September 14th (Term 3 - Week 8)

Parent Calendar


  • Sat 16th  & Sun 17th - First Holy Communion Celebration
  • Mon 18th Sept - Soccer Presentation Evening 
  • Thurs, 21st Sept - Catholic Schools cricket Carnival
  • Fri, 22nd Sept - Year 2 Italian Night 5-8pm
  • 23rd & 24th Sept, First Holy Communion Celebration
  • Mon 25th Sept, The Carly Ryan Presentation - Online Safety Parent Session 6.30pm - 8pm
  • Wed, 27th Sept, Reception Assembly 
  • Thurs, 28th Sept Choir Performance - Adelaide Festival Theatre
  • Fri, 29 Sep - Last Day of School 12:30pm dismissal


  • Mon, 16 Oct - First Day of School
  • Wed, 25th Oct - STEM Showcase
  • Wed, 25th Oct - P & F Meeting
  • Fri, 27th Oct - Year 1 Excursion
  • Wed, 1st Nov- School Board Meeting
  • Wed, 8th Nov - Instrumental Concert
  • Mon, 13th Nov 5.15pm Children's University Graduation
  • Wed, 29th Nov - P & F Meeting 
  • Wed, 29th Nov - School Board Meeting
  • Tues, 12th Dec -Thanksgiving Mass
  • Tues, 12th Dec - Year 6 Graduation
  • Thurs, 14th Dec - Last Day of School 3:05pm dismissal
  • Thurs, 14th Dec- Leadership Assembly
  • Thurs, 14th Dec- Year 6 Graduation Party
  • Fri, 15th Dec - Pupil Free Day


Frank Congedi

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Parent Session Cyber Safety Monday 25th of September 6:30pm to 8:00pm

This year our school has organized the Carly Ryan Foundation to run a session with the Year 5 and 6 children during the day and then a parent session for all members of our school community in the evening from 6:30pm to 8:00pm on Monday 25th of September.

I strongly encourage all parents to consider attending this session as I believe that cyber safety is one of the most challenging aspects of being a parent at present. Please let us know if you can attend on the evening so we can plan for seating in our new Caritas Building upstairs.

Please remember that no primary school child should be on any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Discord nor create Tik Tok Accounts or create You Tube Channels. There is a responsibility by all parents to provide a safe environment for their own child and other children in our school community.

The only one acceptable platform is Kids Messenger and parents need to closely monitor conversations.

Winter Uniforms in Terms 2 and 3

I am continuing to notice a high number of children in shorts, short sleeve shirts and no tie. I take this opportunity to remind all our school community that parents are responsible for ensuring that their child is wearing the correct school winter uniform in Terms 2 and 3.

This includes:

· school leather shoes

· trousers

· long shirt

· tie

· jumper

Please note that in these last few weeks on Term 3, if the weather is considered too warm (e.g. 30 degrees or above) we will guide our parents through Audiri with alternative arrangements such as wearing their sports uniform.

Building Update

Thank you for your ongoing patience during Stage 1B of our Masterplan. The excitement is building as we are anticipating that the new student toilets and new re-furbished library will be delivered to the school during the September/October term break and, therefore, will be available in Term 4. The Performing Arts, new canteen, new office areas and new staffroom will be delivered around middle of November at this stage.

Planning for Stage 2 of the Masterplan, which involves creating a larger play area for the children, is now underway. It will formally commence with the 3 transportables been taken away during the December/January holidays, then we plan to first demolish the two houses the school owns and create a second kicking area.

Once this is complete, we hope to demolish the Tenison Building to make space for a new Reception to Year 2 Junior Primary playground, a separate Years 3 to 6 playground and more kicking space. This will take most of next year to complete and will eventually significantly increase the play area for our children.

Thank you for all that you do to support our school.

Every volunteer helping on the School Board, Parents and Friends, in the canteen, supervising excursion or carnivals, every coach and team manager is continuing to build our community, providing additional opportunities for our children and help to reduce costs for the school which, in turn, is continuing to help with what we are hoping to achieve in our Masterplan for our children in this Catholic School Community.

Kind Regards

Frank Congedi

Carly Ryan Foundation Presentation - Parent Session

We welcome and encourage all parents to attend the below Carly Ryan Presentation- Online Safety -Parent Session -  on Monday 25th September 6.30pm - 8pm


Josh Page

September – Catholic Charities month

Every September is Catholic Charities month – whereby the Adelaide Archdiocese promotes the Catholic Charities and Catholic Welfare agencies that are present within the community, to raise awareness of the critical care and support they provide for people across Adelaide.

Further information about the Catholic Charities seeking support are listing in a pamphlet that has been sent home this week with the eldest child in every family. Any support you are able to provide is greatly appreciated.

Living Learning Leading (LLL) Surveys

Thank you to our families who completed the recent LLL parent survey – we had over 70 families complete the survey which will provide the school with valuable feedback about our strengths, and opportunities across four different domains.

As part of the parent survey – we offered the chance to win a $100 Coles Myer Gift Card for any parent who completed the survey. This prize has been drawn and the winner was Sandra R (Parent of Isabel/Patrick).

