School Newsletter

Edition 24: Term 1, Week 6

Pupil Free Day - this Friday 8th March

What you'll find in this week's Newsletter:

  • From the Principal
    • Student Leaders
    • NAPLAN
    • Board Update
    • Parents and Friends Update
    • Come and Play Day, March 23rd - Volunteers Required
  • From the APRIM - Religious Education News
    • Lent
    • Holy Week
    • St Joseph's Feast Day Mass
    • Children's University
  • Parents & Friends News
    • Class Representatives
    • Come & Play Day Volunteers
    • Kyton's Lamingtons and Hot Cross Buns
    • Next P&F Meeting
  • School News & Reminders
    • Letterbox Drop
    • Western SAPSASA Registration
    • Yr 3-6 - SACPSSA Swimming Carnival
    • Yr 4-6 - SACPSSA Basketball Carnival

Diary Dates

Term 1

Friday 8th March📣 Pupil Free Day - OSHC Available
Monday 11th March🐎 Public Holiday - Adelaide Cup
Tuesday 19th March💙 St Joseph's Feast Day
Wednesday 20th March✝️ Mass - Feast Day of St Joseph
Thursday 21st March🧡 Harmony Day
Saturday 23rd March🛝 Come & Play Day
Friday 29th March✝️ Public Holiday - Good Friday
Monday 1st April🐣 Public Holiday - Easter Monday
Tuesday 2nd April✝️ Mass - Easter
Friday 12th April⏰ Last day of Term 1, finish at 3.00 pm

Term Dates

Term 1Monday 29th January - Friday 12th April
Term 2Monday 29th April - Friday 5th July
Term 3Monday 22nd July - Friday 27th September
Term 4Monday 14th October - Wednesday 11th December

From the Principal

Student Leaders

Our SRC representatives have recently discussed the use of our school yard at play times and have come up with some great ideas to share the space and engage students in active and quiet play.  They have created a roster for the oval and larger play equipment as well as instigated the inclusion of the hall as a quiet play space and the use of organised games on the office lawn.  This is student agency at it’s finest!  Many thanks to our SRC for these initiatives and to Celine Grandioso for facilitating their meetings and guiding their ideas.

Our 2024 Semester 1 SRC Leaders

Reception CAubrey and Julen
Reception SLac and Elliot
Year 1/2 BAngelique and Angus S
Year 1/2 MLiya and Axel

Year 1/2 RW

Charlotte and Romeo
Year 3/4 ABRuby F and Jasraj
Year 3/4 IBruktawit and Bartholomew
Year 3/4 NMackenzie and Oscar
Year 5/6 DGLeandra and Nahom
Year 5/6 OLotye and Phoenix
Year 5/6 TSophie and Jack


The National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy will take place for our Year 3 and 5 students from 13 March. 

‘This is a nationwide measure through which parents/carers, teachers, schools, education authorities, governments and the broader community can determine whether or not young Australians are developing the literacy and numeracy skills that provide the critical foundation for other learning and for their productive and rewarding participation in the community.

The tests support monitoring and evaluating of the performance of schools and school systems in these fundamental capabilities. They also provide schools, states and territories with information about how education approaches are working, areas to be prioritised for improvement, and those schools requiring support in the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy.

NAPLAN tests are one aspect of each school’s assessment and reporting process and do not replace the extensive, ongoing assessments made by teachers about each student’s performance. Each teacher will have the best insight into their students’ educational progress. Parents/carers can use NAPLAN reports, along with other school assessment reports, to discuss their child’s strengths and areas for improvement with their teacher. NAPLAN results do not measure overall school quality.’ 

Learn more about NAPLAN here 👉

Board Update

The 2024 School Board met for the first time recently.  In addition to looking at the budget and area updates, general business included a look at the school’s Annual Improvement Plan, engagement in the school’s master planning process and a discussion regarding the school uniform review.

We are working with Grieve Gillett Architects to come up with a ‘big picture’ plan for the school’s facilities to grow and develop over time. When the masterplan is finalised, it will be shared with the community.  It is unlikely that significant development works will take place in the next few years given the recent play space development and purchase of the adjourning property for future development, however it is important to plan ahead to ensure our school facilities can meet the needs of our students and families in the years to come.

Late last year feedback was collected from the school community regarding the current school uniform.  Excellent feedback was collected and collated and is now being considered by the school board to determine what refinements may be needed to ensure best quality, comfort and suitability for our students and families.  Recently our Preschool to Year 2 families have been asked for their thoughts in relation to strong feedback regarding the wearing of the Sports Uniform in the Early Years.  Please take the time to respond if this survey was sent to you!

Parents and Friends Update

I am pleased to say that Andrea Boseley (mother of Coco in Year 2) has agreed to take on some overall management of the Parents and Friends group this year.

A ‘Come and Try’ meeting was held on Monday and several of our parents attended.  Our approach this year is to share the responsibility and the fun!  We will be calling for representatives from each class Preschool to Year 5/6 to take some leadership in coordinating one P&F event with their fellow volunteers for the year.  Please consider putting up your hand – ideally, we would have 2-3 people from each class as event coordinators.  Please watch Audiri for more information.

As Rebekah Walton shared with us at the AGM, our Parents and Friends strive to work together to bring to life the mission ‘In all things love’ by building and strengthening communty, building school enthusiasm and pride, promoting effective communication within the community, striving for ongoing positive learning and life outcomes for our children and fundraising for the improvement of our school community.

