DecYear 1 to 6 Swimming / Water Safety program
Tuesday 28th NovemberSAC AGM - 7pm
Wednesday 29th NovemberPrep Family Welcome Evening - 6pm
Thursday 7th DecemberPicnic @ 5pm and Christmas Carols @ 6pm
Monday 11th DecemberYear 6 BIG Day out
Tuesday 12th DecemberYear 6 Graduation - 6pm
Wednesday 13th DecemberMove-up Day
Friday 15th December9.30am Whole School Mass of Thanksgiving
Friday 15 DecemberLast day of term - 3.30pm finish

A message from Clare

Good afternoon Families,

What a time of JOY we have had! Last Friday, we celebrated St Luke’s Feast Day by coming together in the morning to connect with God and give thanks for the influence St Luke has on our community. Being a patron saint of artists, we moved into creating some art masterpieces and then had the best time ever, rotating through some very engaging activities led by Kaboom Sports. Teachers and children alike had a ball. After lunch, our children were cheered on by loads of parents and preschoolers as they completed their laps for the Walk for Tiwi cause. Over $1 700 was raised- an incredible effort by our families. Thank you so much; it will mean the world to St Therese’s Church community. One of my favourite parts of a community day is the morning tea- promoting God’s hospitality is made so much easier when parents, grandparents, friends and younger family members come along for a cuppa and a chat.

Another joyful day was on Tuesday when our new Preplings for 2024 came for the first orientation session. The Year 5 children eagerly assisted Megan Bunter and Julianne Kelly as the children listened to stories, created crowns and got a tiny taste of the great things happening at St Luke’s. We can’t wait for the next orientation session for our Preplings on Tuesday 14th November.

This week, l attended a final session for a Principal Induction Program that MACS lead. It has been an opportunity to meet regularly with other newly appointed principals who have been on the same huge learning curve l have been on over the past year. At this last session, l was asked to reflect on how my faith has served me in my first year as principal. Sometimes, it is so good to stop and take a moment to ponder such things. My faith is fundamental to who l am and how l live my life. I use it to guide me in every aspect of my leadership- my interactions with, responses to and connections with staff, children and families. When l think about our school community, l also think about how each encounter is similar to receiving the eucharist- that we come together in communion with each other. What a gift that is… thank-you to each and every child, to each and every family for the blessings you bring to my life.

As you know, St Luke’s has just completed a school review. One thing l am committed to working on next year is that staff, children and families come to share our renewed vision and strategic plan that will take our school forward as a faith filled, learning community. It will be great to work together with the school leadership team to begin this process. Watch this space…

The long weekend is upon us. I hope the weather is kind, the sleep-ins long and the family time- memorable. EnJOY every moment.

See you next week,


St Luke's Feast Day: Our day of Being the Good News - promoting God's hospitality.

St Luke's Got Talent

Our students have so many hidden talents!  A lovely afternoon has been had today where students from Prep to Year 6 have shared their many gifts, from dancing and singing to performing in groups or solo.

Another little bit of joy in our day!

Middles Excursion

Last Thursday 26th November, our Middles students ventured out on a brilliant excursion which is connected to their current Inquiry topic, ‘How do stories and cultures help us understand and celebrate diversity?’ Led by their classroom teachers and enthusiastic parent helpers, the Middles boarded a train to Flinders Street Station, which in itself, was very exciting. They then walked through Federation Square and the inner-city park Birrarung Marr, becoming more versed in the history of Melbourne. In the late morning, students commenced a guided tour at the Ian Potter Centre of the National Gallery of Victoria, learning through the theme of ‘Australian Identity and Culture’. After the insightful tour, Middles ate in Federation Square, enjoying Melbourne’s sunny (yes, sunny!) weather. The last stop after lunch was time spent at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), where students continued to learn about stories, cultures (including a feature section on our First Nations Peoples) and the celebration of diversity through media sources. In summary, Middles enjoyed one of their favourite days of the year!

Excursion memories

ANZAC Day Poppy Appeal

For more than 100 years, the annual Poppy Appeal has supported Australian veterans and their families.   From next Wednesday we will have Lapel Pins, Bracelets, Key rings, and Pens ranging from $2 - $10 available for purchase in the School Office and outside at school pick up.

Your donation can help the RSL continue to deliver life-changing support to our veterans when they need it the most.  Proceeds will go to the RSL General Appeals Patriotic Fund.

The red poppy symbolises remembrance, commemorating those who have made the supreme sacrifice in times of war.

Student Wellbeing - Smiling Mind Program

We’re well into our second term of the Smiling Mind program at St Luke’s and this week our students have recently completed the surveys for Term 4. The survey from Smiling Mind measures student wellbeing over several  domains: connectedness, engagement, mindfulness, happiness, perseverance and gratitude. As we move forward with the program next year and survey our students every term, we can continue to monitor these well being domains and compare changes over time.

Our Prep to Year 2 students completed a school-created survey about their favourite thing about Smiling Mind, what they like about it and what they’ve learnt. 

Here are some of their responses:

My favourite thing about Smiling Mind is:

  • when we meditate because it makes me feel settled

  • meditation because it makes me happy

  • learning how to calm yourself down

  • breathing mindfully

  • when you think with your brain

I like that:

  • nearly everyone tries the meditations, and that after them I feel calm and everything is peaceful

  • it’s quiet, focused and not loud

  • I get to have a time that I can just relax

  • I get to share what I felt

  • we get to relax and that we get a peaceful meditation

  • it makes me calm

I’ve learnt:

  • that you can do meditation whenever you want and saying kind words to yourself can help you

  • that you can meditate anywhere

  • that you can relax your body and be calm

  • that rest is very important

  • that I can be calm and I am getting better at it

  • how to be more relaxed when you’re angry

  • to be kind to yourself and don’t worry if you make a mistake

  • how to be kind to yourself and love yourself

  • that I can relax my body

  • how to be calm


It has come to my attention that there has been almost no mobile phones handed in to the school office in the morning. This may be due to children not bringing them in because they are forgetting to. This is vastly different to the regular 8-10 phones we were accustomed to getting in each morning in the office last year.

