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2023 Term 2 Week 10

June 30: Last Day of Term 2

Term 3 

July 18: Term 3 begins for all students

July 18-21: NAIDOC Week

July 20: Koomurri NAIDOC Week Incursion

July 25:  Police visit for stage 2 and 3

July 25 - July 28:  Parent Teacher Interviews

July 28: 100 Days of Kindergarten

Aug 1: Primary Ed Week Assembly and Open Classrooms

Aug 4: Infants Ed Week Assembly and Open Classrooms

Aug 15: 'SuperHiro' Day - Bullying No Way (SRC Fundraiser)

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and carers, 

Term 2 has come to a quick end with so much learning and engagement happening across the school from Preschool to Year 6. 

So many events across the term prove that there is a huge range of different learning experiences being enjoyed by all our students.  National Simultaneous Story time, Athletics carnivals, Bell Shakespeare performances onsite, Inter-school Boccia competition, debating and public speaking, Botanical Garden excursions, National Sorry Day, Maths Olympiad, Song Room, Healthy Harold and the list goes on.   

Our teachers are continuing to familiarise themselves with and trial the new English and mathematics curriculums.  School-based professional learning has been led by our middle leaders and has provided opportunities for teachers to collaborate and unpack similarities and differences between the new and old curriculum and adjust to meet the unique needs of our students. 

Our teachers have also been upskilling across a broad range of areas to better support our students.  These include participation in Speech pathology workshops, learning networks to better support our special needs and refugee students and road and traffic safety to name just a few. 

As a school community, we value the relationship we have with our parents and carers. Together we will be better able to support the learning journey of our students. We welcome opportunities to partner with you and to discuss your child’s learning throughout the year and encourage you to contact your child’s teacher/s if you wish to discuss their progress and learning goals. 

There are many ways that Punchbowl Public School communicates and partners with our school community, including: 

  • parent/teacher interviews 

  • three-way learning conferences, to be held in Week 2, Term 3 

  • updates via email or Audirii 

  • telephone 

  • review meetings 

To answer questions or to discuss your child’s learning, please contact the school: 

There will be several staff changes moving into Term 3.  Mrs Jobling is making a long-anticipated move to Queensland to begin the next chapter in her life and to move closer to her daughter.  Mrs Jobling has been the heart and soul of our preschool over the past several years and has worked tirelessly across the school to improve the learning and wellbeing outcomes of our students.  Mrs Jobling’s connections with our families have been so very positive. She has drawn on her expertise and experience in early childhood to teach and nurture our students in partnership with parents.  Her professionalism, dedication and work ethic will be very much missed.  Personally, she has been a cornerstone of my leadership and I have benefited from her advice and knowledge a great deal.  On behalf of the school community, I wish her all the very best as she makes this change and I know she will hold Punchbowl PS very close to her heart. 

Earlier this year, Mrs Farhat was successful in becoming a Curriculum Advisor, working to support the Chullora network with curriculum implementation and delivery.  Replacing her in her Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Instruction role here at school will be Mrs Elhage.   

The new teacher for 1 Eels will be Miss Williams, who currently teaches 5 Wondrous. Miss Williams will also fill the position of Assistant Principal on Stage 1. Mrs Jameloui will take over the day-to day teaching of 5 Wondrous from Monday to Thursday.  Mr Mikhail will teach the class on Friday. All three teachers have been completing an extensive handover over the last month in preparation for their new roles.  

I wish everyone a safe, relaxing winter break.  I will see everyone back here next term on Tuesday 18 July as we begin our week-long NAIDOC celebrations. 

Donna McGeary 


July Vacation Care Program - Fun Kids

Fun Kids is the Out of Hours School Care provider that operates on the grounds of Punchbowl Public School. 

Download the flyer for July Vacation Care Program and contact Fun Kids directly on 0422968085 or email 


Schools and Community Centre (SaCC)

A huge thank you to our playgroup coordinators Farhana and Hasna and also our partnership providers for facilitating services and supporting our families with children throughout Term 2.

Over the last few weeks we have had two exciting interactive incursions in partnership with Creating Links. The Reptile Dreamtime Story, as part of our NAIDOC week celebrations and Messy Sensory Play.

We look forward to facilitating more programs during Term 3, some of the programs include Step into Work, Bringing Up Great Teens and the  continuation of our playgroup programs,  The planner will be available shortly.  

