Eastlakes Edition

Term 4 Week 10

Acknowledgement to Country

On behalf of the students, teachers and parents of Eastlakes Public School, we would like to pay our respects and acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, past, present and future who have the first connection to this land. 

We are thankful for the Gadigal and Kameygal clans for taking care of the land, sky and waterways on which we learn and play today.

Together we will rise to the challenge and be respectful andresponsible to care for our country. 

Always was, always will be Aboriginal land

From the Principal

Presentation Day Principal's Speech

Special guests, staff, parents, family, friends and most importantly EPS  students. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to Presentation Day 2023 at Eastlakes Public School. 

We are on the land of the Gadigal and Kameygal peoples. This is Aboriginal land, always was, always will be.

Presentation Day always fills me with pride and gratitude as I reflect on the journey we have undertaken throughout 2023. Each year brings its own set of challenges and successes and this year has been no exception. Our school community has again demonstrated resilience, determination and a commitment to equity and excellence.

First and foremost, let me express my deep appreciation to our dedicated teachers and non teaching staff members who have worked tirelessly to create a nurturing and engaging learning environment. Your passion for education has not only filled the minds of our students but has also inspired a love of learning that will continue with them on their lifelong journey.

To the parents and carers, thank you for entrusting us with the education and well-being of your children. As the first and continuing teachers of your children, your partnership with the school is invaluable, and your support has played a crucial role in the success of our students. I look forward to further strengthening the partnership in 2024.

Today we are here to celebrate the many successes and achievements of our incredible students. This year we saw outstanding academic performances, artistic brilliance and remarkable athletic achievements. Our students have not only excelled in the classroom but have also demonstrated leadership, respect  and a sense of responsibility which makes me  immensely proud as their principal. They have showcased their talents and creativity within and beyond the school and have proven that they are not only learners but also innovators and leaders of the future.

Our students are at the heart of all that we do at Eastlakes Public School; every decision we make centres around what is in the best interests of the students we teach. We foster a sense of community and inclusivity within our school. EPS students embrace diversity, kindness and empathy which helps create an environment where everyone feels known, valued and cared for.

A special mention to Year 6 I want to congratulate you on finishing primary school. Your journey does not end here; it is only the beginning of a new chapter. You have been wonderful role models and we will certainly miss you.

Presentation Day takes much coordination and organisation over many many weeks. Many staff were involved and played important roles however I would like  to acknowledge Mr Spencer  who took the lead and got us here today – thank you.

A very special mention to Mr David Carter who helps us out each year with sound equipment, we appreciate your kind support. Thank you.

I would like to mention Miss Claudia, from Rhythm Village  who has been working with all students K to 6. Our student performances today will showcase some of the musical skills that they have been learning with Claudia. 

I’d like to wish you all safe and happy holidays and I look forward to a fantastic 2024.

Thank you.

Anthia Tsantoulis


Presentation Performances

Annual Presentation Day at JJ Cahill Memorial HS

This week I was fortunate enough to be a special guest at JJ Cahill Memorial High School's Presentation Day to present the Deadly Kids Award and the NSW Arts Unit Dance Award. It was a lovely ceremony celebrating the achievements of their students from Year 7 to Year 12. I felt very proud to see so many former Eastlakes PS students receive academic awards.

JJ Cahill Memorial HS is such an inclusive school, with caring staff and students who support one another which was evident on the day. I was also impressed with the talent. There were two outstanding musical performances from two students with such wonderful voices. 

Congratulations to students at JJ Cahill Memorial HS on their outstanding achievements. 

EALD with Ms Whitten

Students have been practising their oral language by sitting back to back and describing an object. Their partner has to guess the object without looking at it. Students have been listening to fairy tales including Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They filled in the gaps to write the story and practised reading the story with a partner. They used iPads to record themselves reading and provided feedback to each other about their reading skills. 

2-1I News

Having been inspired by the fantastic speeches given by the Year 5 Leadership Candidates, 21I imagined themselves to be in their shoes and wrote their own leadership speeches. Students even delivered their speeches to the class and did a great job of persuading their peers to vote for them.

Reader's Theatre

In our Term 4 Reading Fluency program students have been working with Reader's Theatre. They have been reading with expression and building fluency, confidence and comprehension. The book, When We Say Black Lives Matter by Maxine Beneba Clarke, was read in Reader's Theatre style by stage 2 and 3 students in front of their whole class. They enjoyed the rehearsal process, including the close reading strategy and repeated reading with expression. Finally, performing in front of an audience!

Ms Affleck

Fun Fair

Year 6 Graduation

Ms Tsantoulis' Year 6 Graduation Speech

Good evening everyone I would like to acknowledge that the 2023 Year 6 Graduation is taking place on Gadigal and Kameygal land. I pay my respects to elders past present and emerging and to all Aboriginal people here with us this evening. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

Welcome EPS teachers and staff, visitors,  proud parents and carers, and, most importantly, the graduating class of Year 6.

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey together - a moment of reflection, celebration, and anticipation. I am honoured and privileged to address this wonderful group of young individuals who have been great role models for all other students in this school, you have demonstrated kindness, care, leadership, respect and responsibility.

Year 6, you have navigated through the challenges, triumphs, and lessons that have shaped you into the exceptional young people you are today. Each one of you has contributed to our school community, that will always be part of our shared history.

As you prepare to transition to the next phase of your school journey, I want you to carry with you the values that have been instilled in you during your time here. Remember the importance of respect, responsibility and being a learner. 

I encourage you to embrace change with courage and curiosity. The world is evolving rapidly, and you, as the leaders of tomorrow, have the responsibility to adapt, innovate, and make a positive impact. Your potential is unlimited, and I have no doubt that you will face the future with resilience and determination.

As you leave this familiar place, I ask you to never underestimate the power of knowledge and the joy of continuous learning. Education gives you options in life. 

Seek out new challenges, question everything, do what is right because it is right, and never settle for average, always aim for excellence. Your curiosity will be the driving force behind your personal and collective success.

Parents, thank you for entrusting us with the education and nurturing of these incredible young minds. Your support has been instrumental in their growth, and today's graduation is evidence of the collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, and students alike.

To Mr Spencer and Miss Maher, thank you for preparing Year 6 for a smooth transition to high school. Their academic growth and personal development has flourished as a result of your teaching, guidance, encouragement and support. Your impact as teachers reaches far into the future through these Year 6 students you have influenced.  

To the Year 6 graduating class, remember that you are not just leaving a school; you are stepping into a world full of possibilities. Embrace the adventure that lies ahead, pursue your passions with purpose, and never forget the values that have shaped you.

Congratulations, Class of Year 6! I am proud of how far you have come.

I will always be interested to know what you are up to in the future so don't forget us here at EPS; come and visit sometime and let us know how you’re  doing.

Enjoy the last few days of primary school. Think of all the wonderful memories you have made while at Eastlakes PS, you’ve had great times, made good friends and learned so many things. Take care of yourselves Year 6, good luck in all your future endeavours  and I will certainly miss your happy faces. 

Thank you.

EPS fun in the last week of school

Professional Learning

All teaching and non teaching staff have access to high quality professional learning to continuously update and improve on their skills, knowledge and understandings about learning, teaching, leading and administration practices.

Staff have attended the following professional learning during these last two weeks:

  • Curriculum Reform - Miss Kutasi
  • Primary Principal's Council - Ms Tsantoulis
  • School Excellence and Improvement Measures - Ms Tsantoulis
  • Schools, Health and Community Together Principals - Ms Tsantoulis

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