If your child does bring a mobile phone to school on one or more days, could you please send me a simple message via email stating that your child does bring one in and which days they do, so we can remind him/her to drop it in at the office. This is a safety measure to protect the device as it is stored securely throughout the day. You can email me at: 

A reminder that if your child wears an iwatch to school, please apply the setting that restricts incoming messages.

As always, St Luke's is keen to work with children in the safe handling of devices. We ask children not to use their phone before or after school with other children, on school grounds. Let's work together to ensure our children understand safe practices are important.

CONFIRMING STUDENT NUMBERS FOR 2024: (This does not apply to Year 6 children)

We are currently working on classes and ordering materials for 2024.

If your family is intending to leave St Luke’s at the end of this year which we sincerely hope you are not, please email me as soon as possible.

SCHOOL COMMUNICATION- What’s the best way to keep you informed?

We are well aware that life gets in the way of such things as school newsletters, messages coming through on Audiri (Skoolbag) etc…

Today, we will send an Operoo notification about choosing whether you want to receive the school newsletter via Audiri or whether you would like to receive a hard copy. If it is the latter, please, please please make sure you ask your child for it every second Friday- odd weeks on our term calendar.


In 2024, we are looking for TWO parents from each class to become class representatives. The typical role a Class Rep plays is:

    • Establishes a class ‘What’s App for parents

    • Sends reminders about school or class happenings

    • May- but does not have to- organise a social gathering for adults… class dinner at a local restaurant OR coffee morning at a local cafe OR class play date after school at a local reserve etc…

    • Promotes and encourages parents to become involved or participate in the fete/ P&F/ community events/ requests for volunteers 

It is not an overwhelming job and with a buddy, it is halved.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email me at and we can get the ball rolling for 2024.

2023 School Fees and Levies Statements are due

A reminder that 2023 school fees and levies are due next Friday, 10th November (unless prior arrangements have been made with the school).

An additional reminder to families who will be leaving St Luke's at the end of 2023 that all fees and levies need to be paid no later than Monday 11th December 2023.

FOUND - Lost Property

2 necklaces have been found and handed in at the office, both found out the front of the school - one mid October and the other on Friday 27 Oct (St Luke's Celebration Day).  Please visit the office if you have lost a necklace.

St Luke's Community News

Our budding Prima Ballerina

Congratulations to Ava on her amazing achievements in jazz, lyrical and classical ballet this competition season.

Ava has received honorable mentions, 2nd and 3rd place rankings and an honorable mention in her Grade 1 Ballet competition.  

Congratulations Ava!

Congratulations to our newest Australian Citizens

We congratulate the Harutyunyan family on becoming Australian Citizens.  From the first day your family joined our St Luke's community we have embraced you.  We are so happy that Australia has now embraced you and welcomed you as citizens.

Kelly Club - Monday 6th November


  • Term 4 / week 2: our theme is experimenting with mandala painting
  • Term 4 / week 3: little master chef week, where the children learned to make easy and delicious desserts
  • Term 4 / week 4: Halloween craft and science week.  The children made green slime, designed witches hats and made spooky ghosts
  • Term 4 / week 5: This was an inclusion week.  The children have made oobleck, pancakes and have learnt about planets and the solar system.

Unfortunately there has not been sufficient interest to run a Curriculum Day Program on Monday 6th November at St Luke's. 


Enrolments 2024

We take enrolments for all years and at all times so... spread the word to friends and neighbours and direct them to our website and/or our school office.  Deb's only to happy to help with initial inquiries and Clare is always happy to take visitors on a school tour.  

School Housekeeping


Please check the lost property cupboard if you are missing jumpers, jackets or food containers.  


As we move to warmer months, we should now be wearing the summer uniform.  Please apply sun cream in the morning before school.

Term 4 = SUNHATS!     

Please make sure your child has a school hat to wear EVERY DAY or else, No hat, No play.


As part of our wellbeing care of children at St Luke's, every class engages in a morning routine at 8.50 am.  This quiet, calm time allows children to gather together in a circle, to greet each other by name, to pray and/or enter into some Christian meditation and get ready for the day.  Please make sure you allow enough time to get your child to school BEFORE the student entry doors close at 9.00 am.

If children arrive after the gate and student entry doors are locked, parents/carers are required to walk their child/ren to the school office and sign them in on the VPass iPad.

If leaving early (before the end of the day), parents/carers are required to sign their child/ren out on the VPASS iPad.

School Uniform - Spartan School World

School Uniform is to be worn at all times.

Online orders placed by midday on a Monday will be included in the school delivery the next day.  Any orders placed after this time will be delivered in the following weeks run.

Store opening hours Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and the 1st Saturday of the month 9am-12pm

Kelly Club

Kelly Club run programmes before and after school that our children love.  If you have any enquiries regarding availability, booking and cost, please contact Elana

We are St Luke's.  A community of faith, learning and partnership.

Journeying together, we strive to live the gospel so that all may enjoy the fullness of life.

We look with wonder at our world and embrace learning through inquiry, through action, through reflection to realise our potential.

We celebrate diversity and we welcome the opportunity to live and work together.

We are companions on the journey, now 60 years on ... guided by the Holy Spirit, inviting the participation of everyone.