FPS Newsletter

2024 Term 1 Issue #3

From the Principal

Dear families & friends, 

Our inquiry this term, ‘Identity, Belonging, Commmunity’, has a strong focus on understanding our selves and each other and how we can connect and build community and belonging. This will culminate in our learning expo on Thursday 11th April. We hope to see many families there to celebrate a great term of learning with us.


Congratulations to all our year 3 and 5 students who have completed NAPLAN. While it was disruptive to some programs, it is good that we  completed it early in the year and we can move on with our learning. We were very proud of the attitude and persistence that students demonstrated throughout the NAPLAN assessments. 

Traffic Update

The Governing Council and staff have been continuing to work with council, SAPol and the Way to Go program to investigate ways to improve the safety on the roads near our school. After our petition and persistence we have been informed that over the April holidays a pedestrian crossing area will be installed at the front of our school.

A reminder that it is vital that the members of our own community are doing the right thing when driving and parking near the school to ensure the safety of our children.

 Some reminders:

  • Please DO NOT use the drop off zone for parkingchildren must be able to enter and exit the car INDEPENDENTLY with out any need for the adults to get out of their car.
  • In the drop off zone children should get out of the car on the passenger side (ie not on the driveway side)
  • In the drop off zone your child should not exit the car until you are a maximum of 2 cars away from the gate near the OSHC kitchen, move your car down the line to drop off or pick up
  • In the drop off zone children should not walk down the driveway or enter/exit via the main double driveway gate when walking
  • If children are not able to enter and exit your car independently please park on the street or at the back of the school (Off Turner St) so students can safely enter the school via the front or oval gate.
  • Make sure you are observing the 25km per hour speed limits along Briar Rd
  • Where possible pick up and drop off children on the school side of Briar Rd
  •  Hold your child’s hand if needing to cross the road (especially our littlies)
  • Support your child by reminding them of safe road practices including crossing the road safely, walking on footpaths, wearing safety gear when riding bikes or scooters.

Thank you for your support, we are happy to see some action from our local services and council but it is important we are always modelling and teaching our kids how to keep safe near our roads.  

School Sports Teams

A big thank you to Leigh and Emma who have been working with students and families to give our students the opportunity to play team sports. 

We have had a huge increase in interest for both soccer and basketball teams and this will be reliant on parent volunteers to make this happen for students. If your child has told us they are interested the next step is to have families volunteer to support as coaches and support on game days. 

Thank you to the families who have volunteered to support by coaching, managing, and helping out on game days. We have coaches for both basketball teams now.

We are still needing coaches for all 3 soccer teams. Please consider putting your hand up as without volunteers we will not be able to have these teams. We will support you to get up and running and if everyone is willing to help out it makes for a wonderful experience to share with your child and their friends and families.

The term has been a busy one as always at Felixstow! We have had lots of things happening every day including: 

  • Harmony Day celebrations
  • Working with the Payneham, Norwood, St Peters council Youth Arts program to paint the 'Gather Round' signs on Osmond Terrace (see picture) 
  • Breakfast clubs and special breakfast mornings (Fairy bread Friday, Easter breakfast, Ride to school breakfast) 
  • Ride to School day 
  • Lunch time clubs and activities - Environment Club, Coding Club, Craft Club and our lunchtime library wellbeing activities
  • Volunteer morning tea
  • Acquaintance Night 
  • Ice blocks for sale
  • Easter raffle 
  • Photo Day
  • AFL Footy clinics 
  • Year 5/6 High School transition infomration session for families 
  • AGM

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming Learning Expo and shared afternoon tea to celebrate the end of Term 1! 

Happy Easter and enjoy a safe and happy long weekend :) 

Cheers Skye 😊

Felixstow Notices

School Fees

Thank you to those that have paid their school fees or applied for School Card.  A reminder that the due date is looming at the end of this term in just a few weeks.  If you are awaiting your school card application a reminder that the excursion levy of $85 is also due. 

