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Edition 24: Term 2, Week 2

🌸 🤍 Happy Mother's Day 🤍 🌸

What you'll find in this week's Newsletter:

  • From the Principal
    • Upcoming Reception/Preschool Transition Visits
    • Uniform
    • Mother's Day Stall
    • Parenting Course 'Strength Switch'
    • Student Ambulance Cover
  • From the APRIM - Religious Education News
    • Mother's Day
    • Catholic Identity
    • Raising Hearts and Minds Prayer
    • Minnie Vinnies
  • Visible Wellbeing Project
    • About the Project
    • Learning examples on Strength
  • School News & Reminders
    • Welcome to new babies
    • World's Greatest Shave
    • Sports Colours Day
    • School Choir
    • SACPSSA Swimming Carnival
  • OSHC News
    • Vacation Care Highlights
    • OSHC Reminders

Diary Dates

 Term 1

Sunday 12th May🌸 Mother's Day
Monday 13th - 17th May🏫 Catholic Education Week
Wednesday 15th May🌿 Preschool Excursion - Nature Play SA
Wednesday 22nd May✝️ Whole School Pentecost Mass
Sunday 26th May⬛️🟡🟥 National Sorry Day
✝️ Sacramental Presentation Mass
Monday 27th - 3rd June⬛️🟡🟥 National Reconciliation Week
Wednesday 29th May🎒 New Reception Transition Visit no. 1 & Parent Information Session
Wednesday 26th June🌏 International Day

Term Dates

Term 2Tuesday 30th April - Friday 5th July
Term 3Monday 22nd July - Friday 27th September
Term 4Monday 14th October - Wednesday 11th December

From the Principal

It was wonderful to see all our students and families back together as we began Term 2 last week. This term we will have 14 students engaging in their transition to Reception and 27 who will begin their Preschool transition visits.  I am pleased to announce that we have appointed Ms Meg Fuller as our mid-year Reception teacher.  Some of you may remember Meg as she did her pre-service placement with us in Year 1 /2  last year.  Meg has been working at Star of the Sea School at Henley Beach and is very much looking forward to meeting our new Reception group and their families at our transition sessions later this term.


Following a one week phase in period, all students are now expected to be wearing their full winter uniform for Term 2 and Term 3.  A few reminders –

  • Students can wear their school jacket with the formal uniform if they prefer that to the woollen jumper. Otherwise, students should not be combining uniforms. 
  • The boys formal uniform includes the long sleeve shirt and long pants, and both must be worn on formal uniform days.
  • The sports uniform is the same all year around and can be worn with either the shorts or tracksuit pants depending on the weather.
  • Sports shoes are only to be worn with the sports uniform and these need to be predominately white or black.
  • Hair below collar length should be tied back, only school coloured hair accessories, no rings, bracelets, dangly earrings or makeup to be worn.

We ask that all families support our uniform policy by ensuring the students wear their correct uniform neatly and respectfully.

Feedback collected recently regarding the sports uniform proposal for Early Years students will be considered by the School Board at the next meeting.

Mother’s Day Stall

Hot on the heels of a very successful Sport’s Colours Day last week, our P and F volunteers today facilitated the annual Mother’s Day Stall, providing a welcome opportunity for our students to purchase a gift for their mother and mother figures. Many thanks to our volunteers from Year 1/2 – Andrea Boseley, Kate Lloyd, Carey Simpson and Danielle Stanes.

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Strength Switch Parenting Course

At St Joseph’s School we know that when we feel good we function well.  For our students this means they are able to learn better if they are experiencing positive wellbeing.

In partnership with several other Catholic Schools and with Professor Lea Waters, we have embarked on the Visible Wellbeing journey.  Each day we are helping our students develop the skills to support their positive wellbeing and to identify and develop their own strengths. 

To support this process, we are very pleased to announce that we have been successful in securing a grant through Catholic Schools Parents SA to support the facilitation of the Strength Switch Parenting Course which will be offered over several weeks at our school in Term 3. This practical and positive course for parents is based upon the Strength Switch book by Lea Waters and is focused on helping your child to flourish. I do have a copy of the book if anyone would like to borrow it.  Stay tuned for further details of how you can engage with these excellent sessions free of charge in Term 3.

Student Ambulance Cover

Students of St Joseph’s Hindmarsh are covered under the school’s insurance policy for accident or injury if an emergency ambulance is required. If your child has a pre-existing condition (e.g. asthma, anaphylaxis etc.), it is recommended they have their own private ambulance cover since the SA Ambulance Services fee account will be the responsibility of the family to pay. Please note, under our responsibility to the student, the school will call an ambulance when necessary. It is not possible to contact the parent prior to contacting SA Ambulance Services.

Wishing all of our mothers, grandmothers and mother figures a wonderful Mother’s Day this Sunday.

May God’s blessing be upon each of you, and may God grant you health, strength, peace and fulfillment as you pursue the amazing vocation of motherhood.

Marianne Farrugia

Religious Education News

From the APRIM

Mother’s Day

May holds special significance in the Catholic Church as it is dedicated to honouring Blessed Mary, the Mother of Jesus and our Heavenly Mother. This tradition of devotion to Mary dates back to the 18th century.

