Churchlands Primary School Newsletter

Volume 56 - 27/10/2023

Principal's Message

Today is World Teacher’s Day. Hats off to teachers! We are so proud of the high caliber of teachers at CPS who are completely dedicated to educating, inspiring, and supporting our students. A huge thank you to our amazing P & C, who so generously organised some super yummy treats for morning tea. Thanks also to TheirCare for providing staff with free coffee. We are so appreciative of the generosity and care provided by our community.

Our P & C plays an integral role in helping to create an engaging school culture. We have seen over the last few years a significant decline in parent volunteers. While we acknowledge that everyone has busy lives, we encourage you to support your children by volunteering in any way you can to ensure the P & C can continue to function in the capacity families are used to. It is crucial if we intend to continue operating the canteen, uniform shop, cake stalls, and all other fundraising activities.

Year 6s are off to camp on Monday; to say they are super excited is an understatement! We hope they have an awesome time. Next week, we will also see our Year 5’s attend Ern Halliday for the annual leadership day. They will participate in various activities and take some time to reflect on what makes a good leader. This greatly supports their leadership aspirations as they head into Year 6.

We had our Board Community meeting last Monday. Please take the time to review the directions, Focus 23/24, and Data Overview.

Staff have begun the process of developing classes for 2024. Organising staffing and student placements is a highly complex process, with many factors playing a role in what the composition of classes will look like. We are governed by the funding we are provided through the department and the number of students enrolled and working within the Union Award and Agreement guidelines. Please be assured that a lot of time and effort is taken to ensure each child is placed in the best possible class that suits their social, emotional, and academic development. Please refer to the Class Placement Policy and Class Structures/FAQ on the webpage, as a guide for parents for further clarification of the processes used.

If your children are not attending CPS next year, please inform the school in writing ASAP, as late changes can affect our class structures and staffing arrangements.

Term 4, Week 2 Merit Certificate Recipients

Term 4, Week 2 Merit Certificate Recipients

ECE Unit 1

Logan H, Aiden Q, Ella W, Joshua Z

Room 1Lucas T, Eliana W, Lawrence Y
Room 2Insiyah J, Mahesan T, Hugo T
Room 3Aria F, Lewis S
Room 4Asher D, Jordan L, Noya S, Evelyn Z
Room 5Chang Lin L, Sahaas P
Room 6Dylan C, Bhavit V
Room 7Evangeline C, Rafael O, Damon S
Room 8Emma H, Freya S, Tenshok T
Room 10Samik B, Jake O
Room 11Starlin H, Zoe V
Room 12Bethany D, Conway V, Jonathan Z
Room 13Saanvi N, Kaiden N, Emily R
Room 14Wyatt H, Isabella S
Room 16Mikaela M, Eliza W
Room 17Paul Z
Art AwardDylan C, Anna M, Room 6, Room 7

PBS Update- it’s an exciting one!

Last Friday we had an exciting Assembly as we were able to put in the final 8 Dojo balls to get our Whole School Celebration Day! The PBS Celebration Day will be Friday 17th November. To read more, click here.

Digital Technologies Report – BEBRAS Results and Scitech Challenge

Check out all the action from the 2023 Scitech Challenge, as well as how our students faired in this year's BEBRAS challenge here.

The Music Review

VOICE Senior Choir and HOTNOTES Orchestra at Wembley Downs District Fair, click here for more details.

Big Music Night 2023

For details and how to purchase tickets, click here.

Tickets are available at 

Art News

To read about what is happening in the Art Studio, click here.

2024 Booklists

Student 2024 Booklists are now available to order. Click here to view information on our school website.

SMS Communications for Student Absences

Parents, this is a reminder to please notify the school before 9.30am if your child is going to be absent by sending an SMS to 0408 905 268.  Please include student name, date and reason for absence.

For any extended periods of absence, please email the principal, Kim Fraser at

Term 4 Registrations for After School Activities NOW OPEN

Please follow the links below to register your children for our term 4 after school activities. 

CodeCamp - More Information

Kidz'n Sport - More Information

Pro Football Training - More Information

Mark Lee Football Coaching - Email Enquiries Here

Wembley Downs Joey Scouts Group - Email Enquiries Here 

Code Camp - Term 4 Registrations

To Register for Term 4, Please click here.

King Chess Club - Term 4 Registrations

To Register for Term 4, Please click here.

MBA Sports Coaching - Term 4 Registrations

To Register for Term 4, Please click here.

Before School Tennis at Churchlands Primary Term 4 2023

Coastal Tennis will be returning next term to offer Tennis Lessons on the school's courts.


Lessons are conducted on Wednesday morning 7.45-8.30am (Yrs 1-3) & Thursday morning 7.45-8.30am (Yrs 4-6) starting as of Wednesday 18th October and running for 8 weeks.


All inquiries should be made to Nick Kirkbride (Coastal Tennis) 0419 923 495 or visit and enroll or download a form from the Schools Page.

Coastal Tennis will also be running a school holiday clinic at City Beach Tennis Club in the second week of the holidays. All information is available on the website via the kids coaching tab.