St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

6 September 2023

Media Consent Update

Media Consent (MC) informs the school of who, when and where we can use photographs of your child. For example, some families are happy for photos to be published in the school newsletter but not on social media.

Thank you to all families who have updated their child's Media Consent; there are still many families who have not completed this task. You assistance in completing this would be appreciated if you need assistance, please call the office.

This file will help you step through updating your child's Media Consent.


Rheanna Starr - Assistant to Principal Religious Education (APRE)

Gospel Prayer Reflection

Jesus reminds us that to be one of his followers we must be prepared to pick up our cross – whatever our particular cross might be – and still follow his example. In what ways do people today give up their lives for their beliefs?

In what ways has someone you know had to ‘take up their cross’ – deal with a great difficulty – and still lived in a positive and hopeful way?

What makes it difficult at times for you to have faith?

Learning in Year 2

Year Two posed some critically reflective questions as they explored how humans are co-creators and stewards of creation.

Term 3 Prayer Assembly Roster

Year LevelPrayer FocusDate
PrepPrayer ReflectionFriday 8 September

Janette McLennan - Assistant to Principal Curriculum (APC)

Australian Curriculum (Version 9):  As you may have heard, the Australian Curriculum has undergone a process of revision.  In 2024, staff at St Joseph's Wandal will implement this revised version in the learning areas of English and Mathematics.  Yesterday at our staff meeting, we looked at some of the impact that using this curriculum will have on our planning and teaching of English.  Staff were committed to ensuring we are all fully prepared for the changes this will bring.  If you are interested in seeing the revised curriculum, it can be found at


Reading at Home - To, With and By:  Reading at home is so important,  These images outline some key benefits.  


Parents/caregivers of students in Prep to Year Two, did you see our awesome seesaw posts last week?  


Please check with your child to ensure that they have working headphones at school.  These are a well-used piece of school equipment.


Touch Football - Link to draw

  Please click on link for Touch Football draw


We are looking for Preps and Yr 6 students for Oztag, email the school if you would like to play - 

The following teams still require coaches or managers:

St Joey's Prep - Coach and Manager

St Joey's Year 6 - Coach

Please click on link to access draw 


Are U OK? Day

Year 2 Open Classroom

Year 4 Science Trivia Night

Medication Form update

The school medication procedures have been reviewed recently and the updated form has been attached for your reference.  

The procedure is for all medications that need to be taken at school, must be delivered to and collected from the administration office by an adult.  Please ensure that medications are labelled in the original container, with an up-to-date script.

A 'Request to Administer Medication at School" form needs to be completed prior to administration.  Any changes to the current form held on file made must be in writing.  This is for the safety of the all students that these procedures are followed.

Thank you for your support in keeping all children in our school safe.


Allenstown School Dentist

Trivia Night

Homework Club Term 4

Vacation Care - September