Drummoyne Public School

Term 4 Week 9 Newsletter - Friday 8 December 2023


Messages from Mr Ackerman

Presentation Day assemblies

Congratulations to every student for their effort and progress throughout the year as recognised at our primary Presentation Day assemblies over the past week. Thank you to every parent, grandparent and friend that attended the assemblies for your faithful support of our students. (Please see photos)

Staff Service Awards

We acknowledge the wonderful job that our staff do at Drummoyne. Recently a number of our staff were acknowledged for their years of service to the Department of Education.
Congratulations to Shae Fleming our IT staff member for 40 years service, Dianne Colb our Deputy Principal for 30 years service and to Enza Currenti our Italian Community languages teacher for 20 years service. 

What amazing and dedicated staff we have here at Drummoyne. 

Student Reports

Our Semester 2 student reports will go home next week. The reports will be emailed to you electronically as a PDF attachment, hopefully on Monday. There will not be a paper copy provided. Please let us know today if there has been a recent change to your email address.

A reminder about the assessment of achievement used by schools in NSW for grades 1-6;

Outstanding: The student has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the content and can readily apply this knowledge. In addition, the student has achieved a very high level of competence in the processes and skills and can apply these skills to new situations. 

High: The student has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the content and a high level of competence in the processes and skills. In addition, the student is able to apply this knowledge and these skills to most situations. 

Sound: The student has a sound knowledge and understanding of the main areas of content and has achieved an adequate level of competence in the processes and skills. 

Basic: The student has a basic knowledge and understanding of the content and has achieved a limited level of competence in the processes and skills. 

Limited: The student has an elementary knowledge and understanding in few areas of the content and has achieved very limited competence in some of the processes and skills.

Students in Kindergarten are assessed on a three level system;

Working Beyond: The student's skills, knowledge and understanding of their class work is more extensive than the level expected at this stage of Kindergarten. In addition the student applies these independently, with effective results. 

Achieving: The student's skills, knowledge and understanding of their class work are at the level expected at this stage of Kindergarten. The student attempts to apply these in the classroom, with some independent success. 

Working Towards: The student's skills, knowledge and understanding of their class work, is below the level expected at this stage of Kindergarten. Progress is causing some concern and additional support is being given.It is important to understand these levels and what that means for your child's progress in the curriculum. If you have any questions about these levels please reach out to your stage Assistant Principal's. 

Week 10 Activities

Please look out in the calendar for details on all the amazing events we have in our final week of school this year. We hope to see our parents and carers during this last week as we say goodbye to 2023, including our farewell to Year 6 on Friday 15 December.

Best Start 2024

Online booking information for parents was sent out via email this week with the dates and times for the Best Start assessments next year. Please make a time for your child’s interview. We look forward to welcoming your child to Drummoyne Public School.

New Classrooms

Early next week three classes will relocate to new classrooms to enable the movement of student furniture in preparation for 2024 classes. Students will remain in these classrooms for the last few days of term. This may mean that your child will be dismissed from another classroom next week.

What's ahead

  Term 4 2023

Week 10

11 December

Year 6 Dinner Dance
12 December10.45am Whole school assembly - final Principal's awards being presented and P&C raffle winners drawn
14 December

K-2 Sea Life excursion

3-5 Botanical Gardens excursion

Year 6 Surf school

15 December

Last day of term 4

Year 6 Surf school

Year 6 Farewell arch

Term 1 2024 

Thursday 1 February

Students in Years 1-6 return

Kindergarten Best Start assessments commence

Wednesday 7 FebruaryKindergarten Students first day of school


Lost Property

There are many hats, jumpers and jackets in lost property so if your child has lost anything this term, please check the lost property baskets next week.

All items left at the end of Friday 15 December will be washed then added to the second hand uniform pool. All non school uniform items and lunch boxes etc will be donated to charity.

Dianne Colb

Deputy Principal


Environmental Leaders

This year's Environmental Leaders have already taken the 2024 Environmental Leaders under their wings and are showing them the ropes. They started this induction three weeks ago when the Year 5 group was invited to our weekly Environmental Meetings. Then last week and the week before, they all took on the huge task of dismantling expired Covid Tests so that as much as possible could be diverted from landfill. As a group they decided on which components of each pack could be recycled, reused or repurposed. They decided that outer boxes and the instructions could be recycled, the cotton buds can be reused for science experiments and art activities, while the small clip lock bags will be used for small maths components such as counters.  They are hoping to repurpose the actual covid tests but need to investigate how this might work. They have two more large boxes to complete the task and hope to do this next Monday in the lead up to the holiday break. Wish them encouragement and support as they raise our awareness about this very important environmental initiative to recycle, reuse or repurpose as much as possible in our day to day lives. 

