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Edition 24: Term 1, Week 4

Pupil Free Day, March 8th - OSHC Available

What you'll find in this week's Newsletter:

  • From the Principal
    • Year 5/6 Camp
    • School Board 2024
    • Meet the Teacher Evening
    • Pupil Free Day - March 8th
    • Come and Play Day - March 23rd
    • Visible Wellbeing
    • Inclusion
  • From the APRIM - Religious Education News
    • Shrove Tuesday
    • Ash Wednesday
    • Lent
    • Prayer
    • Commissioning Mass
    • Children's University
  • School News & Reminders
    • Chaplaincy at St Joseph's School

Diary Dates

Term 1

Wednesday 21st February⛺️ Year 5/6 Camp to El Shaddai - Day 3
Sunday 25th February⛪️ St Joseph's School Staff Commissioning Mass, at Sacred Heart Church at 9.00am
Friday 8th March📣 Pupil Free Day - OSHC Available
Monday 11th March🐎 Public Holiday - Adelaide Cup
Tuesday 19th March💙 St Joseph's Feast Day
Wednesday 20th March✝️ Mass - Feast Day of St Joseph
Thursday 21st March🧡 Harmony Day
Saturday 23rd March🛝 Come & Play Day
Friday 29th March✝️ Public Holiday - Good Friday
Monday 1st April🐣 Public Holiday - Easter Monday
Tuesday 2nd April✝️ Mass - Easter
Friday 12th April⏰ Last day of Term 1, finish at 3.00 pm

Term Dates

Term 1Monday 29th January - Friday 12th April
Term 2Monday 29th April - Friday 5th July
Term 3Monday 22nd July - Friday 27th September
Term 4Monday 14th October - Wednesday 11th December

From the Principal

Year 5/6 Camp

As you read this, our Year 5 and 6 students and their teachers will be returning from their 3-day camp to El Shaddai at Wellington.  I was in attendance for the first half of the camp and was thrilled with the engagement of the students in this wonderful outdoor education opportunity. I would especially like to acknowledge our organising and attending staff who go above and beyond, essentially being ‘on duty’ for approximately 60 hours in a row.  There aren’t too many jobs that require this of their staff, and it takes very special and dedicated teachers to provide the care, nurture and instruction for 60 students for this length of time. Many thanks to Jessica Taormina, Danielle Dedic, Celine Grandioso and Jemma O’Neil for their organisation and Matthew Baird, Kelly Morgan and Seva Maitianos for their attendance. As each year the costs of providing the camp experience increases significantly for families and for the school, I will be asking our School Board to provide insight into our current camp schedule which provides the full camp experience for both Year 5 and 6 students for two consecutive years. 

School Board 2024

Thank you to the many families who attended the Annual General Meeting of our School Board last week and to those who voted for nominees for the 2024 School Board. I am pleased to announce that the newly elected members of the St Joseph’s School Board are Ben Hall and Rebekah Walton.  I wish to thank Ben and Rebekah, as well as Ben Thompson and Catherine Tiani for their willingness to contribute in this way to the function of the school.

The composition of our 2024 School Board is:

PresidentFr SantoshParish Priest
Executive OfficerMarianne FarrugiaPrincipal
Nominated MemberTBAP&F Representative
Nominated MemberTBAStaff Representative
Elected MemberRebekah WaltonParent Representative
Elected MemberBen HallParent Representative
Elected MemberCraig CostelloParent Representative
Elected MemberLaura MorrisParent Representative
Elected MemberRomina CirilloParent Representative
Elected MemberLaura VrbanacParent Representative

Meet the Teacher Evening

A number of families took the opportunity to meet the teachers last Monday evening and to hear more about classroom routines and learning.  Knowing that students learn best when we work in partnership with each other, I was a little surprised that more families did not take up this opportunity to get to know their child’s teacher and classroom expectations. If you have feedback, either as an attending parent or a non-attending parent, I would be most interested in your thoughts to help us plan future opportunities.

Pupil Free Day – March 8

As communicated last newsletter, staff will engage in a Professional Learning Day on Friday March 8 with a focus on Visible Wellbeing and Mathematics. This is the Friday before the Adelaide Cup long weekend.  OSHC is available for those who require it.

Come & Play Day - March 23rd

Following the success of last year’s Come and Play Day, we will again open our gates to families who may wish to access our play space and find out more about our school and what we offer. If you know someone who would like to know more about our school, or just bring their little ones for a play, please let them know. Gates will open at 11am and close at 1:30pm. Like last year, we are hoping to provide a sausage sizzle and we will soon be calling for volunteers to make this happen. School tours will take place on the day. Primarily this is an open day for new families, however existing families are more than welcome to attend.

Visible Wellbeing

In our commitment to improving staff and student wellbeing across the school, our staff recently began the journey of Visible Wellbeing training.

