Issue 4 Thursday 11 May 2023

We learn on the lands of the Ngadjuri Nation


TERM 1Monday 30 January  -  Friday 14 April

Monday 1 May  -  Friday 7 July  

TERM 3Monday 24 July  -  Friday 29 September
TERM 4Monday 16 October  -  Friday 15 December

Mother's Day Stall - Friday 12 May

Some Important Dates

Governing Council MeetingTuesday 16 May
National StorytimeWednesday 24 May
Reconciliation WeekMonday 29 May - Friday 2 June
Pupil Free Day Friday 9 June
King's Birthday Public HolidayMonday 12 June
Governing Council MeetingTuesday 20 June
Last Day of Term/ Early Dismissal of 2:10pmFriday 7 July

Woodhouse Whole School CampMonday 7  -  Wednesday 9 Augsut
Book WeekMonday 21  -  Friday 28 Ausgust
Book Week ParadeTuesday 22 August
School Closure DayMonday 4 September
Pupil Free Day Tuesday 5 September
Swimming Lessons R-5Monday 25  -  Friday 29 September
Sports DayFriday 27 October
Pupil Free Day Friday 24 November
School ConcertThursday 30 November
Year 6 GraduationThursday 7 December

A Special Announcement

Dear students and families

I am pleased to announce that Gail Holland has been reappointed to the Principal position at Greenock Primary School until January 2029.

I know that Gail is very happy to be able to continue the work she has undertaken in her first tenure, and is passionate about working with the students, staff and the community, to further improve the school in the coming years.

Wishing you all a great Term 2.


Kind regards,

Tanya Oshinsky

Acting Education Director

Gawler 1 Portfolio

From The Principal

I cannot express how pleased I am to have been re-appointed to Greenock Primary School. The students here are exceptional. They are kind and considerate to one another, and welcome new students into the school with enthusiasm. They try hard with their learning and listen to their teachers about how they can improve. They are fun loving, adventurous and friendly.

 The families of Greenock are equally exceptional. They are generous with their time and their support of the school. They are also kind and considerate and community-minded.

The staff are such an amazing team. They all work hard to support the students in their learning and to help them develop their potential in all aspects of the curriculum. The staff genuinely care for ‘our kids’ and put in extra effort to look after the wellbeing of the students.

 I really couldn’t imagine working anywhere else and I thank the whole school community for your support. I’m looking forward to being able to continue our improvement work here and to keep collaborating with all our talented and dedicated teachers and SSOs to ensure that our children thrive.

Gail Holland

School Routines and Procedures – Term 2

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Updating Student & Family Information

Parents were reminded last year, through newsletters, that as from the start of 2023, the school will no longer be sending home student information forms at the beginning of each year.

Therefore, so that we can best support your children at school, we ask parents & caregivers to keep staff informed throughout the year whenever there are changes to your family circumstances including:

*  home address (residential and/or postal)

*  contact phone number

* employment &/or place of employment

* email address

* emergency contacts

* student's medical condition

* shared living arrangements

* custody information

You can let the school know by completing the 'Change of Details' eform on the Audiri App or by email/written notification.

Emergency Contacts:

***Please make sure you provide the school with a list of at least 2 emergency contacts OTHER THAN YOURSELVES that can be contacted if you are unavailable to collect your child due to illness or injury***

Reminder - Camp Forms Overdue

Please complete and return your child/ren's camp forms as they are overdue.

Payment is due by Thursday 20 July.

If paying by installment plan please make sure the form has been returned to the finance officer.

Medications on Camp

If medication has been listed on your child's healthcare information form for camp, a healthcare plan and a medication authority which has been completed by your doctor/health professional, will be required for each medication in order for them to attend.  This applies to everything, from off the shelf, to prescription meds.

All medication must be labelled and in the original packaging.

If you have any questions regarding medication for your child whilst they are on camp please contact the Front Office and let your child's teacher know.

Year 6 Transition to Secondary School in 2024

Last week parents of Year 6 students received an email with a unique URL to access their child's 'Expression of Interest' form for entry into secondary school in 2024.

This form must be completed online.

At the same time, a Starting Secondary School in 2024 pack was sent home with Year 6 students.

Contact Mari in the Front Office if you need help completing the form or for any questions you have regarding the process.  Please do not contact high schools at this time (for this part of the process).  

Term 2 Class Reports

Year 5/6 Class

Excited 4 Careers in Agriculture Incursion/Excursion

Today we were lucky enough to participate in a range of activities about a variety of the agricultural careers that can be experienced here in the Barossa. The students made tasting notes about food flavours combined with grape juice, they used  refractometers to test sugar levels in fruits, they conducted pH testing of soils in our schoolyard, experimented with fermentation and visited the Dimchurch vineyard at Ebenezer. We had a great day, and the students were really engaged in all of the activities. 

School Card 2023

PCW News


Welcome back to school, term 2 here we come!

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. I love watching the seasons change.  We are so blessed to live in a beautiful part of the world where we can enjoy the colours and crisp mornings. I was speaking with someone recently who was visiting Australia from Malaysia and she had never seen trees change colour.  The trees where she is from stay green all year round. She was awestruck at the beauty of our landscape as it changed. How often do we take these blessings for granted? Do we get stuck in routines and forget to look outwardly at our wonderful surroundings?

I am guilty of taking life for granted and looking at my half full bucket.  As a mum of 4 children, life is about routines, schedules, appointments, work and all the busyness that comes with running a household. Lately I have found it so important to slow down, look around and count the blessings we have and not look at what we don’t have. It’s important to take time to slow down and “smell the roses”. This is also an important strategy that we can teach our families. Our children’s lives are busy with their commitments and then we add peer pressures, the pace of their games and devices and we just sit back and watch them slowly wind up and lose control.

We all need to learn to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us and the blessings we have. In our current world we are all wired to achieve and succeed.  Building positive mental health in ourselves and our families is really important.  We need to model the behaviours that we want our children to learn and teach them to slow down. Setting up good habits early helps everyone be successful. Here are some ways to support the wellbeing of your family:

-          Get plenty of sleep, we all need a good rest each day.

-          Eat well and get physically active, have regular meals together and take walks together -  these times are a good space to have conversations and check in with each other.

-          Find activities that you all enjoy doing together -  this could be games, sport, hobbies.

-          Find positive ways to relax and unwind - this is where modelling is important.

Start with this Sunday, Mothers Day, and take time as a family to do something special together. Maybe you have family traditions for these special days. Explain to your children why these are important and how they help you remember to count our blessings.

Enjoy your week,    

Cheers Jo

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