School Newsletter

Edition 23: Term 4, Week 2

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What you'll find in this week's Newsletter:

  • From the Principal
    • Mathematics Professional Learning
    • Catholic Schools Music Festival
    • Swimming R-3
    • Aquatics Year 4-6
    • End of Year Performance 'The Magic of Musicals'
    • Summer Uniform
    • Oval Works
    • Toilet Use - Adults
  • From the APRIM - Religious Education News
    • Sacramental Program 2023/24
    • Laudate Deum
  • From the Assistant Principal of Learning & Wellbeing - Student Wellbeing
    • National ADHD Awareness Month
  • School News & Reminders
    • Catholic Schools Music Festival Photos
    • School Card Reminder
  • Save the Dates
    • 'The Magic of Musicals' End of Year Performance Information
  • OSHC News
    • OSHC Reminders
  • Kaurna Food & Fibre Project
    • A Visit from Drew Kilner
    • Last Chance to Sign up for your Free Native Plants

Diary Dates

Term 4

Thursday 26th October🎾 Hot Shot Tennis Carnival 3-6
Friday 27th October🪩 School Disco
R-2 | 6.00pm to 6.45pm
3-6 | 7.00pm to 8.15pm
Wednesday 1st November✝️ All Saints & All Souls Day Whole School Liturgy
Thursday 2nd November🏄‍♂️ Year 4-6 Aquatics Complete the Consent Form Here
Friday 3rd November👨‍🎓 Children's University Graduation Ceremony
Monday 6th November📸 Preschool 'Blue Group' Photo
Wednesday 8th November🏃‍♂️ SACPSSA Athletics Carnival
🎶 'The Magic of Musicals' School Concert in the Evening
Friday 10th November📸 Preschool 'Gold Group' Photo Day
Wednesday 15th November🗣 2024 Reception Parent Information Session at 9.15am
🎒 2024 Rec/Pre Transition Visit #1
Wednesday 22nd November🎼 Instrumental Evening
🎒 2024 Rec/Pre Transition Visit #2
Sunday 26th November⛪️ Family Mass at Sacred Heart Church at 9am
Wednesday 29th November✝️ Year 3/4 Unit Reconciliation Mass
🎒 2024 Rec/Pre Transition Visit #3
Wednesday 6th December🎒 2024 Rec/Pre Transition Visit #4
🌈 2024 Pre-Entry Meet & Greet at 3.30pm
Thursday 7th December✝️ End of Year Mass at Sacred Heart Church at 6.30pm
Monday 11th December🎓 Year 6 Graduation Dinner
Tuesday 12th December🌈 Preschool 'Blue Group' Graduation
Wednesday 13th December🌈 Preschool 'Gold Group' Graduation
⏰ Last Day of Term 4, 3.00pm finish
Thursday 14th December📣 Pupil Free Day - OSHC Available
Friday 15th December📣 Pupil Free Day - OSHC Available
Monday 18th - Friday 22nd December😃 Vacation Care
25th December - 5th January 2024☀️ School Holidays
🎄 Vacation Care CLOSED for Christmas/New Years Break
Monday 8th January 2024😃 Vacation Care Returns
Monday 29th January🏫 Term 1 Begins

Term Dates

Term 4Tuesday 17th October - Wednesday 13th December

From the Principal

Mathematics Professional Learning

We began the term with a student free day while teachers engaged in some very worthwhile Mathematics professional learning. Teachers were guided to further develop their understanding of the latest version of the Mathematics Australian Curriculum and spent valuable time mapping this curriculum for each year level.

Catholic Schools Music Festival

Congratulations to our wonderful St Joseph’s School Festival Choir who took the stage on Friday 29 September as a part of the mass choir for the finale of the Catholic School’s Music Festival. It was a brilliant show and one I am sure our choristers will remember for a long time. Many thanks especially to Reanna Arthur who worked tirelessly with our group to prepare them for a very polished and professional performance. For those who were unable to attend the Catholic School’s Music Festival, we will all get to see and hear our choir perform at our upcoming school concert.

👇 Scroll down to check out our 'CSMF Photo Album' in the School News section

Swimming R-3

Last week our Reception to Year 3 students enthusiastically engaged in their swimming program. Whilst day 1, week 1 of a new term was very challenging timing, students were ready and organised each day to take part. 

As an extra-curricular activity, the logistics of providing a swimming program are significant. Like any excursion, we need to ensure we have adequate adult supervision in accordance with the ratios required by the CESA Excursion Policy.  Though all support staff are engaged in supervisory roles during swimming week, this program cannot happen without significant numbers of parent volunteers.  This proved quite a challenge on some days with some groups. Many thanks to parents who were able to support us across the week.