The Visible Wellbeing approach aims to provide both students and staff with a psychological toolkit that allows them to lead flourishing lives where they are able to feel and function at their best. We discussed the current state of mental health and stress for young people, and learned about using the illbeing-wellbeing spectrum to self-inquire about our current state of mental health and explored ways that other schools support their communities to boost their wellbeing.

To evaluate the impact and effectiveness of this model, we will be asking students, staff and families to provide baseline data regarding their knowledge of wellbeing pathways.

👉 Click here to complete the Family Wellbeing Survey


We are blessed to have a diverse community of students in our school, each providing us opportunities to understand the world differently and understand more about both the gifts others bring, and the challenges they experience. From time to time, we each experience challenges or become overwhelmed and are not always our best selves. As parents, you will know that this is the case for all children, including children with diagnosed or non-diagnosed disabilities. As a school we work hard to better understand and to put in place measures to ensure the needs of all children are being met and they are most able to engage in learning.  We work in partnership with parents, specialised personnel from the Catholic Education Office, and with allied health providers to help us make the right adjustments to enable students with disabilities to access and participate in education, in accordance with their rights under the Disability Standards legislation.  Please be assured that these adjustments are continually refined and revisited as a child’s needs change, and we strive always to get that right to ensure access to learning for all.


During this time of Lent, when we are asked to reflect on who we are and who we are called to be in this world, I ask God to bless you and your families as you go about the task of forming yourselves and your children to engage in life fully and with love.

Marianne Farrugia


Religious Education News

From the APRIM

Shrove Tuesday

A very big thank you to the team of parents who helped make Shrove Tuesday a huge success. We made close to 400 pancakes for students and staff to enjoy. Thank you also to all of the families who donated a gold coin to kickstart our Project Compassion fundraising efforts for 2024. Spanning across the six weeks of Lent each year, Project Compassion brings thousands of Australian schools, parishes and supporters together to raise funds for people living in some of the most vulnerable communities across the world. Your donations can help to:

  • Improve access to food and clean water
  • Support education and skills training
  • Help vulnerable communities to increase their income
  • Provide training in disaster risk reduction

Ash Wednesday

Last Wednesday we celebrated Ash Wednesday with a whole school Liturgy. A warm thank you to all the parents who joined us in prayer. The reading from Matthew’s Gospel reminded us to help those in need. The cross of ashes on our forehead helped us reflect on how we can shine our light to others following in the footsteps of Jesus. It was a reminder of God’s great love for us, in sending Jesus into the world. Each family would have now received a Project Compassion box. Your generous support during Lent can help to change the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Together, we can make a difference now, and for all future generations.


Lent prepares us for the Season of Easter, the most important time in the Church’s calendar. Fasting helps us remember the needs of the poor, who often have no choice but to go without basic needs such as food, water and shelter. Giving to those in need, or ‘almsgiving’, is a sign of our commitment to justice. It reminds us of our blessings and allows us to give thanks for all that God has given us. In his message for Lent 2024, Pope Francis invites us to “pause” for prayer and to assist our brothers and sisters in need, in order to change our own lives and the lives of our communities.


We pray for all those around the world who are vulnerable to the impact of poverty, violence, and climate change. May our generosity towards Project Compassion be a measure of our commitment to global change. Amen

Commissioning Mass

Families are warmly invited to the Parish Mass on,

📅 Sunday 25th February
🕘 at 9.00 am
📍 Sacred Heart Church

Our school staff will be commissioned at this Mass. The Commissioning ceremony is a special occasion for staff as we acknowledge and celebrate the important work of educating young people. We look forward to celebrating with our school community.

Children’s University

The Children's University Adelaide offers educational experiences for children aged 5 -14 year olds. They then recognise their achievements through the award of formal certificates and graduations.

👉 Click here for more detailed information and to register your child’s interest.

Please note that registrations close on the 8th March 2024.

School News & Reminders

Chaplaincy at St Joseph’s School

It’s a privilege for me to share that our school has a dedicated chaplain. Whilst this role is not new to St Joseph’s School, I was appointed in second semester 2023, so I am still one of the ‘newbies’ in the school, and the role continues to grow and develop.  The main intention of my work as chaplain is to work alongside you the families, the Principal and staff to enable our students to be emotionally and spiritually well.  

The chaplain, with support from school and family, plays a vital role in fostering a positive and caring environment, offering guidance and a compassionate ear. I hope that my presence and engagement with many of the children will enhance our school community, and with the support and encouragement of families in their many diverse structures, contribute to the holistic development of our children.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the chaplain's role, please call me or pop in to see me – my office is just behind the canteen.  My intention is to support all in the community to further create a nurturing and supportive space for our students to thrive!

 I have loved getting to know some of the children and this year I am working closely with the School Captains, Savva and Ava and being guided by their wise vision for how they see chaplaincy working in their school.  My day in the school is Tuesday each week and I am so very grateful for the lovely welcome that I get each week.  

Margaret Speechley
0448 963 962

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