St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

2 August 2023

Bernadette Brennan - Principal

OSHC Coordinator

I am pleased to welcome our new Outside School Hours Care Coordinator Nita Jones to the St Joseph's Wandal staff. Nita comes from a long background working in the childcare realm and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Nita is spending her first few weeks visiting the various OSHC services across Rockhampton and getting to know the students and staff in our service. I'm sure you will welcome and support Nita as she joins our team. 

Meet the School Board

What is your name?

Bryan Cranston.

I am a politics and public policy professor and lead the Politics and Social Science academic department at Swinburne University Online. 


Where were you born?

I was born and raised in Rockhampton, but post-schooling, I lived in Brisbane, Melbourne, Coffs Harbour and Hervey Bay before returning to Rockhampton in 2020.


What is your connection with St Joseph’s Wandal?

My niece (for whom I am a guardian) currently attends St Joseph’s. Her siblings also attended St Joseph’s, as did I from 1980-1983; whilst some parts of the school have changed, much of it is just as it was when I attended (the Year One classroom is my old Year One room, but we didn’t have the luxuries of carpet and air conditioning in those days).


What do you love most about our school?

I love that the school embraces its wider community to support students’ educational, social, and moral growth. The teaching staff do an excellent job at accommodating the learning needs of each student and working with their families to ensure their educational development is paramount.

What is your name?

Rachael Stewart


Where were you born?



What is your connection with St Joseph’s Wandal?

My sons Henry - past student, Oliver and Edward (Teddy) - current students, attend/ed St Joseph’s Wandal and they are the 4th generation of my family to go to school here starting with my grandfather in the 1930s


What do you love most about our school?

I love that the school maintains a true sense of community. Even though it has changed and grown since I went to school here, it still feels like the same welcoming and warm place where students and their families are supported.

Media Consent Update

This file will help you step through updating your child's Media Consent.

Rheanna Starr - Assistant to Principal Religious Education (APRE)

Catholic Education Week Student Awards

Congratulations to our Student Spirit of Catholic Education recipients and Miss Murphy, our Staff Spirit of Catholic Education recipient. Inspired by Jesus' example, these award recipients are committed to living the school motto, “To love is to Serve.”

Prep – Hugh Christensen

Year 1 – Michael Carrick

Year 2 – Lucy Miles

Year 3 – Ella Rea

Year 4 – Lyla Bills

Year 5 – Chloe Lipke

Year 6 – Liana McGarrigle 

Picnic on the Grass

 It was wonderful to be joined by so many families for our Catholic Education Week Celebrations.  Scroll through for photos of the Picnic on the Grass!

Prayer Assembly

Please join the Year Five classes in the Hall this Friday at 8.35 am as they lead prayer, reflecting on the Sacrament of Confirmation

Term 3 Prayer Assembly Roster

Year LevelPrayer FocusDate
Year 5Prayer Reflection Friday 4 August
Whole School MassMary MacKillop Feast DayWednesday 9 August
Year 3Assumption of MaryFriday 18 August
Year 6Year 6 Camp ReflectionFriday 26 August
Year 1 WhiteFather's Day Prayer ReflectionFriday 31 August
PrepPrayer ReflectionFriday 8 September

Mary MacKillop

The Feast Day of Australia’s saint and our co-founder Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop is Tuesday, 8 August. On Wednesday, 9 August we invite you to join us for Mass in the Hall where Fr Alex will preside. We are invited to reflect on the many virtues St Mary of the Cross MacKillop modelled in her life. Throughout Mary MacKillop's life of great suffering and hardship, she deeply exemplified the virtues of faith, hope, and charity. Be sure to pop in and look at the many wonderful displays in our classrooms, which highlight some of the tremendous achievements St Mary of the Cross Mackillop achieved within her lifetime, inspired by her deep love for God and supported by the Sisters of St Joseph.

Janette McLennan - Assistant to Principal Curriculum (APC)

NAPLAN information for parents/caregivers of students in years three and five

Individual student NAPLAN reports for Year 3 and 5 students have been distributed. The reporting process and format has changed significantly in 2023, so this information explains some of the key changes.


From 2023, NAPLAN results are reported against four proficiency standards to help provide clear information on how students are performing against challenging but reasonable standards of literacy and numeracy at the time of testing. The four proficiency levels for each NAPLAN domain at each year level are as follows: 

·         Exceeding: the student’s result exceeds expectations at the time of testing. 

·         Strong: the student’s result meets challenging but reasonable expectations at the time of testing.

·         Developing: the student’s result indicates that they are working towards expectations at the time of testing.

·         Needs additional support: the student’s result indicates that they are not achieving the learning outcomes expected at the time of testing. They are likely to need additional support to progress satisfactorily.

Accompanying your child's NAPLAN individual student report, you would have found a parent information sheet. This document is a valuable resource containing important details about the new proficiency standards and how test results can help teachers and parents identify strengths and areas where your child may need further assistance.


Should you have any concerns regarding your child's results or wish to discuss them in detail, we encourage you to reach out to your child's teacher. They will be your primary point of contact and can provide valuable insights and support.


Science Week

This year, science week will be held 12 – 20 August, and the theme is, ‘Innovation:  Powering Future Industries’.  The theme incorporates the advancement in technology in all industries, especially using artificial intelligence (AI).

The curriculum focus of the theme is on:

·         Science as a Human Endeavour

·         Chemical Sciences

·         Physical Sciences

·         Earth and Space Sciences, and

·         Biological Sciences.

Classrooms at St Joseph’s Wandal will certainly be full of science learning (and fun), including our ‘Great Big Science Quiz’.

Book Week 19-25 August

Don’t forget that book week will be celebrated 19 – 25 August.  This year will be bigger and better than ever, with our parade on Wednesday, 23 August, and other events such as our big book swap, before school activities and more!