Aquatics Year 4-6

Our Year 4-6 students will take part in the aquatics program at Port Noarlunga Beach on Thursday 2 November. This is a full day excursion – students will leave school at 8:15am and return approximately 4pm.  Please refer to Audiri for further information.

End of Year Performance ‘The Magic of Musicals’

Our School Concert is fast approaching and students have been busily preparing and polishing their performances. Our concert this year will take place at school on the evening of Wednesday 8 November on our school oval.  Families are invited to bring along a picnic and enjoy the show. 

Due to space, we are limiting adult tickets to no more than 6 per household. Tickets can be purchased via the QKR app at a cost of $5 per adult (over 18 years). The ticket price will go towards the cost of hiring the stage and equipment.

Summer Uniform

All students should now be wearing their summer uniform as is required in Terms 1 and 4, and sports uniform only on the designated sports lesson days.  Please do not mix and match uniforms. Hats are compulsory this term and our ‘No Hat No Play’ policy applies. 

Thank you for the valuable feedback on our recent uniform survey.  The School Board will look carefully at this information and makes decisions about next steps.

Oval Works

As you will be aware, there has been further work on our oval over the term break. Whilst it has been quite frustrating to have the oval closed to the students once again as the grass recovers, we are very pleased with Dirtworks commitment to getting the drainage to work effectively – all at their own cost.

You may also have noticed that the wardlis (our brush huts) were looking very much worse for wear due to students being unable to resist pulling sticks from their structure. As a gesture of goodwill, Dirtworks recently took these away and reconstructed them, this time out of steel, to ensure they were robust enough for children’s play.  I am sure you will agree they look wonderful!

Toilet Use - Adults

For child protection purposes, student toilets are strictly for student use only. Parents who are onsite and needing to use toilet facilities, or who are assisting their toddler, should only be using the disabled toilets located adjacent the canteen or in the hall. Please do not enter the student toilets at any time.

From the APRIM

Religious Education News

Sacramental Program 2023/2024

This term we are starting our Sacramental Program with the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Wednesday 29th November 2023. This Liturgy will be held at St Joseph’s in the hall at 9am with the 3/4 Unit hosting the Liturgy. Students will then go on to celebrate their Confirmation and Holy Communion during the 2024 school year. This is different to previous years when all Sacraments – Reconciliation, Confirmation & Holy Communion were done in the one year. Any baptised students in Year 3 and higher in 2023 are able to participate in the Sacrament Program.

Parent Information Session

If you would like your child to participate in the 2023/2024 Sacramental Program, or are interested in finding out more information, please come along to the Parent Information Session, presented by Kathy Horan at St Michael's Primary - Innovation Centre.

📅 When: Wednesday 25 October
📍 Where: St Michael's College (Primary Campus) 78 East Ave, Beverley
🕡 Time: 6:30pm
✳️ Please note, this session is not for children

👉 For any questions or to RSVP please email Katie Downie, 

Laudate Deum

Pope Francis on Wednesday 4 October released a new document on the environment that he described as the ‘second part’ of his 2015 encyclical Laudato Si, and which warns of ‘grave consequences’ if humanity continues to ignore the threat of climate change.

The apostolic exhortation, titled Laudate Deum (Praise God), is meant to address what Pope Francis in the document calls the ‘global social issue’ of climate change. The pope said that in the eight years  since Laudato Si was published, ‘our response has not been adequate’ to address ongoing ecological concerns.

‘Climate change is one of the principal challenges facing society and the global community,’ the Pope wrote in the document, arguing that its effects are borne by the worlds ‘most vulnerable people’ and that the climate issue is ‘no longer a secondary or ideological question.’

Francis wrote that the effects of climate change ‘are here and increasingly evident,’ and warned of increasing heat waves and the possible melting of the polar ice caps, which he said would lead to ‘immensely grave consequences for everyone.’

‘Praise God is the title of this letter’, Francis wrote ‘For when human beings claim to take God’s place, they become their own worst enemies.’ Laudate Deum publication date – Oct 4 – is the feast of St Francis of Assisi, from whom Francis drew his pontifical name at the start of his papacy in 2013.

From the Leader of Learning

Student Wellbeing

ADHD Awareness Month

Diagnosis of ADHD

If you are concerned about your child, make a time to see your child’s class teacher and your GP. A GP can refer your child to a doctor who specialises in child and youth health (a paediatrician), a child psychologist or a child psychiatrist, who can assess your child.

There is no single test for ADHD. A specialist can only diagnose ADHD after making a detailed assessment. They need to collect a range of information about the child – especially from parents or carers and the school. For ADHD to be diagnosed, the symptoms of ADHD must be obvious in most areas of the child’s life.