Michelle O'Dowd

Year 6 Environmental Coordinator and Assistant Principal

Greek Enrichment Class

Our Greek enrichment students have enjoyed yet another Christmas Breakfast to farewell a successful year of Language enrichment classes.

This year marked the end of an era for most of our Greek enrichment students as they now head off to high school next year. Having participated in enrichment for the past 3 years, it was a bittersweet celebration to be sure.

Students indulged in spanakopites (spinach pies), tiropites (cheese pies) and vasilopita (St Basil pie/bread).

Vasilopita is the traditional bread that has a coin hidden inside and is cut at midnight on New Years Eve. It represents the day that St Basil visits all the children in Greece. It is on this day all the children get their presents. It is tradition for each family to have their own vasilopita and a piece is cut for each family member. If the coin is in your piece, you are granted good luck for the rest of the year.

Mrs Nouris and Mrs Skontos wish everyone and a very merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!

Καλά Χριστούγεννα και Ευτυχισμένο το Νέο Έτος

Ashley Nouris

Greek Language Teacher

Transition planning

Over recent weeks class teachers have been carefully considering student needs in preparation for 2023. This was done in consultation with the Learning and Support Team where  specialist staff contributed their insights and expertise to prepare students for the best possible transition to new classes. 

This week students participated in a lesson with a different teacher in a different classroom. Allied health services providing support during school hours have also been offered spaces closer to the new grade areas where that is in the best interests of the students on a needs basis. Our School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) have facilitated small group visits as well as guided experiences in new playground areas. Transition to high school plans have been communicated to our local schools underway with handover meetings and student observations occurring to support students and their families.

The handover of specific student information to your child's 2024 class teacher will occur in the first weeks of the new school year.

Leigh Russ

Assistant Principal

Year 6 Fundraising

Year 6 have had a a successful fundraising campaign this year, totaling some $6000 from their Market Day last week and the cake stall in Term 2. This effort means the entire cost of their graduation Dinner Dance is covered as well as a fantastic surprise for their end of year gift to the school, which will be revealed to students on Tuesday. Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter to see what it is….

Stage 3 are grateful for the generous support of local businesses who contributed to their fundraising campaign, including:

  • Coles
  • Harris Farm
  • Cupcake Factory
  • Panda
  • Anime
  • Little Green Kitchen
  • Officeworks
  • Destro's pharnmacy
  • Grindhouse
  • Ocean Magazine
  • KMart
  • Woolworths
  • White Fox
  • Power Packaging
  • Love Crepe
  • Ryde Aquatic Centre
  • Next Media
  • Dollar Stores
  • Chargrill Charlies
  • Spotlight

Stage 2 Presentation Day


Surf Life Saving Interbranch Carnival

Student report

I was selected to compete at the Surf Life Saving Interbranch Carnival for Sydney Branch over the weekend. The carnival was held at Fingal Beach, over three and a half hours north of Sydney. There were 11 branches that competed over both days. 

On Saturday I competed in the Individual Sprint, Mixed Beach Relay and the All Age Beach Relay. In the sprint I came second to the Illawarra Branch and in both relays we came first. On Sunday I competed in a Cameron Relay, involving a swimmer, board paddler and a runner, which was me. We came first in the Cameron Relay and the Sydney Northern Beaches branch came second.

Overall, Sydney Branch (my branch) won the entire competition by exactly 100 points. Our branch celebrated on the bus ride back with the huge trophy kept by the captains. It was such a great experience to be involved in.

Amber Worden 5/6O

Touch Footy Grand Finals

Student report

Last Monday was the touch footy grand finals. A number of DPS students have been competing in the competition this year. 

My team, the Passionate Passers, played off for top position on the table against the Swifts. We had previously beaten them, so we thought this would be a pretty breezy game. However, it was the complete opposite. The game was hardcore, and it felt like every try counted. Both teams played at their best, but overall, the Swifts took the title of Premiers, with the score 1-3.

My brother, Lachie Sangster, played with other DPS students in the Dirty Reds 8/9 team. Their game was even closer than ours, with an ending score of 2-3 the other team’s way. 

We all got a medal for coming second. We all had a great season, played well as a team, and had fun along the way! 