For all school payments

Felixstow Primary School

BSB 105 010

Account 115 989 440

Thank you


Easter Raffle

Congratulations to the winners of our Easter Raffle.  We had 8 prizes to give away thanks to Kmart Firle, Woolworths Marryatville and Foodland Norwood for their generous donations. We raised an amazing $573. This is outstanding for such a small school. Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket.

1st: Tom L

2nd: Lozen and Atreyu

3rd: Tori

4th:  Lincoln

5th: Lozen's Uncle Yandi

6th: Marks Great Gran Liz

7th: Leah

8th: Zofia

Gather Round Artworks

Over the past couple of weeks our year 5/6 group have had the opportunity to work with local artist Lucinda Penn and the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Youth & Arts program, to paint 'Gather Round' artwork that has been installed on Osmond Terrace in Norwood. We love being part of local and community projects and learning new skills through working with working artists in our community.

They look fabulous so go check it out! Our set is facing the Norwood Hotel side of Osmond Tce.

Gather Round art sessions

Easter Egg Hunt

On Wednesday, our junior students were so excited as the Easter Bunny visited our school. His paw prints led to the Forest where the juniors accompanied by their primary buddy searched and found numerous chocolate eggs. Back in class the juniors counted all the eggs and shared them equally amongst themselves.

Kickstart For kids Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club continues to be well attended by our students, with themed breakfasts such as Hot Cross Bun Day, Fairy Bread Friday and Toastie Tuesday being very popular! 

Breakfast Club is open from 8.30am to 8.50am, Monday to Friday in the OSHC kitchen. All students and their families are welcome, just drop on by (there is no need to book a place). 

Breakfast may include:

Toast and various spreads




Tea/Coffee (for adults)

Its a great opportunity to have a bite to eat and socialise with other students/families. 

We would like to say thank you to  Claire (Adelaide's mum) for helping out on Monday mornings. We are still looking for more volunteers so if you are interested please let Kelly, Di or Gillian know.

Ride to School Day

Friday 22nd March was Ride to School Day which is part of the National Ride2School program, an Australia-wide initiative that has been running since 2006 by the  Bicycle Network. The idea of the day is to encourage children to become more physically active and that children cycle, walk, scoot or skate, all or part of the way to school instead of being driven.

It was wonderful to see many of our school students participate in the day. We had 17 students ride their bikes, 4 students who came on their scooters and 2 students who roller skated,  along with many who walked all or part of the way to school. All were rewarded with a treat of a muffin or cookie at Breakfast Club! 

Our new bike rack was overflowing!!

Breaktime Clubs

Coding, Environment and Craft Clubs

This term clubs are on the following days:

Coding Club is on Tuesdays at first break.

Environment  Club is on Tuesdays at second break.

Craft Club is on Fridays at second break.

Felixstow Highlights

Harmony Day

On Thursday 21st March we celebrated Harmony Day.

Harmony Day encourages communities world wide to come together to celebrate diversity and promote the theme 'Everyone Belongs' during Harmony Week 2024.

To celebrate this year many students came in their traditional cultural dress to share a part of their culture. Students participated in a range of activities and we were excited to welcome the kindergarten group from our local childcare Goodstart to celebrate with us.


Hi From Steve's P1 Class

In P1, we are having a successful second half of the term, in writing we are focusing on formulating an argument as a persuasive writing tool. We have been planning our writing, and setting out an argument with an introduction, a middle and a conclusion. We have some quite convincing arguments up on the board, such as bringing on a three day weekend, to allowing pets in school.

In maths we have been working on ordering numbers, as well as looking at estimation and rounding numbers. We have been trialling a number of games this year, both on the computer and board games with a maths slant, with some good engagement from the students. Our STEM challenges have been a success too.

We have also been working hard in other areas, our shared guided reading and spelling lessons have settled in well and appear to be going well. Almost everyone is enjoying our current Auslan lessons, with groups working hard to sign a song of their choice.


