Our Lady of Lourdes Primary Newsletter

Term 2 Week 9, 23rd June, 2023

Key Dates

Monday 26th June Parent Teacher Interviews Commences 
Tuesday 27th June

2.15pm Principal and Citizenship Awards, Athletics Medals

Friday 30th June 

Dance Fever 

Last Day of Term 2

Monday 17th JulyStaff Development Day 
Tuesday 18th July1st Day Term 3- Students return
Tuesday 18th to Wednesday 19th JulyYear 6 Peer Support training
Thursday 20th - Friday 21st July Year 6 Canberra Excursion
Tuesday 1st August

9.30am Grandparents Day Mass & Book Fair

Twelfth Ordinary Sunday 25 June 2023

The Gospel (Matthew 10: 29 - 31)

Jesus said, “What’s the price of a pet canary? Some loose change, right? And God cares what happens to it even more than you do. God pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail – even numbering the hairs on your head! So don’t be intimidated by all this bully talk. You’re worth more than a million canaries”.

... On the way to Mass

What does it say about God that God knows all the secrets and even all the hairs on your head?

On the way home from Mass ...

If God knows everything about you, even how many hairs are on your head, what does that tell you about what God feels for you?

The Prayer

Our many storied God, you give name to the prayers sung through our living. You created a world with so much potential for beauty. It is through this world that we experience the many stories that make us who we are. Help us to encounter you today, during this time of beholding and wonder. 


The Question of the Week


When has your faith in Jesus been most seriously tested?

Primary Students

What could you do to encourage someone who is feeling hurt?

The Action

Jesus says to fear no one; but I run out of fingers counting the people and situations that cause fear and anxiety in my life. Is it that I doubt God is going to get me out of the latest scrape that I’m in? 

Is it that God has given me reason to doubt that I will be rescued?  

Reflect on the times that you have struggled in your life and then what your faith in God has done to help you in that situation.


Your child's semester one report will be available via the Compass parent

portal from today. To access the report you will need to download the

Compass Parent Portal.

Compass Parent Portal Tips

Please use your log in ID, NOT your email address

Please Do Not press on the orange button

Principal/Citizenship Awards

At the end of each term we hold an assembly to present the Principal and Citizenship Awards. Each class teacher selects one student from their class to receive a Principal’s Certificate and one student to receive a Citizenship Certificate.

The criteria for selection is listed below:

Criteria for Principal’s Award

Students may have shown one or more of the following:

  • Achieved high standard results this term

  • Continually produced work of a high standard

  • Have shown outstanding effort in their school work

  • Participated most enthusiastically in all class activities

  • Made great improvement/progress in their school work

Criteria for Citizenship Award

Students may have shown one or more of the following:

  • Treated others with care and respect

  • Helped other students

  • Considered the feelings of others

  • Demonstrated the values taught in our school

  • Cared for the environment

  • Displayed skills taught in our Social Skills Program

  • Parents of children receiving an award are welcome to attend.

Class teachers will notify parents of children receiving an award via email. .

Band Concert

Torres Street Commuter Car Park

We have had a number of complaints from residents and council regarding illegal parking at Torres Street Commuter Car Park. 

Council has advised to remind parents to: 

  • Only park in marked bays

  • No parking in drop zones 

  • No double parking 

Council have advised parking officers well be out monitoring the car park.

School Representative Sport Shirts

We still have many School Representative Sport Shirts that have not been returned. If your child has represented our school in any sport and used one of these shirts, we ask that parents please check if they still have them at home and if so return them as soon as possible.

School Fees - Please Finalise Overdue accounts

School Fees Instalment 2 payment was due on Wednesday 31st May 2023.

If your school fee account is outstanding and you are not on a flexible payment arrangement, please finalise your account now.

School fee accounts on a flexible payment plan arrangement, please check your scheduled payments are paid accordingly and there are no missed payments. Thank you

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) is an independent skill-based assessment test of six competitions for primary and secondary school students.

This year we will be offering students from Year 3 to Year 6 the opportunity to sit the ICAS assessments. These are optional assessments that students can sit depending on their interest and ability.

To purchase one or more of these assessments, please see the payment details below. We will not be accepting any payment through the school, it is strictly through the ICAS Parent Payment Portal. Please see the closing dates indicated in the table below, these dates are set by ICAS and are not negotiable.

Parent Payment System

Payment Portal  for assments closes 31st July

Your school access code is: XHT679
Your parent page link is:https://shop.icasassessments.com/pages/pps

Uniform Order

The last delivery for Term 2 will be Friday 30th June, 2023. The first delivery for Term 3 will be Tuesday 18th July 2023.

A friendly reminder that all orders are to be placed on the QKR app by MasterCard. Oz Fashions are now accepting the back to school vouchers for uniforms. Vouchers cannot be used on the QKR app as it does not accept them. All vouchers need to be presented at Oz Fashions in Granville at time of pick up. Any extra payment after the vouchers will be made at time of pick up. Please email Elle (elle@ozfashions.com.au) the whole order that you require and size (screenshot of the order on the app would be great. Please do not checkout as we cannot refund any orders for the use of vouchers). No delivery to the school can be made for the use of vouchers. Please confirm how many vouchers you will be using and Oz Fashions will let you know when it is ready for pick up from Granville.

PLEASE NOTE: Oz Fashions in Granville does not stock your uniforms in

store, it is only a pick up point after the email request has been sent. 

Any questions please email to: elle@ozfashions.com.au

Please see uniform price list effective 1st July 2023.


Updated Term Planner for Term 2

Sports News

Athletics Age Champion and Runner-Up Medals

At next week's Principal and Citizenship Award Assembly we will be handing out our Athletics Age Champion and Runner-Up medals. 

Our Athletics Age Champion and Runner-Up medals are based on a point score of the top four times and distances for both track and field events. These events include the 800m, 200m, 100m finals, shot put and long jump.

P & F News

Trivia Night

Last Friday night the OLOL trivia night was held, and a great night was had by all. A big thank you goes to Katrina Gooding for organising and running the event. Thank you also goes to all the generous families who donated prize items for the event to make it a success. 

Volunteers for Fathers Day Reffle

As term 3 approaches we have many events coming up. We are in need of volunteers who may wish to organise the Father’s Day raffle. If you are able to assist in any way or would like more information of what is involved, please contact Belinda on 0413913001.

Parish News

Children's Rosary Movement

Children’s Rosary participants gather together to pray the Rosary every Monday during the school term. Parents need to accompany children. 

Bring your Rosary beads and spend some time in prayer.

Where: OLOL Church

When: Monday (school term only)

Time: 3:30pm

Contact: anitamolina@hotmail.com

Community News

Ambrose School Age Care - Pupil Free Day Booking Form


No Parking Zones