Lara Sangster 5/6O


Outstanding Library Books

Stocktake was completed this week in the library. We are still looking for a few missing items. If you haven’t returned your library books yet, please get them back to the library as soon as possible.

Joseph Neufeld

Teacher Librarian

Stage 3 Presentation Day


School travel Opal cards

School travel Opal cards can be used for free travel to and from school. Depending on where you live and where you are travelling to, you may be eligible to receive a free school Opal card. Applications for next year open at the start of Term 4 this year.

You can apply for free school travel for different modes of transport including train, bus, ferry and light rail using the online form.

    You only need to apply:

    • if applying for a school travel pass for the first time.
    • if requesting an extra pass due to parents living separately.

    The student must:

    • be a resident of NSW, or an overseas student eligible for free government education.
    • be aged 4 years 6 months or older. Pre-school children are not eligible.
    • live a minimum distance from your school. The minimum distance varies according to the year or grade the student is enrolled in that calendar year.

    Please click on the link for more details:


    Opal card application instructions


    Stage 3 Major awards


    Leaving Early in 2023 or Arriving Late in 2024?

    Will your child be finishing the school year early or returning late in 2024 due to leave with the family? The final school day for this year is Friday 15 December 2023 and the commencement date for years 1-6 students next year is Thursday 1 February 2024.

    If your child will be absent at these times, would you please fill in the below form or contact the school office to confirm that your child will be requiring a place at DPS next year and let us know the date you are returning. 


    Not Continuing at Drummoyne Public School in 2024?

    To help with our 2024 class organisation, if you are not continuing the enrolment of your children next year at DPS and have not already let us know, would you please contact the office ASAP on 9181 2636.

    Current notes due on School Bytes

    • Students leaving early or returning late if applicable - complete by 11 December
    • Year 6 Graduation Bear - Year 6 students - purchase by  8 December


    A message from Angela Farrell on behalf of the 2023 P&C

    2023 has shown me the power of coming together to find solutions to challenges we face as parents, as a local community and as a public primary school. Working closely alongside Brian Dill, and recently Matt Ackerman, I think we've been able to kick some great goals together that have helped make DPS an even better place to learn and teach.

    It's been incredible to reflect on what we've managed to achieve this year over monthly meetings, a few wines and a Whatsapp group. 

    So here's cheers to the awesomeness of the following people: P&C Executive made up of Tania Adams, Belle Paton, Dee Elalingam, Emilie Rohmer, Kendal MacKay and Tim Counter, all of our P&C members and regular meeting attendees Wade Weirman, Sahar Razi, Mark Morgant, Preston Peachey, Rob Tolliday, Walid El-Khoury, Elyse Ryan and Pete Bockos, as well as the many more close P&C supporters who spent countless hours on projects this year, especially the sponsorship team and the entire fete crew.

    Finally thank you to every parent who reads our messages, chips in and attends the events we run - every minute and dollar counts towards what we can achieve.

    Here's a recap of the year!

    Fundraising in 2023:

    • Election BBQ
    • Mother's Day Stall
    • Trivia Night
    • Mufti Days
    • Fete
    • Uniform Shop
    • Second Hand Uniform Sales
    • Canteen
    • Father's Day Stall
    • Referendum BBQ
    • Kids Discos
    • Xmas Hamper Raffle

    What we have achieved in 2023:

    • Fund new flagpoles
    • Fund interactive whiteboards
    • Fund Kindy Home Reader Books
    • Change ordering platforms from School24 to FlexiSchools
    • Fund an Electronic Noticeboard
    • Fund the World Teacher's Day Lunch
    • Fund STEAM laptops and charging station
    • Fund Italian laptops and charging station
    • Welcome new Kindy Parents ahead of 2024
    • Find a new Principal (in progress!)

    Last chance to buy tickets - It's raffle time!

    It's Raffle Time!

    Tickets for the wonderful P&C Christmas raffle are available on School24 in the EVENTS section. The cost is $3 each or 2 for $5. 

    Ticket sales close this Sunday 10 December.

    Prize winners will be drawn at the end of year final assembly on Tuesday 12 December at 10.45am.

    • Family Gift Pack
    • Pottery Course Voucher
    • Lego Pack
    • Family Beauty Hamper
    • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker
    • Cheese Board and Wine Packs
    • Hotwheels Giant Crackers
    • Family Photo Sessions

    Many Thanks to our wonderful local businesses and families who have donated prizes:

    Seed and Spark

    Officeworks Five Dock

    Destros Chemist

    Portrait Hub

    Glaze Galleria

    Elysium skin & body

    We appreciate your continued support of the school in raising funds for additional STEAM resources. 

