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Monday 18th September Term 3 Week 10

From the Principal

Student Success:

We have had a lot of student success over the past two weeks. The Stage 2 excursion to Sydney was a wonderful learning opportunity with students enjoying the day. Year 2 have had an amazing time at swim school over the past week and will continue to progress in their swimming ability this week. Our Year 5 students visited Warners Bay High last week to experience the Year 7 for a Day program. It is wonderful that we had so many students in our community over the past two weeks and all of them were wonderful ambassadors for our school.

Connecting to Country:

Last week we had several staff members participate in the Connecting to Country training. This training, held by the Kumaridha Aboriginal Education Consultative Group is an authentic opportunity to connect with the local Aboriginal culture and bring that understanding into our school.

Check In Assessments:

The Year 6 students participated in the Year 6 check in assessments today. These assessments, in literacy, numeracy and writing, provide us with important information on how students are progressing with their learning. Year 3, 4 and 5 will complete the assessments early next term.

PBL Reward Day:

This Friday our students will have their PBL Reward Day to recognise all students who have received gotchas over the past term. There are many activities for the students to choose from, including games on the field, handball, karaoke and dancing, art, board games, dodgeball, craft activities. For those who have received 20 gotchas, they will be invited to a pizza party.


This Friday is the last day of Term 3. I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday break. We look forward to seeing you on the first day of Term 4. Students will return to school on Monday 9th October.

Curriculum Reform Update - Mathematics Syllabus


The aim of Mathematics K–10 is to enable students to become confident users of mathematics, learning and applying the language of mathematics to communicate efficiently and effectively. They develop an increasingly sophisticated understanding of mathematical concepts and a fluency with mathematical processes that helps them to interpret and solve problems. Students make connections within mathematics and connect mathematical concepts with the world around them. They learn to understand and appreciate how mathematics is a relevant part of their lives.

Organisation of Mathematics K–10

The syllabus structure illustrates the important role Working mathematically plays across all areas of mathematics and reflects the strengthened connections between concepts. Working mathematically has been embedded in the outcomes, content and examples of the syllabus.

Mathematics K–10 outcomes and their related content are organised in:

  • Number and algebra

  • Measurement and space

  • Statistics and probability

The Working mathematically processes present in the Mathematics K–10 syllabus are:

  • communicating

  • understanding and fluency

  • reasoning

  • problem solving.

Bushfire Season 2023-24

The official Bushfire Danger Period (BFDP) runs from October 1st 2023 to 31st March 2024.  We have recently reviewed and updated our Bushfire and Grassfire Plan for the upcoming season and ask that parents familiarise themselves with the WBPS Emergency Planning and arrangements in the event of a fire.

There is also a parent/carer fact sheet from the Department of Education that has some valuable links to assist with the fire season preparation.

Library News

Book Fair 2023

Our annual Scholastic book fair will be held in Week 7, Term 4 (Monday 20th November to Thursday 23rd November). Information will be shared as we get closer to the event but as a rule, Scholastic send details quite close to the event. 

2023 Principal’s Reading Challenge

The Principal’s Reading Challenge will close on Friday 3rd November (Week 4, Term 4). This will be a firm closing date. Reminders will be sent to students and families as this date approaches, so no one is caught by surprised and left disappointed. 

Mrs Michelle Freund


Kiss and Ride Reminder

The kiss and ride bay on Jones St is a valuable addition to our school. Shortly, we will have a covered shelter and footpath at the bottom gate on Jones Ave. 

In the meantime though, please be conscious about where you are pulling in to drop your child off. Please do not stop over the staff driveway. This not only blocks staff from entering the gates, but is very dangerous for children to be getting out of the car here. 

The bay extends all the way to the bottom of the school boundary, so please drive around and drop off a little further down the road if needed. 

Thanks for your cooperation. 


Warners Bay Public School

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