News From Laura's P2 Class

Inquiry – In inquiry we have been collaborating and communicating our ideas within our groups to create our vision statement which is walk down to the reserve with the juniors and meet up at the bridge to have a fun run/cross country run. Tatenda

STEM - The objective was to make a spinning top that lasted the longest time. We were not able to research or use technology to find a solution and we had to construct it using a minimum of two materials. We had to make 4  prototypes. Archie came up with the idea plasticine on the marble and then I added the bottle top. We believe we have created the best one. Kevin

Maths - In maths we have been rounding up and down to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10 000 and 100 000 thousand to make the numbers easier to read. We have also learned a new game called lock it down which is a game where you have a place value and dice and with a partner you roll and try and make the highest number possible in four rolls. Raghuveer


Hello from Emma's Juniors

In Juniors, students have been engaging in daily literacy groups focusing on reading strategies, phonics, working on writing, word knowledge and word work. Students have been working together in small groups to explore different texts, build vocabulary and decoding strategies.

Juniper's Juniors

J1 students have been having fun with letter and number formation. We have been working on kindness, co-operation and being creative thinkers. This week we have been exploring the letter ‘I’ for insect and discovered many insects have 3 body parts.


Art and HPE

Visual Arts with Camille

Primary students have been deep in the ideation process for their illustrated artworks. They have been focusing on collaboration skills, planning tools and reflection. Juniors have been learning how to draw the human body and have been drawing themselves and their family members. We are exploring the concept of community and belonging through this process.

Health and Physical Education with Leigh

Over the last few weeks, we have been lucky enough to have some Crows AFLW players out to run some lessons focused on Australian Rules Football. I was really proud of the students' effort and enthusiasm and it was great to see their skills improve over each session. Our next focus is on some throwing target games.

Resource Hub

The Premiers Reading Challenge (PRC)

We would like to encourage any year 1-6 students who haven't already started the PRC to do so. Forms can be downloaded from the link below. If you have a problem accessing the form then paper copies are available from school. Juniper’s class will receive their forms in Term2. The final day of the Challenge is Term 3, week 7. Record sheets must be handed in to Kelly or Gillian no later than this date but can also be handed in any time before if the student has completed the Challenge. Awards are given to students who have completed the Challenge (once the school has received them) at an assembly in Term 4. The Premier’s Reading Challenge website: 


Wellbeing Breaktime Activities

The Resource Pod is open at one breaktime a day, offering students a variety of activities to participate in or just a safe space to relax and read a book. Bingo Friday has been a popular activity. We will be holding some themed sessions in the near future and welcome any suggestions the students may have. 

Library lessons

Library lessons have continued with the Juniors and P1class learning about book care while P2 had a session on Researching Information. 

Book Care

Students learned the importance of taking good care of books that they borrow and how to take care of them. 

Book Care

No food or drink while reading

Have clean hands

Use a book mark to know where you’re up to

Don’t leave books outside

Put books back on the shelf

Keep books out of reach of little children/pets

Do not write or draw in books

Be careful with the pages


P2 students learned about the 5 A's of finding information for their research:

1. Ask

2. Acquire

3. Analyse

4. Apply

5. Assess

Borrowing/Returning Books

Students have the opportunity to borrow books from the Resource Pod during scheduled class times and when the Pod is open at break times. All books are on loan for two weeks and the due date can be found on a slip attached to the inside back cover of the book or on a book mark. Please return the books by the due date or before if finished, as other students may be waiting to borrow them. 

Wellbeing Breaktime in the Pod

Library Lessons

Important Dates

Updated: March 2024






Friday 29th March

Public Holiday (Good Friday)


Monday 1st April

Public Holiday (Easter Monday)


Thursday 11th April

Learning Expo


Friday 12th April

Last day of term (EARLY DISMISSAL at 2.10pm)

Term 2

1Monday 29th AprilPupil Free Day (NO SCHOOL)
1Tuesday 30th AprilFirst Day of Term

Community Notices

Contact Information

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

A reminder that OSHC is available for families for after school care (ASC).

ASC is open 3:10-6:00pm

Bookings are essential.

Hannah Gustard is our OSHC director and can be contacted on


Felixstow Primary School is truly an extraordinary place of learning. Our talented and dedicated staff provides each student with rigorous care, challenge and support academically, socially and emotionally.

Respect | Responsibility | Compassion