As Mother's Day approaches, we want to take a moment to celebrate the incredible role that mothers play in shaping our lives. This Mother’s Day let's honour all the mothers, grandmothers, and mother figures who have made a difference in our lives. Whether it's through a warm hug, a loving smile, or words of encouragement, their presence fills our lives with joy and comfort. To all the mothers, grandmothers and mother figures in our school community, we appreciate you and wish you all a Happy Mother's Day filled with love, appreciation, and cherished moments with your loved ones.

A very big thank you to our Reception teachers and children who led us in a special Liturgy this morning celebrating all of our mothers, grandmothers and mother figures.

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Catholic Identity

Catholic Education Week will be celebrated in South Australia from

May 13-19, 2024 (Week 3, Term 2). Catholic Education Week is an opportunity to celebrate the excellent teaching and learning that happens in Catholic schools every day. This week is an opportunity to reflect on all the things that we love about St Joseph’s School Hindmarsh and what makes our community special.   

Raising Hearts and Minds Prayer

Loving God,

Guide us to know life in its fullness, to raise

our hearts and minds to know God’s love.

Raise our hearts and minds to be inspired

by Jesus, the Catholic faith and tradition.

Raise our hearts to be loving,

compassionate and respectful.

Raise our minds to be inquisitive,

capable and seek truth.

May we be aware of listening to the stirring

of our hearts to prompt action.

Guide us to respond to the needs of others

and all of God’s creation.

In all our thoughts, words and actions,

help us raise our hearts and minds

in creating the world you desire.

Loving God hear our prayer


Minnie Vinnies

Mini Vinnies empowers primary school students to become advocates within their school and local community by putting Vinnies Values into action. They will meet to learn about social justice issues, develop leadership skills and engage with the local community.

Congratulations to our Year 3 - 6 students who have been selected to serve on the Minnie Vinnies Committee. The deserving students include Sophia, Vega, Evie, Bruk, Ruby, Joy, Ava, Sophie, Maya, Lila and Italica. Well done to each of these students for their expression of interest, dedication and commitment. They are to be commended for their enthusiasm in following the teachings of Mary MacKillop, whose guiding motto is, "Never see a need without doing something about it."

Visible Wellbeing Project

About the Project

As a school we are engaged in the Visible Wellbeing Project. Last term we began our focus on strengths. Understanding what our own and others' strengths are help us match ourselves and other people to our environment and allows us to better meet challenges by utilising those qualities where we can be our best selves.

As a staff we recently continued our professional learning in Visible Wellbeing and expanded our knowledge of teaching using emotional management.  Emotional management is our ability to distinguish between our emotional states as they arise and make choices to manage those emotions in a way that boosts our wellbeing.  Emotional management helps us get along better with other people, support other people when in need, but also puts us in a significantly better mindset to approach learning and difficult cognitive tasks. 

Here are some learning examples on strengths

School News & Reminders

Welcome to new babies

Congratulations to Azalia in Reception S, and her family, on the arrival of their new son and brother, Kosta Luciano.  Congratulations also to Eric in Reception C, and his family on the arrival of their new daughter and sister, Windy Emma.  Azalia and Eric are very excited and proud!

World's Greatest Shave

On the 17th of April, Savva (5/6DG) and Theo (5/6O) bravely participated in the World's Greatest Shave. They showcased immense courage and determination, shaving their heads to raise funds for a great cause.

Together, they managed to raise an impressive $433 so far! Their dedication and commitment to making a difference and raising money for great cause.

👉 If the community would like to get behind them and make a donation follow this link

Sports Colours Day

Last week, our school joined the excitement and celebrated the upcoming showdown between Port Adelaide Football Club and Adelaide Football Club. Students dressed up in their team colours, or for those not into footy, in the colours of their favourite sports teams.

Our amazing P and F team even organised delicious donuts decorated in team colours, courtesy of Highland Bakehouse. Thank you for this sweet treat – students and staff loved it!

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School Choir

Our school choir is gearing up for the upcoming Catholic Schools Music Festival SA in a few months! A big shoutout to Mrs. Arthur and Denise from the CSMF for their invaluable support in getting our group ready for the big show.

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SACPSSA Swimming Carnival

St Josephs Hindmarsh students once again competed proudly for their school colours at the SACPSSA Swimming Carnival. All students had a lot of fun competing and representing the school. The results were amazing and almost ALL students received a top 4 ribbon and as a school we finished 2nd only by a few points.

Special mentions go to Grace and Caterina who were highlighted as the top swimmers for their respective year levels.


Vacation Care Highlights

Our April Vacation Care was a huge success. Children were exposed to a variety of experiences, including a first aid course facilitated by St. Johns, excursions to Science Collective and Monarto Zoo. In days were taken up with baking, a relaxing PJ and movie day and to top of the holidays, we had a giant indoor soccer pitch where children were able to use their ball skills and kick many goals.

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OSHC Reminders

Bookings and Cancellations
Bookings are to be made at the beginning of each term. Please be advised, that if 48 hours’ notice is not received by the service in writing or phone call, the booking will be made as absent and not a cancellation. There are 42 allowable absentees per year where CCS is still applied to the booking.

OSHC Fee Policy
Please be advised that the fee policy states that children booked in within 48 hours of a session will incur a late fee of $5.00 per child. Children are to be booked in via the spike app.  If you are experiencing difficulty completing this process, you can email the service on alternatively phone the OSHC office on 0408 809 107.

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