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Term 2 Week 9 Newsletter

Acknowledgement of Country

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From the Acting Principal


I can't believe that 3 weeks have gone by and only 1 to go. It has been a great privilege and learning opportunity that I have experienced, by being at your school. You all have made me feel very welcomed and part of the Nuriootpa community in such a short time.

I have really enjoyed getting to know the students, staff and families during my time. Everyone has shown flexibility and enthusiasm leading towards the end of the term.

It is a very busy part of the term for our teachers writing school reports. This is a time for reflection and review for all of our student’s outcomes. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to make contact with your child’s classroom teacher to discuss your child’s needs further.

There has been some exciting extra curricula activities for the year 5/6 students to be part of AFL and soccer, which will always bring some excitement and team building skills opportunities.

Our teachers were part of MASA training with a focus on measurement at staff meeting this past week. It is a continuation from week 6 training around teaching fractions. This learning opportunity gave teachers extra tools to engage with maths in a variety of ways. It is especially important to make connections to real life context. So I encourage all parents during the school holidays to have conversations with your child/ren while driving in the car, shopping or going for a walk to see what maths is involved in their own environment.

Once again thank you for having me and I do hope you all have a safe and enjoyable time with family during the school holidays.


Peri Simpson

Acting Principal

Please note that the week 9 assembly has been cancelled.

Principal's Gold Book Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have a received a Principal's Gold Book Award.

Imogen Braley   Wylee Bates   Zach Illman x2   Troy Illman   Jett Bertuleit

Dontay Burbidge   Savannah Fry   Bella Shroeter   Indi McDonnell   Hazel Boon

From the Deputy Principal

National NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia in the first week of July each year (Sunday to Sunday), to celebrate and recognise the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The NAIDOC week theme for 2023 is FOR OUR ELDERS.

Next week the children will continue to learn and deepen their understanding, in class and with their class buddies, about First Nations cultures and histories of the oldest, continuous living cultures on earth. Next Wednesday, Scott Rathman of Rusted Tin-Contemporary Aboriginal Arts, will continue his work with our older children in developing a school mural.

Orders this week are being placed for an Aboriginal flag themed donut, order by this Friday 10am.

Adele White Deputy Principal

Wellbeing at NPS

Winter is here and so is the end of the term - we can notice that our students are getting very tired. 

Sleep is important because it contribute to growth, learning and development. It is vital for your child's physical health, brain function, emotional wellbeing, safety, and ability to function day to day.  

It is recommended that primary school aged children have 9 to 11 hours of sleep every night.  

 Good tips to help your child getting the sleep he/she needs: 

 Establish a sleep schedule 

  • Establish a bedtime routine 
  • Help your child wind down 
  • Make sure the bedroom is suitable for sleep - bedroom is dark and quiet and if your child is anxious or afraid at night, use a night light. 
  • Avoid stimulants 
  • Turn off technology 

Enjoy the holidays!

Claire Morichaud-Shields

Family Fusion Course

The Families Course is an initiative of Fusion Australia. In this short course, parents, grandparents, carers and others will develop a picture of the family they want, and will learn skills and strategies to make that happen.

All parents, carers, grandparents etc would benefit from this course. For people who would like to support parents as mentors.

Sunday afternoons 3pm-5pm followed by a light supper, beginning 25th June and finishing 16th July Venue – Light Community Church Kapunda

For more information please download the file below.


From the Pastoral Care Worker...

The Root Cause

I was recently at a meeting where we were visited by guest speaker Shana Green from The Root Cause. The Root Cause partners with schools and families, empowering your children to have a positive life-long relationship with food and sleep, which underpins optimum health, behaviours and academic performance.

Shana spoke about the results of a study held by The Root Cause regarding the contents of school lunchboxes. On average a school lunchbox will contain two items of packet/processed food – these packets of food combined include on average 29 ingredients, 3.6 teaspoons of sugar and 9 additives. A high proportion of the lunchboxes have a white bread sandwich with a spread – which Shana reported offers little nutritional value to support learning or good health.

The World Health Organisation recommends primary aged children should be consuming a maximum of 3-5 teaspoons of added sugar a day. The sugar content of the processed foods children bring to school means that many Australian children are meeting or potentially exceeding their recommended sugar allowance every day from their lunchbox alone!!

Other interesting facts that Shana shared include:

·       Processed foods high in salts, sugar and fats have been linked to emotional and behavioural problems

·       Children behave significantly better and remain more on task in the afternoon after a nutritious lunch

·       Poor behaviour is linked to artificial colours, flavours and preservatives

·       Increased fruit and vegetable intake is linked to lower incidences of mood disorders

Shana had many interesting suggestions how we can start to change the contents of our children’s lunchboxes. As a mum, I know how easy (and sometimes necessary!) it is to throw a muesli bar or yoghurt pouch in the lunchbox some days – but Shana has got me looking at how much sugar is in these foods and thinking of different ideas and items I can swap them out for. She suggests we start small and replace one processed item for a piece of fruit or some vegetables and go from there. Get your child involved in the process and ask them which coloured vegetable they would like in their lunchbox this week?

Shana advised that we should aim to eat a variety of foods for optimum nutrition – we are recommended to “eat the rainbow” as all the coloured foods help in different ways.

        RED: helps with mood, heart function, memory and quality sleep (tomatoes, strawberries, red apple)

        ORANGE: eyes/vision and joints (oranges, carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato)

        YELLOW: helps with mood, eyes and joints (yellow capsicum, corn, yellow pear, pineapple)

        GREEN: energy levels, lungs, skin, teeth, bone health and sleep (green apple, leaves, broccoli, beans)

        BLUE: blood health, digestive system (blueberries, purple grapes)

        PURPLE: digestive system, urinary tract health and blood health (plums, red cabbage, beetroot)

        WHITE: boosts immunity, balances hormones (cauliflower, parsnip, banana)

If you are interested in more information shared by The Root Cause, feel free to drop me an email and I would be happy to share Shana’s handouts with you – they include excellent information on how to read a nutrition label on packaged food, various eBooks on different of aspects of healthy eating, lunchbox recipes and more.

I am in the school on Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning and can be contacted on

Ms Murrays Year 4/5 Class

Ms McGormans Reception/Year 1 Class

German News

This song has many verses and is best learned using the subtitles included. This site has the translations for the many verses

Term 2 Calendar

Spriggy Schools - Online Canteen Ordering

We are happy to announce the introduction of Spriggy Schools to NPS. Spriggy Schools will make lunch orders more convenient for both families and the canteen.

To get started:

1. Go to to register and download the app.

2. Add a profile for each of your children, making sure you select Nuriootpa Primary School and your child’s class.

3. Start placing your lunch orders!

Please note that the canteen is now being run by volunteers until the end of Term 2. Sushi is only available on Fridays.

Please use the above link to view the current NPS canteen price list. All orders are to be placed via Spriggy Schools or via cash on the day. Please note EFT is no longer available. 

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