As we end another busy term we would like to acknowledge our partnerships with other local organisations who we work closely with all year to make our work in the SaCC possible. Creating Links, Chester Hill Neighbourhood Centre, 54Reasons, Strong Safe Families, The Smith Family, SLHC Early Childhood Nurse, TAFE NSW, Lighthouse Community Support and AusRelief. 

For all program enquiries please contact Asenati Mareko on 0439487865.

Semester 1 Reports and Interviews

Semester 1 Students Reports will be sent home on Monday, Week 10.  Parent/Teacher/Student interviews for P-6 will take place in Term 3 during Week 2. Bookings can be made online through the School Interviews portal. Interpreters will also be available.

Follow the link to make a booking.

Preschool & Early Intervention

Preschool and Early Intervention have been doing some great things this term. The Therapuppy visits have supported children in developing their confidence and bravery which then has translated over to other areas - what a perfect way to set them up for starting school. Independence skills, following instructions and turn taking are a focus to set them up for life. Vivid artworks linking to our land and imaginations are on display to acknowledge the creativity of the children. Lots of new friends have been made with children mixing together beautifully and looking out for others. All the children are feeling a strong sense of belonging and being as they continue to grow into kind, strong and independent humans. Below the Kangaroos have shared their child initiated Vivid Project.

Kangaroos Vivid Sydney

Some children in the Kangaroos class have been sharing with us their visit to Vivid. This sparked conversations about our city and if children have visited. We further explored Vivid by looking closely at photo images and videoclips of the Vivid displays. Miss Sherin also shared photos of her visit to Vivid. The children then used a variety of paint and collage materials to express their creativity and represent their thinking to create their very own artworks of our city attractions.

Ibrahim and Isaac then created their own “Vivid city” with the blocks.

Learning outcome 4.4- Children resource their own learning through connecting with people, place, technologies and natural and processed materials.

Salma: I went to Vivid with the train. I went with my mum and dad and my two sisters.

Abeeha: I go city, the city is cool

Ibrahim: The city has lots of lights

Salma: I like when the show started

Lea: I saw the big light at the Vivid. I went with Nabil

Ibrahim: I can build the city. Abeeha can make it with me

Salma: We need fake lights, fake water and fake Opera house

Ibrahim: We can out water in there. We need to build that. The city is nice.

The project continued for a couple of weeks. Children worked together to construct models of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. They continued to share their experiences of visiting the city and this sparked conversation about rubbish a student saw in the water in the harbour. Our learning then led to discussions about pollution in our waterways and oceans.

Early Stage 1

 This term K Blue and K Yellow students have had the opportunity to host the K-2 Assembly. This assembly takes place every second Friday. Students were excited to create an item to perform at the assembly. They worked hard to learn and practice this item which they then performed spectacularly. Two students were chosen from each class to lead the assembly. They lead the students through the National Anthem and school oath and shared their learning for this term with the audience. We are looking forward to K Purple and K Orange’s turn in Term 4!

Stage 1

Stage 1 students have been learning about famous artists this term. The first artist students looked at was Pablo Picasso and they explored his cubist style artwork ‘Weeping Woman’. Students looked at facial features and created their own abstract self portrait.

The second artist students looked at was Wassily Kandinsky and they explored his ‘Concentric Circles’ artwork. They learnt about warm and cool colours and explored how colour can evoke different emotions.


Pae – There are cool and warm colours. These warm colours make us feel happy and cool colours make us feel sad.

Youssef S. - My favourite thing about my Picasso artwork was drawing the earrings.

Stage 2

All of Stage 2 went on an excursion to The Royal Botanic Gardens. Throughout the day, student engaged with three different activities looking at how society and the physical environment had changed over time. We have been working hard to learn how places stay the same and change over time, and students were able to experience how Sydney Harbour changed with the arrival of the First Fleet. Students were also able to explore the area around the Sydney Opera House, and connect the Harbour to imagery in texts studied in English.  

K/6 Owls & K/6 Kookaburras

These past few weeks, Kookaburras and Owls have been very busy competing in Boccia tournaments, gardening, shopping and learning. Students attended the Boccia competition at the Sutherland Basketball Stadium to compete against several other schools. Congratulations to all our students who participated and fought really hard to secure second place. All that hard work training at school definitely paid off. We had more productive lessons with Panania Free Rangers where composting and the life cycle of honeybees were on the agenda. Both support unit classes visited the Life Education van to participate in a curriculum-based program about Harold’s Friendships and Friends and Feelings. Lessons empowered children to make safe and healthy choices in a highly interactive and engaging environment. Another community access visit ensured life skills continued to be taught while students purchased ingredients for a cooking experience.