    Order online with Flexischools in 2024!

    Drummoyne Public School P&C have undergone an extensive review of software providers over the last several months as an alternative to School24. From this review the P&C have chosen 'Flexischools' which allows parents and students a more convenient way to order and pay for canteen, uniform and events online.

    This change will be effective Term 1, 2024. DPS will continue to use School24 for the remainder of this term. From Term 1, 2024 you will no longer be able to order via School24. If you currently hold an account balance, please start running this down over the next few weeks. If you still have a balance left after the end of term, instructions for balance transfers to Flexischools will be provided in Term 1, 2024.  

    Why are we changing to Flexischools?

    • Cost effective - Less fees to parents and the P&C! You can avoid all card fees by topping up from your bank account, and you can use your balance for uniform purchases and events. Service fees with Flexischools are $0.22 cents per child per meal break.
    • Better app - A user friendly, straightforward, and reliable app, which is used by approximately 1,600 schools across Australia. The “Favourites” feature remembers your child’s regular order and is a quick way to place your canteen orders.  
    • Less back-end issues and better service - Our trial and admin users have already seen a fantastic improvement behind the scenes, and with service levels from Flexischools.

    Contact our P&C

    Please follow us on:

    Instagram @drummoynepublic.pandc

    Facebook @drummoynepublic.pandc

    And on our Facebook Private Group - for community members only. Please request access to join.


    Uniform Shop Opening Hours

    Please order school uniforms online. The P&C will process orders and the school office staff will distribute them to students in class to bring home with them.

    The wearing of summer uniform begins in Term 4.  Please order uniforms online at: 

    Please use our school Registration ID: 2572963 to create an account if you don’t already have one for canteen orders.

    The uniform shop is open for face to face sales on Wednesday afternoons from 3.00pm - 3.30pm.

    If you need to contact the uniform shop volunteers please email:



    This week @ Monty’s Munch

    Dear Parents/Carers,

    Thank you to our wonderful volunteers this week: David, Oznur, Libby, Omar, Tania, Taya Nurila and Susan. Eugenie is on leave, and it is fantastic to see our school community come together to give Katherine a hand!

    As we try to run down our stock in the canteen to the end of the year, some items may not be available next week, like sushi. Please refer to the menu.The canteen will be closed for orders next Thursday (14th Dec) as all students will be away on excursions.

    Order your End of term sausage sizzle now! Orders will close at 3pm on Tuesday 12th December.

    We look forward to a great last week of school next week!

    Kind regards,

    The Canteen Committee



    Super Volunteer award

    And the 2023 P&C Canteen Super Star Volunteer is...  David Lyons

    David truly is a super star, he has volunteered his time nearly every Monday in the canteen. From sticking labels on lunch bags to making nearly a weeks worth of one of our most popular menu items - Milo cups each week, he is always willing to help.

    As a token of appreciation, the canteen has a plaque with his name engraved as the 2023 Canteen Super Star Volunteer. Thank you David!


    Last day for students for 2023 - Friday 15 December

    Summer Vacation Monday 18 December 2023 – Wednesday 31 January 2024

    Staff Development Days Tuesday 30 January & Wednesday 31 January 2024

    Year 1-6 Students return on Thursday 1 February 2024

    Kindergarten Students commence on Wednesday 7 February 2024

    Autumn Vacation Monday 15 April – Friday 26 April 2024

    Staff Development Day Monday 29 April 2024

    Students return on Tuesday 30 April 2024

    Winter Vacation Monday 8 July -  Friday 19 July 2024

    Staff Development Day Monday 22 July 2024

    Students return on Tuesday 23 July 2024

    Spring Vacation Monday 30 September – Friday 11 October 2024

    No Staff Development Day for Start of Term 4

    Students return to school Monday 14 October 2024


    BandMonday and Friday am

    Contact Directions in Music on 9662 2211

    Keyboard & GuitarTuesday and Thursday pm

    Contact David Koh from VIP Music on 9411 3122

    Greek Classes – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday pm

    Contact Charoulla Themistocleous on 0411 137 266

    Turkish Language Class – Thursday pm

    OmerCan 0418 695 766 Bahar 0475 738 726

    Enrolment forms and detailed Information on ataturk.org.au/okul.


    To book Gowrie NSW - enrolment forms can be found on the Gowrie website:


    Contact Rekkha for more information on 0436 616 744.


    (The following notices are listed as a service to the community but are not endorsed by the school)

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