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2023 Volume 4 Issue 8


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From the Principal's Desk...

Thank you, Will Crutchley & Team + Adam Spencer

You may have noticed the very smart-looking decking that was installed around the bell tower a few months ago. This beautiful craftsmanship was thanks to the extremely generous donation of time from Will Crutchley (Dad of Teddy in Kindy), and his team at *Hatch Constructions*, as well as Adam Spencer (Dad of Billie in 1/2A), who dedicated two whole weekends of their time, so the children would have another place to sit during their lunch break. A big thank you for your efforts, Will and Adam, (and team), from the Balmain Public School Community and the P&C. This was a hugely generous gesture. A new friend has been permanently placed in your honour at the back of the decking. Look out for him when you're next at assembly or visiting our school.

PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING! We're collecting plastic bottle lids for a special project. Please wash and dry instead of recycling. There is a collection box in the foyer, outside the office. Thanks so much for your help!

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Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)


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Team P&C

P&C December Meeting

Date and Time

From Wednesday, December. 6th, 7:00 pm to Wednesday, December. 6th, 8:30 pm


Royal Oak Hotel, College Street, Balmain NSW, AustraliaGet Directions


We are holding the meeting in person (upstairs at The Royal Oak Hotel) and over Zoom (link below).

New Members

All are welcome! If you are not yet a P&C member and would like to join, please complete the attached NEW MEMBERSHIP form and return via email balmainpspc@gmail.com. Financial contribution ($0.50) required for membership can be made at the meeting (contactless payment available).

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 822 5073 6053

Passcode: 616745

December Meeting Agenda


November Meeting Minutes


P&C Membership form


To see what else we've been up to this week, head over to @balmainps!

***COMPASS IS OUR MAIN FORM OF COMMUNICATING WITH YOU***In case of urgent/important communication, notifications via the Compass app on your phone will keep you informed***

To ensure you receive all communication via Compass, please have the app downloaded on your phone, with the notifications turned ON.

Although the school pushes out notifications via the app and email, there may be times when an important message may be missed as emails may sometimes not be checked regularly.

If there were to be an emergency, (hopefully not), information would be pushed out via Compass.

From the Office


**NEW: Making Payments via COMPASS**

When you access your Compass App, you will now see 'Payments Centre' on the top right...click on 'Click here for more information'

Any DUE or OUTSTANDING payments will be visible here...


Payments online

All online payments are now made using COMPASS.

Dropping something off?

Please label item/s with their full name and class.


Please use the Compass app to notify your child's teacher of their absence/s.

Kindy Parents/Carers

Sometimes children have 'accidents'. Where possible, we provide them with a clean dry change of clothes. Please keep spare underpants and socks in their bag, just in case.

Dropping off/collecting your child

If you are collecting your child early or dropping them off late, please come to the Office window on Eaton Street. Squeeze 'Charlie' the Chook and we will organise a note for the student.  Also, if you are dropping anything off for your child, please ensure all items are LABELLED with full name & class.

Change of address/contacts

If you have moved recently or changed Emergency Contacts or mobile numbers, please email the Office so details can be updated.

Financial Difficulties

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the office or Mrs Lambos.


MON 4 DEC | Year 5 2024 Opportunity Class Orientation

TUE 5 DEC | Year 6 Day Out

WED 6 DEC | House Points Winners - Special event

If your child is in Blue Gum, they may wear their sport t-shirt, with school uniform and sports shoes, as they will be participating in a special event during the school day!

WED 6 DEC | P&C Meeting

Details above in P&C section

THU 7 DEC | Whole-School Picnic

led by our Ministers - Gladstone Park

MON 11 DEC | Year 6 Graduation

TUE 12 DEC | Celebration of Learning

10:00 - 11:00 am - K-2 

1:45 - 2:45 pm - 3-6

Venue: COLA (as for assembly)

WED 13 DEC | Salvo's Christmas Giving Assembly

Venue: COLA (as for assembly)

THU 14 DEC | Stage 2 & 3 Talent Show

Students only

FRI 15 DEC | Last Day of School

Leavers' Arch @ 2:55pm

Every FRIDAY (weather permitting) | AWARDS ASSEMBLY

Please leave your furry friends at home...

Every FRIDAY | Uniform Stall

Order items online here

The best way to order new uniforms is online and they will be delivered to children's classrooms each Friday morning.

Come to the uniform stall if you need to try items on for size.

Second Chance items are available the first Friday of every month during the school term. 

If you would like to volunteer to help, please either email us at balmainpsuniforms@gmail.com or sign up via the link

Located on the ground floor, next to the ConneXion Hub.

Every FRIDAY | The School Canteen: Special request for parents and carers to cancel their lunch orders if their child is not going to be at school for lunch, by texting 0416 786 603 with their child’s full name and class. In return, an sms will be sent back to confirm the order has been cancelled and all monies returned in full to the child’s Spriggy school account.