Stage 3

Stage 3 students have been busy working on their ICT skills during library sessions with Mrs. Mathews. They have been learning all about Australian history whilst paying respects to the Indigenous peoples of our land today. Students are working independently to take their new learnt knowledge and create this into a virtual book using the ‘Book Creator’ application. They have been demonstrating fantastic participation and enthusiasm in this new learning area.

Community Language - Arabic

Hooray!!! We've reached the end of term 2 and the students have had a fantastic term. We, the Arabic teachers and students have been busy working to learn all about the Arabic letters, numbers and colours through various fun ways. We learnt the language on family and friends, we also learnt how to name domestic animals and label their body parts. The Community Language teacher are proud of all the students who participated in the lessons throughout the term.  

Have a wonderful and safe holidays from Mrs Awada and Mrs Roffaell.  

Green Team

The Green Team has been busy helping turn Punchbowl Public School into an environmentally friendly space. Read first-hand about some of the students' experiences below:

Alan, 6Success

Punchbowl Public School is an upcoming EcoSchool. This year the Green Team have gathered to learn and expand our knowledge of different types of rubbish and composting. Last Thursday, we learned the purpose of the Green Team and the importance of keeping our area clean. We went to two different classes to survey their teacher to further understand our environmental focus. This week we learned about worms and what we could add in compost. We’re allowed to add apple skin, banana skin and even mango skin. We aren’t allowed to add chillies, lemon and mandarins because they are too sour and spicy. We were given a topic to reduce plastic from going into landfills. We came up with the idea of nude food: every Wednesday you wouldn’t be allowed to bring plastic to school. The most successful class will be announced on Monday and will get an ice block. Green Team makes me joyful since I know that I am doing something good for the environment. Thank you Miss Yasin for allowing me to join the Green Team and I hope we achieve the Bronze Award.

Moussa, 6Success

In Punchbowl Public School there’s a program called Green Team and I am in the program. Green Team is about helping the environment. Green team is led by Miss Yasin and in my opinion she fits the role perfectly.Thank you so much for allowing me to join and help my school become a better place.

Arisha, 4Inspire

This year the Green Team has been focusing on helping the environment and the school. Last week the Green Team had an incursion where we learnt about all the different types of bins and what should go in them. It feels good to know that the Green Team is helping the school environment to get better. We have learnt about many different topics like Nude Food and a worm farm.

Attendance Matters

Punchbowl Public School send SMS notifications to parents to request explanation of student absences daily.

Please respond to the text and provide a reason for the absence.

You will not be required to send a note if you respond to the text.

If you have a medical certificate to explain an absence this can be emailed to the school or handed to the class teacher, in person when your child returns to school.  The school SMS system is unable to accept MMS (photo) messages. Please do not send images via SMS. They will not be able to be read. 

A reminder that parents are required to explain the absences of their children from school promptly and within seven days to the school.

More information for parents regarding Compulsory Attendance in English can be found here. This information is also available in languages other than English, click here


During their library co-teaching sessions, students from Stage 2 have been learning about different celebrations. They’ve delved into the topic through exciting picture books that align with events happening in society - e.g., Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week and Refugee Week. Some of the stories they’ve enjoyed are: Sorry Day by Coral Vass, Welcome to Country by Aunty Joy Murphy & Lisa Kennedy, My Two Blankets by Irena Kobald & Freya Blackwood and Stepping Stones by Margriet Ruurs & Nizar Ali Badr.

Utilising several learning processes such as the Donut, Bus Stop, Graffiti Wall and Gallery Walk, students have shared their thoughtful understanding of events. This has given teachers an insight into their many faceted qualities, in particular empathy, kindness, and care. I encourage you to have a chat with your child about their learning regularly.

Mrs Matthews - Teacher Librarian


Have a read of some students’ comments:

What is Refugee Week?

Refugee Week is a commemoration. It is a sad reminder of people going through war.

Osman G, 4 Inspire.

Who is a refugee?

A refugee is someone who goes to another place because it’s not safe for them to stay in their country. For example, the Russia and Ukraine war people had to move and go to a new place to be safe. We care for people that are going through war.

Mohammed M, 4 Inspire

Why do we acknowledge Refugee Week?

Because people in other countries have war and some die so that is why we should acknowledge Refugee Week.