Doctors and psychologists use a variety of tools, scales and criteria when diagnosing ADHD.


School News & Reminders

Catholic Schools Music Festival

On the last Friday night of Term 3, our fabulous Choir cohort performed in the Catholic Schools Music Festival at the Adelaide Festival Theatre. It was an absolutely wonderful evening, and the students certainly did our school proud! A BIG thankyou for the outstanding commitment that the Choir students gave throughout the year to prepare for the final performance. I would also like to thank all of our wonderful Choir parents who supported their children throughout this journey, particularly Caterina Vignogna who assisted us for our excursions.

If your child will be a Year 5/6 student in 2024, there will be an expression of interest form to join the CSMF Choir provided later this term. I strongly encourage any 2024 5/6 students who love singing to become part of this fantastic journey.Congratulations to all of the students that were part of the CSMF for 2023.

Swipe through the CSMF Photo Album

School Card Applications

School card applications close 24 Nov and must be received at the school office by end of day, 20th November. 

Thanks 😊

School Events

'The Magic of Musicals' End of Year Performance

You're invited to our End of Year Performance (EOYP), come and celebrate our students talents through the Magic of Musicals on Wednesday 8th November. 

Bring along your picnic supper and your rugs, cushions or chairs to enjoy a night of dancing and celebration on our School Oval.

📅 When: Wednesday 8th November
🕗 Time: Performance begins at 6.45pm - 8pm (approx.)
📍 Where: School Oval

🎟 Tickets

  • $5.00 per adult (over the age of 18 years)
  • Purchase via Qkr! [under School Events > Concert] before Friday 3rd November
  • Maximum of 6x tickets per family

ℹ️ Details

  • Gates open at 6.00pm
  • Students are to meet teachers in their classrooms between 6.20pm - 6.30pm
  • Adults are not to enter the classroom please
  • The performance starts at 6.45pm
  • Students will sit in class groups for the duration of the performance
  • A program will be sent home on Monday 6th November with more details

🌭🧃 P&F Food & Beverages

  • Pre-order (only) sausages in bread for families via Qkr! $2.50 each
  • If you choose to pre-order a sausage, please ensure you arrive at school allowing enough time for your child to eat prior to meeting in their classroom.
  • Cold drinks, coffee and light refreshments will be available to purchase from the canteen on the night of the performance.


  • At the end of the evening, Ms Farrugia will announce a collection point for each year level group. Please ensure you sign your child out with their class teacher.


OSHC Reminders

Hi Parents and Caregivers of OSHC,

Welcome back to term 4. Our programming team have a wonderful 9 weeks planned for your children, with a variety of learning activities and art and craft ready for the children to engage in. 

Some things to remember this term:

  • Please ensure that you have booked your children in for term 4. Bookings do not carry over automatically. 

  • Please ensure that children are escorted in each morning and signed in. This is a legal requirement set out by the government.  
  • At the end of this term, there are two Pupil Free Days, on Thursday 14th December and Friday 15th December
  • Vacation Care will be operational from the Monday 18th to Friday 22nd December. The service will  be closed for 2 weeks for the Christmas/New Year break, and will return on the Monday 8th January 2024.
  • The service is always looking for parental input for activities,  cuisine and in particular, vacation care ideas.  Please let us know if you would like to have your culture reflected in our program.  

Kaurna Food and Fibre Project

It's almost a wrap!!!!

A Visit from Drew Kilner

On Thursday, 19 October, Drew Kilner visited the students in Year 5/6 who are involved in the Kaurna project for 2023.

The purpose for his visit was to inform the students about the plant species he chose on the logo for our school’s interpretive signage.

Each of these plants play an essential role in Kaurna life.

Learn more about the program by following this link

The plants he chose are:

Golden Wattle

Kaurna Name: Mirnu/Minno
Botanical Name: Acacia pycnantha
Seeds used for grinding and baking, medicinal uses and resin, for sucking.

Knobby Club Rush

Kaurna Name: Talnkyadli
Botanical Name: Isolepis nodosa

Used for twine, rope, net and basket making.

Grass Tree Yakku

Kaurna Name: Kuru
Botanical Name: Xanthorrhoea semiplana

Grass tree floating spears used for resin and fire making.

Last Chance to Sign up for your Free Native Plants

The students at St Joseph's School Hindmarsh have grown over 1000 native plants used by Karuna people for food, fibre, medicinal and traditional uses and want to share them with our community.

If you would like some native plants for your garden, please email Deidre and we will arrange pick up and interpretive signage.


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