P&C Meetings | via Zoom and offsite (in-person) @ 7pm

Meeting dates:

  • Wednesday 6 December



K Gigli - Mrs L Goodridge & Ms A DavisRemy Rmaking an excellent effort to complete his writing neatly
K Wheat(ies) - Ms K WithersArlo Shis enthusiastic and imaginative approach to tasks
1/2 Angel Hair - Mrs E ArchibaldPaloma Lalways treating students and teachers with kindness
1/2 Jowar - Ms L JennettJoshua Balways being a warm, kind and helpful Balmain friend
1/2 Lasagne - Ms N LydonAnnie Genthusiastically sharing her skills of French knitting with the class
1/2 Pappardelle - Ms S Parsons & Ms A DavisSovereign Mworking persistently to produce outstanding writing
3/4 Bigoli - Ms K BarcenillaMarla Hsharing her sense of humour and letting her confidence shine in all aspects of her school life
3/4 Cavatappi - Ms A CooperLeto Jhis insightful knowledge and comments about the different forms of life on planet Earth
3/4 Macaroni - Ms R McListerElliot Jhis exceptional effort and creativity in writing
5/6 Bucatini - Ms L Burke & Mr T KimJacob Adisplaying his deep passion for his musical idol through his writing
5/6 Couscous - Ms A MannionEirlys Jdemonstrating self-awareness and standing up for what she believes in
5/6 Egg Noodles - Mr G ElixZoe Papproaching learning with creativity, and bringing joy to the classroom
5/6 Pearl - Mrs A PitmanIndi Mbeing a team player and a genuinely reliable human being
5/6 Ragi - Ms R ReedyKayden Ybeing an upstanding and engaged learner in The Treehouse. I'm so proud of how far you've come this year!!
STEAM K-2 - Mrs S LoxtonLily K KWdemonstrating advanced coding in her Christmas Scratch Jnr. scene
STEAM 3-6 - Mrs S LoxtonLachlan C 3/4Mattention to detail and perseverance when teaching himself to code


K Gigli - Mrs L Goodridge & Ms A DavisMillie BKindness - having lovely manners and treating others with care and respect
K Wheat(ies) - Ms K WithersEsther T CPerseverance - focusing on extending her writing and crafting beautifully written sentences
1/2 Angel Hair - Mrs E ArchibaldLane WLeadership - demonstrating a growth mindset and encouraging others
1/2 Jowar - Ms L JennettVictoria WPerseverance - demonstrating growth and engagement in learning
1/2 Lasagne - Ms N LydonAlex QLeadership - encouraging and supporting others and in and on the playground
1/2 Pappardelle - Ms S Parsons & Ms A DavisAdam FTeamwork - being a helpful and contributing team member
3/4 Bigoli - Ms K BarcenillaCharlotte OResilience - staying cool, calm and collected when moving past challenges and distractions
3/4 Cavatappi - Ms A CooperJasper GTeamwork - making imaginative and constructive decisions during drama group work
3/4 Macaroni - Ms R McListerChloe CPerseverance - trying her best at everything and showing off her incredible speed and skills in sport!
5/6 Bucatini - Ms L Burke & Mr T KimJames L-McBHumour - sharing his joyfulness, fun and good-natured spirit towards all activities at school
5/6 Couscous - Ms A MannionDemi GLeadership - showing initiative and leading by example during group projects
5/6 Egg Noodles - Mr G ElixKai McBEnthusiasm - engaging with his learning through creativity, passion and vision
5/6 Pearl - Mrs A PitmanJad JHelpfulness - being responsible and reliable when helping clean up around the school
5/6 Ragi - Ms R ReedyEthan PJoy - a positive, helpful and hardworking approach to learning

House Points...


Best Class @ Assembly Award

Each week, a mystery teacher will choose the class that has followed the 'Balmain Way'. They will be entitled to 10 minutes extra play!

Positive Pete Winners

This week's winners...


3/4 CAVATAPPI!!!!!

3/4C is a lot of things but, most of all, we are dramatic! This term, we have used all of the skills we learned in drama and combined them with our writing skills, to compose and perform fractured fairytale plays.

In script writing, we have been making fractured fairy tale scripts and we have done the three little pigs, what we have changed is the wolf is now building the houses and three pigs destroy the houses and then the pigs take the wolf hostage and tries to get info from the wolf but the wolf doesn’t have info so they let him go. By Ollie, Henry, Cooper and Ed

We have been doing a fractured fairytale play. Our fairytale play is about Little Red Riding Hood. In our script there are two wolves and they don't eat the grandma, and we have added a grandpa character. It has been so much fun, we love doing this as a group and we can't wait to perform. By Lily O, Poppy, Skye, Camilla and Lizzie

In drama we are doing a fractured fairy tale ours is little bad riding hood it is about a wolf who needs to find a cure for his grandmother but this is why we have little bad riding hood to make things harder for the wolf it is really fun and I think we have done a really good job By Sophia, Sunny, Leto and Patrick

3/4 MACARONI!!!!!

In Geography, we have learned about lots of different biomes - Tundra, Desert, Temperate Grasslands, and Coniferous forests to name just a few! We have enjoyed researching and presenting our findings in lots of different ways...On Fridays we have loved Gymnastics and keeping fit and flexible! 3/4M are stars on the bars if we do say so ourselves!! Finally, a sneak peek at our little class project which we’ve been working on for the special Salvos Giving Assembly, which has been so fun (and sticky) to collaboratively design and work on as a class! Happy December! Love from 3/4M.


From a valued P&C supporter...


Balmain Public School children are expected to wear full school uniform, including a school hat, every day. All children are required to wear full school uniform when representing the school on excursions, at sporting events or at cultural activities.