Omar, 4 Inspire

Because some people don’t have peace like us and because we care about what they went through.

Iman. A 4 Inspire


It has been wonderful witnessing all the students who have received PBL awards this term. The students who have been receiving awards have demonstrated the school's values by being safe, respectful learners. Well done to those students who have also been awards their pennant awards this term. Keep up the amazing effort and looking forward to seeing more award recipients!

Gardening Club

We were so excited at the gardening club to start eating from our garden. Students helped Mrs Roffaell to make a potato salad (the Egyptian way 😊). As a team, we collected the parsley, coriander, garlic chives from our garden and added them to boiled potatoes. Then, we mixed it with spices like salt, pepper, cumin as well as lemon juice and olive oil. The students really enjoyed it and loved the experience and the flavour.

Check your emails regularly and keep your contact details up to date with the school office.

An important message from the school office - School Bytes Parent Portal

Our school uses School Bytes for online permission notes and payments that can be accessed via a parent portal. The School Bytes parent portal enables you to view all your children in one portal and process payments for multiple siblings in one transaction.

Once your portal has been activated you can use it to give consent for events, process online payments and view the school calendar.

To set up your parent portal follow the steps in the guide Parent Portal: Set up your parent portal account.

Contact the school should you have any questions. 

Local Community News and Events

Free School Holiday Program

Laughing Yoga will be back at Revesby Primary School these Winter holidays on July 6th!

Parents, carers and children can come along and have loads of FUN together doing playful laughing & breathing exercises.

Laughing yoga has far-ranging benefits to our physical health, mental health, and social wellbeing.

You will come away from this one-hour session feeling invigorated.

Follow the link to register

 Laughing Yoga - Revesby Public School Tickets, Thu, Jul 6, 2023 at 12:30 PM | Eventbrite

Midford - Punchbowl Public School Uniform Pricelist

Please note that we at Midford School uniforms will be accepting the $150.00 Back To School Vouchers


Canterbury Bankstown

NAIDOC Week is an opportunity to celebrate the significance of our Aboriginal heritage and the important contribution that the Canterbury-Bankstown’s Aboriginal population make in our community and across our vibrant City. The program of events will celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, history and heritage; as well as embrace the NAIDOC 2023 theme, ‘For Our Elders’, a homage to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and their ongoing contributions to communities across the country.

Council’s flagship NAIDOC Family Fun Day event will be held at the Bankstown City Gardens from 10am-3pm on Saturday, 1 July. This fun and inclusive event will feature performances from First Nations artists, workshops, stalls, a FREE barbeque and more. Come along and enjoy a great day celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, heritage and history!

Follow the link to find our more about NAIDOC week events 

School Holiday Fun at Flower Power

Kids’ Gardening Classes are completely free to all children and will be run at 11am every weekday during the school holiday period: Monday 3 – Friday 7 and Monday 10 – Friday 14 July 2023. Classes run for 30 minutes to an hour.


Kids’ Gardening Classes are held at all 10 Flower Power Garden Centres across Sydney. Click here to find your nearest location.

A community message from Lidcombe Sportability Club.

FREE school holiday programs we will be running in Western Sydney this July 2023 school holidays, primarily for children and teenagers with disability.All young people with disability are welcome including those with physical, sensory and intellectual disability. Siblings can also attend for FREE! Sportability Clubs provide inclusive and accessible multisport programs and are designed to make sport fun! We run a range of different activities including Pickleball, Dodgeball and other mini games to build skills.

Coaches are fully qualified, speak multiple languages and are just lovely people. They can modify activities to suit any ability.

Lidcombe Sportability Club

Date: Tuesday 4th and 11th July 2023

Ages 5-11: 10am-11am

Ages 12-18: 11am-12pm

Place: Auburn Youth Centre, Church St, Wyatt Park Lidcombe

Register at the link here or via the QR code on the flyer.

Contact Alison Jones, Project Coordinator

M:   0410144372  


for more information. 

SkoolBag > Audiri

You may have noticed that your Skoolbag app is now called ‘AUDIRI’.

This is a rebranding and all log in details will remain the same. If your device is set to auto update your app will have now changed to AUDIRI. If not all you need to do is update your ‘Skoolbag’ app on your device. All regular notices and newsletters will continue to be communicated through the app. 

Download the flyer attached to find out more.


This page provides the latest advice for parents and carers on the department’s response to the pandemic. This guide is updated regularly based on advice from NSW Health. Please check this regularly.