Come and Play Day, March 23rd – Volunteers Required

Following the success of last year’s Come and Play Day, we will again open our gates to families who may wish to access our play space and find out more about our school and what we offer. If you know someone who would like to know more about our school, or just bring their little ones for a play, please let them know. Gates will open at 10:30am and close at 1:30pm.  School tours will be available. If you are one of our registered volunteers and are able to come along and help for an hour on the day to cook sausages or sell ice blocks/ drinks, please respond via this link

Religious Education News

From the APRIM


During Lent we are called to strengthen our connection with God and remember Christ’s sacrifice for all humanity. Through Project Compassion we journey towards a brighter tomorrow. This year's theme, "For All Future Generations," draws inspiration from the Bible's burning bush story (Exodus 3:1-20). This theme reminds us that the good that we do today will create a lasting impact for generations to come. At St Joseph’s School Hindmarsh, we are committed to encouraging students to reflect on the true meaning of Lent and Easter through our ongoing support for Caritas.

Holy Week

Holy Week marks the last week of the Christian season of Lent, the week leading up to Easter.  During Holy Week, we will be coming together as a school community to engage in prayerful reflections on the significant events of this important time. Parents and Caregivers are welcome to attend. Please refer to Audiri in the coming week for details including hosting class, time and venue.

St Joseph’s Feast Day Mass

St Joseph was the husband of Mary and the father of Jesus. God called Joseph, a simple carpenter, to care for and protect Mary and Jesus. With great faith and trust, he accepted God’s call. You are warmly welcomed to join us celebrate our St Joseph’s Feast Day Mass on:

✝️ Tuesday 19th March, 9.00 am in the School Hall

Children’s University

A gentle reminder that registrations for The Children's University Adelaide close on the 8th March 2024. The Children’s University is an innovative program that engages children and young people in exciting, out-of-school learning opportunities to increase their chances for educational achievement and rewards them for taking responsibility for their own learning. Please click on the link below for more detailed information and to register your child’s interest.

👉 Click here for more detailed information and to register your child’s interest.

Please note that registrations close on the 8th March 2024.

Parents & Friends News

Class Representatives

After Monday’s successful meeting several suggestions were considered and planned for the upcoming year.

Firstly, P and F events rely upon volunteers. We would like to establish parent representatives from each class (approximately 2-3 would be great).  From there we will allocate one event for the year to either a class or year level to coordinate. If coming together for a meeting is too hard, a What’s App group could be formed amongst the organisers to manage planning for that event.

👉 If you would like to volunteer as a class representative, and you have your volunteer clearances in place, please nominate at this link ASAP or by Friday 15th March.

Come & Play Day Volunteers

Secondly, the Come and Play Day is fast upon us for March 23.  The school will coordinate this event, however, will be calling for volunteers to help on the day. 

👉 If you can help on this day, click here to complete the registration form

Kyton's Lamingtons and Hot Cross Buns

Thirdly, the delicious lamingtons and hot cross buns from Kyton’s will be available for purchase again through the QKR APP.  Keep an eye out for that one again very soon!

Next P&F Meeting

The next P and F meeting is scheduled for:

📅 Monday 18th March
🕑 at 2:15pm in the Staff Room

At this meeting we will allocate events to class/year level representatives so if you are able to assist in this overall coordination, please come along, join in to share and be available for school pickup at 3pm.

Andrea Boseley

School News & Reminders

📮 Letterbox Drop

We need your help! 

Our Come & Play Day is just around the corner and we want to invite our local community. 

We're looking for volunteers to do a letterbox drop to distribute some flyers about our Come & Play Day event.

👉 If you're interested in volunteering, please come and see Maria in the Front Office to collect your pack and to let us know what streets you'll be distributing to.

Many hands make light work 😊 Thank you!

Western SAPSASA Registration

Our school is a part of the WESTERN SAPSASA District.  School Sport SA provides students with opportunities to compete in their chosen sport by representing their school, their District, or their State.

Students who are in years 5 and 6 have opportunities to compete in the following sports:

🏃‍♂️ Athletics
🏏 Cricket
🏁 Cross Country
🏑 Hockey
⚽️ Soccer
🥎 Softball
🎾 Tennis
🏐 Volleyball

If your child is are keen to play in any of these sports, please register your child today by following this link.

🏊 Yr 3-6 - SACPSSA Swimming Carnival

The SACPSSA Swimming Trials are soon! If your child would like to represent our school and are interested in attending please complete this form.

More information about the event will be released soon.

📅 Date: Tuesday 12th March
🕖 Time: 7.15am - 7.45am
📍 Location: Seaton Swimming Pool

🙂 Who can participate in trials? Year 3 to 6 students

🚗 Transport: Parent/Guardians to take their child to swimming pool and bring them back to school

⛹️‍♂️ Yr 4-6 - SACPSSA Basketball Carnival

SACPSSA is offering a new sport carnival this year - BASKETBALL!

Our school can register two teams, 1x girls team and 1x boys team with a min of 7 players each. If your child is interested in playing please complete this form.

📅 Dates: Thursday 13th June (Section 1) and Friday 14th June (Section 2) 

🙂 Who can participate in carnival? Now open to years 4 - 6

🚗 Transport: TBC

More information will be released soon.

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