ReLAT – Religious Literacy Test – Year 4 students

This week our Year 4 students participated in an online assessment in Religious Education. This assessment has been developed by the Catholic Education Office and is based on the learning outcomes identified in the Crossways Religious Education Framework. ReLAT is designed to assess some of the basic knowledge taught in Religious Education lessons., across the past four years of a child’s schooling in a Catholic School, via a series of 35 multiple choice questions. Please note that the assessment is not a measure of a child’s faith or their participation in the broader life of the Catholic community. The data from the ReLAT assessment is used by our school to inform the learning needs of students and staff.

Kind Regards,

Josh Page


Healing Mass Thursday 14th September Rosary 7pm, Mass 7:30pm  including the Sacrament of Anointing, followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Reconciliation, Prayer Ministry with Candlelit music in the Spirit of Taize, and individual blessings with the Blessed Sacrament in the Monstrance.

Tea/Coffee available All welcome. At Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church 420 Seaview Road Henley Beach. Enquiries: Pauline 0403002240

Healing Weekend

A Healing Weekend will be held on Saturday 30th September 11am - 4:30pm and Sunday 1st October 9:30am - 4pm At Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church 420 Seaview Road Henley Beach.

Speaker: Fr Manu Kumbidiyamackal MSFS. Topics:

What is healing? Inner healing Healing of the family tree

The healing power of forgiveness The healing power of listening            The healing power of the SacramentsGeneral prayer for Inner healing.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Reconciliation, Sunday Mass.

Please bring your own lunch tea/coffee provided.

Enquiries and bookings phone Pauline 0403002240 by 28th September cost by donation All welcome

Year 2 Teacher

Rachel Cagliuso

Aboriginal Art

In Year 2 we have been learning about Aboriginal Art and its significance in Australia.

We have been blessed to have had an Artist in Residence – Nikki Carabetta working with us to aid in our exploration and creation of our own artworks.

Nikki has taught us that Aboriginal artists usually aim to tell a story through their art and use symbols to do this. Their stories are usually about their own lives or nature.

They are also sometimes used to teach us something such as an important life skill. We had a go at creating our own pieces of artwork to tell a story using traditional Aboriginal symbols.

Here are some we would like to share with you.

Music Teacher

Melanie Harrald


Annual Instrumental Music Concert

If your child has been enrolled in the Whitefriars Instrumental Program in 2023, please take note that our music concert for this year will be held on site, at school on

Wednesday 8th November

As in previous years, you will be able to choose from three sessions at 4pm, 5pm and 6:30pm.

Please look out for the letter to sign up, sent home early next term.

Sports Teacher

Aidan Brigden

Volunteers Board

Volunteering at Whitefriars

Each year we have over 100 registered volunteers who help our school in so many different ways, contributing to our school and supporting children and staff.  Registered volunteers contribute to the school community in just some of the following ways:

  • School Board 
  • Parents & Friends events
  • After School Sports (Coaches and Team Managers)
  • Canteen
  • Learning Assistance Program (LAP)
  • Reading with children
  • Assisting at excursions

All volunteers are required to obtain appropriate clearances, including a Department of Human Services (DHS) Clearance and Catholic Clearance.

Once submitted, clearances may take up to 6 weeks to process.

When you receive your clearance or card please bring this into the office for us to update to the Volunteer Register.

If you would like to volunteer, please see staff in the front office for a Volunteer Information Pack and support in registering as a volunteer.

Please see below for current volunteers wanted in our school.

Canteen Volunteers

Thankyou to the following volunteers assisting in Term 3, Week 9 & 10.




Help Needed



Help needed





Tina Bodjo Help needed

11.30am - 1.30pm 



Wendy Forrest



Help needed


Help Needed



Tina Bodjo Help

needed 11.30am - 1.30pm 


Wendy Forrest


If you would like to contribute to this wonderful school community and spend some of your day making delicious food, chatting and laughing in good company, having fun and of course drinking coffee, whether you are able to assist for both recess and lunch, or just an hour, it makes a huge difference and we would love to have you join us.

  • Monday - Friday
  • Times: all day (9-1:30pm), recess (10:50-11:30am), lunch (12:50-1:30pm) or just an hour wherever you can!
  • Tasks include: Making popcorns, jellies, sandwiches, assembling burgers, serving at the counter, packing lunches and stacking the chip rack.

Tasks are given in very easy, manageable steps so everyone can comfortably learn as you go.  No experience necessary!

If you would like to volunteer some time in the Canteen or would like to ask questions about what is involved, please contact Iris at the Canteen before school.

Iris Mori

Canteen Manager

Community News

Parents and Friends

OHSC - Enrolment Instructions


Whitefriars Catholic School

In All Things Kindness

Principal: Frank Congedi

Deputy Principal: Catia Frasca

APRIM: Joshua Page


OSHC & Vacation Care:



YMCA:            8200 2516

OHSC:            459 988 149 (only in opening hours)

Croydon Park Parish Office: 8346 0944

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge and pay our respect to the Kaurna people as the traditional owners of the land of Mikawomma on which Whitefriars Catholic School is located.  We come with open hearts and minds to listen and learn from Elders - past, present and emerging.